Planet Calypso News: Why every MMO enthusiast should have an Entropia Universe Account

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Subscribing :D
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  2. Good one, this is a great article
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  3. Aaahhhh, the standard fairy tale, that (was true) / (might have worked) in 2004/2005.

    Some parts arent even about Entropia at all and make the text way too long.
    [and do not justify the headline "Why every MMO enthusiast should have an PE account]

    Choose your own adventure ?
    [Living in the future, Hunting robots in a toga, while your soc chat drivels something about CLDs and Planet Rock ,where you craft stuff from records ? In the meantime a boat from the 90s passes by and the guy next to you just spawned his pimped race car from the 2000's ?]

    Unique story lines for each planet ?
    [That all ended up in hunting, mining and crafting ? I already forgot about all the pre-storylines of Cyrene. And why do tons of story anyway, if there is (still) nothing to interact with, regarding the story line ? All there is, is hunting, mining and crafting, if you are not accidently doing one of those "run around quests".]

    Just grab a spaceship and explore space to become a pirate...
    [You will have to pay real money, in the range of a monthly subscription fee (even more), to have a full operational shuttle with boosters, oil, weapons and ammuniton]

    And as we are at it, "getting the money back". You cant withdraw anything below 100$ and you will have to pay fees for withdrawing as well.

    Sure, you can sell your skills to make the money back...but you will have to invest another big sum of money to be able to afford the chips that you need to put the extracted skills on.
    [Also you will loose an specific amount of skills when extracting them. Which can be a real pain, if you decide to not to sell the skills and put them back into your avatar. Sometimes it is also very hard to sell skills.]

    As pvp on the planetside requires you to deposit dozens, if not hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, to compete with the mean ubers and riches, I wont include that one here.

    Just become a trader if you cant deposit. (To become "rich" and well known)
    [You have an unlimited amount of time, nothing else to do and no rent to pay ? Then this will work]

    In my eyes MindArk doesnt want to grow (anymore). As already mentioned, imagine their goal of 2001, 1 million concurrent users...what the lag ? Seriously...
    Then again, this "universe" with its 5(?) planets is already way too big for an estimated amount of 20.000 active players.
    [And I bet we are less then that]

    "A game that pays for you"...well, we all know how it works, so I will stop writing here.

    But I repeat, this text might have convinced me even more in 2004, then today.
    [But it is still to long because of parts that are not about Entropia and fail his headline "Why every MMO enthusiast should have an PE account..."]

    Just because all other MMOs dont offer the cash out option or use the monthly fee instead of micro transactions ?
    Would that be THE reason ? Or is it because you can hunt, mine and craft in this MMO ? Or the "adventures" ?
    Or the...

    Back then I was believing in the concept of "Project Entropia".
    [and I dont talk about Benny Igglands "Value Venture Capital AG" and its 3D ebay/casino plans here]

    I still play for free and dont need to become enraged when getting killed in pvp3 or loosing 100 PED on a hunting/mining run.
    This is the way Entropia always worked.
    [I made the money back because of selling a weapon that I won from a video contest in here. Else I would have "invested" more then 15.000 Euro already (which could be called peanuts in this MMO btw), to bring my avatar where it is today. 15.000 Euro that I would never get back by selling all my skills or some rare items that I still own. Also keep in mind im not even midlevel with 147hp and 120k skills]

    Im more dissapointed about how other professions changed, for example scanning, dissapointed about how the love of detail went away after the CE2 update, or, the Content of Oblivion, broken promises, half ready content, blatant lies, errors, bugs...

    Also because of such "repetetive failures", Entropia shouldnt be hyped anymore in the way Magyar did. "The MMO everyone should have an account in". And no word about why it is soooo special, because in the end it is still just the eyecatcher "you can make money back". Which is sad. Very sad, as so many important things got lost, canceled, removed or put on hold.

    I close this post with Magyars
    Entropia Universe offers all of those opportunities to all its players, if you know how to find them.
    ["You will probably not find them, but will have to buy them and trust me, it wont be cheap"] ;)

    The best part about Entropia Universe is that you aren’t going to fall behind if you don’t log in and play 20+ hours a week.
    [Right, because you can buy all the skills, armors and tools, if you are f*cking rich]
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