Why did you chose your Avatar name?

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  1. Why did you choose your in-game Avatar name? I'll start...

    I went for PlayerOfGames because of a novel I read called THE PLAYER OF GAMES by Iain M.Banks.
    In this novel, the main character 'The Player of Games' exists in a human/machine symbiotic society, and well, Entropia made me think of this when I first read about it in 2005.
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  2. One of my friends globalled on Second Entity once, and i was thinking hmm, what if:

    "The Fifth Entity killed Second Entity Generation 01 ..."

    Sounds logical, eh? :)
    When i get that screen i make it my signature.
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  3. .Stagger

    .Stagger Space Pirate

    Fun topic,

    Floyd Stagger Stash

    Floyd is my dogs name
    Stagger i use as nickname
    Stash because i always carry stash ;)
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  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My brother (Jetboy) had joined Project Entropia (at the time) in February or March of 2005 and suggested I check it out. So I did, and joined right on his birthday, April 2nd, so I will be celebrating my 7 year anniversary soon.

    As far as my name is concerned ... my brother associated his with his RL profession (working for an international airline), so I thought I would go the same route.

    The "Mind" part is related to me being a psychology professor at the time ... the "Star" part is the result of wanting something that represented the universe, and I love looking at the stars on a clear night. The "9" part comes from being born on the 9th day of the 9th month. And therefore ... where the nickname "MS9" comes from.

    These types of threads have been around for years at various forums, but I don't think there was ever one here. And besides ... there are lots of new Entropians since then, right? :biggrin:
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  5. Some really good reasons here! Keep it going everyone :thumbsup:
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    When people see my name I get asked if I use a Razer mouse and if that's where my name came from. Well it is not. The Razer company, who makes the mice, is founded in 1998 and I came up with the name at about the same time after I had seen a few seasons of the BBC series Robot Wars, where Razer was one of the robots taking part.

    I'm not sure why I needed a name for myself, because it was way before I started PE, but from that day it stuck on me and I have been using it ever since.​
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  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Hm well, being the missus to the back then only priest in game and being a part of an in game Church, has obligations. So after changing to Church of Lootius, where Peter (admin, ViagraFalls, now NewShoes) was the leader, I also changed my name from Ann Lykke Olsen to Ann Lykke TheNun.

    The first name was made because I'm totally noobish and didn't realise you had to use a 'fictive' name lol - so just used my real name and surname. I got a divorce though, and told MindArk it was really depressing to log into the game I love everyday and see the name of my ex-husband. Luckily they understood, and I changed the name to TheNun instead =)

    On Cyrene I will have a different name though ;)
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  8. for those who dont know romanian "Lupu Cel RaU" mean "Big Bad Wolf" :cool (2):,
    it doesnt need any description, its just me, a part of who I am, my rl friends call me that but most of the time the shor version "Lupu"
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  9. Robot Wars, he, he ;) Used to watch this all the time.
  10. So, any more reasons for avatar names - post them up ppl...
  11. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    Dave Neuromancer Haze

    Dave is my first name IRL
    Neuromancer from the William Gibson novel. Neuromancer and Wintermute are two rogue AIs seeking their freedom.
    Haze is an alternate spelling of a local celebrity in my hometown. Charles Hays had great plans to make my hometown (NW coast Canada) the same size as San Francisco. However, he made a really bad travel reservation and died on the Titanic.
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    OK my turn!

    Actually I only just remembered this... it all started many years ago... 1998 probably. Someone was making a web based starwars MMO... I think it was mainly going to be text and pictures based but there wasn't much else (if anything) around at the time like that and I was still something of a big starwars fan back then. I had also not long read JC Herz's "Tales of a Nethead" so had a developing interest in MUDS.

    This bit not really relevant but they set up character generation so that there was very low chance you would have good jedi powers... however by sheer fluke (or a bug) my character had something like 99% jedi powers - making him more powerful than... er... Yoda I think!

    Anyway, for this game, avatars were just pictures and I used one of Will from the BBC's 1980's version of "The Tripods" feeling he wouldn't look out of place in the starwars universe. I decided an appropriate name too would be Wistrom.

    When my friend (ex soc leader Gabriel Aziphirael Stone) introduced me to Project Entropia I had decided to revive that character (actually he'd been deleted from the starwars game and the game itself never even got going). Using the pre-vu9 avatar creation I tried hard to make the character I wanted but really couldn't pull anything off that I liked. I'd read an article by the writer of a comic strip called "Mac Hall" where he had instilled in me the massive importance of having a character you are happy with in an RPG... having failed to do this I was about to give up PE before I'd even started! Before doing so however I thought I'd have a brief bash at making a female character to see if I had any more luck. To my surprise things turned out much better and I created a "final fantasy" esk character that I was pretty happy with. The name Wistrom wouldn't really work though so this was adapted to Wistrel instead and hence my Project Entropia life began.

    As for the Chianti part? Well to be honest this was just be being uneducated. I thought I'd dreamt the word up out of nowhere and in my head I always said it as Cheeeantee. It was only later I discovered it was actually a wine and pronounced Keyanti... ah well.

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  13. when i first started thinking of a new nick name i was actually planing on playing Star Wars Galaxies but found then project Entropia first. I was trying to think of something kind of alien and different much like the star wars names from the books so i kind of first though how we have a name like MacDonald where you have a sort of Prefix of Mac or Mc to it. So i thought what if i made one up and Rex kind of worked and I just happened to be playing around seting up a FTP Dameon and i put the two together for RexDameon . I kind of regret it as there are a lot of Rex's already in Entropia and it can get mixed up. But lots of people know me by that name and after 8 years you can't really go back.
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  14. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    Jim Morris is my real name. I figured that considering the "game" involved real money, then i had to treat it with all the seriousness that i would in the real world. Later this made the best sense when we started SFE as a proper and serious virtual business. It seemed logical that we would be taken more seriously if we introduced ourselves with a real and proper name instead of just a gamer nick.

    That said, EwoK has been my nick from all the way back in the days of Doom and Duke3D LAN parties to playing serious online stuff in Quake, Tribes/Tribes2 and the original Aliens vs Predator.
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  15. I changed my name several times because of extremely legit reasons, one of them being that I had used my real name (Alex). I know, I know. It's a beautiful name. I'm definitely naming my son Alexander Junior (if I ever have one; I really don't enjoy the company of children, but hey - 'the fuck do I know about the future, eh?).

    I'd murder a population of 5,284 if only I could have the name "Dexter Warden", which is my writing pseudonym, but after changing my name three times, MindArk doesn't feel moved to oblige me in this matter. Trust me. I've asked them.

    Assholes. No loot. No name-change. I have contemplated complete chip-out and re-chip a new character after deleting this one - all to oblige my own borderline psychotic state of mind.
  16. Maria - I grew up Catholic.

    Master Mesh - I'm in to 3d and animation a little as a hobby... I want to learn to 'master the mesh'
  17. I picked my in-game name as show on this forum long ago when to major companies were having a big battle over who would be the best in the world. The name just stuck with me all these years. BUT I'm thinking of getting a name change some how soon to be OpaloMan. Why? Well since I always use Opalo thought it was just the right name for the right person.
  18. The name slack is a reference to a style of guitar playing known as "Slack Key", which is everybody tunes their stringed instrument to something that sounds good together. Useful without any tuning reference in the Hawaiian jungles (laughs).
    Used in slide guitar and known as open tuning.
    Aurus, expansion of aural (sound) and O'Doyl a version of another family name.
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  19. In ancient days when the romans attemtped to conquer the new land BBS, I used a long forgotten user name. And then a new land called to me today this land is called cyberspace. My name was fine for a couple of years and then I started having to use numbers as my then username kept being taken. I spent several months thinking over the books I have read and the movies I have seen, even browsing foriegn languages to come up with a new username. Ended up going though several of those all long lost in the age before age before social web.

    My current username is Net for internet and valar from JRR tokiens writings. The Valars were those beings brought to middle earth before time began. There was a valar of the air and earth, etc. So I became the valar of the net.
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  20. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    LeeLoo LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoo was taken from a fav. movie (The fifth element) around the time I created my Avatar.
    Faith because I watched Buffy a lot and Faith was one of my fav. Characters and also I thought its handy to have some good faith with you ;-)
    LeeLoo again just because I didnt knew how it would work with the nickname.
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