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Who is playing?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Liu, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. I post the honest truth about these swedish amateur-scammers.
    On rare occasssions the trolls come here and try to start a massacre.

    I admit, they sometimes got me as well...but If Id bump all of my threads right now, it would only be
    the sad and true story about a small swedish game studio, that messes with their loyal patrons since 2009.

    Thats what I do. Because noone else does.

    And those who tried, usually got in the fangs of the trolls and lost all temper.
    Thats never good...on any forum.

    And trying to use my objectivity-skill, after 10 years of monitoring these swedish clowns and their family...is like asking for trouble. ;)
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  2. Not currently playing and most likely will not do so ever again.
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  3. Liu


    God bump all your threads and we won't even know where to start from anymore!

    Although I may be sometimes jealous of all the knowledge you have that I do not, and probably will never have, even though I spend some time in Germany lately ! ;)

    I am very curious about many points you mentioned in this thread ( or another )
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  4. I was seeing this video from the Project Entropia game that many of us here on EP used to play.
    You can see this "n00b" ava run at the start of the video, i'm sure he is running 3-400% faster than I do today with my 126 agility, which is CLEARLY showing that mindark completly ruined our avatar abilities THAT WE PAIED for years.
    And after they ask us to buy rings and pills for a fortune of money, and we wont even get 25% more of what we had naturally.
    Also, he is using the old sweat style method (PE) but most interesting here is the sweat beam range which seem to be around 20-30m (by checking the radar pos)...
    Now with the fucking noisy dumb tool they gave us, the range is like 5m, or even less... (no need to check what the tool range say, everytime MA is telling us something, you can be sure it is faulse)...

    Anyway, the game I started now 15 years ago was so great, now we are completly fucked with hypocrit excuse at the mindark sauce like they always do to justify the disgusting feature they add. As an example, for the mob remaining displayed after beeing killed which used to disappear immediately in the past and for years, Mindark was officially telling us the purpose of it is for people to make screenshots.... Ahhh so the real reason is not to bother people and hide the vision when other mobs run to us or to hide when disgusting ninja EXPLOIT respawns attack us ?... In the swedish tradition of behaving like fucking assholes and big scammers...

    A good thing i'm not anymore on pcf, I would feel obliged to answer to the incredible ass licking Mr Darkaruki who is active there all the time now (I did not check but he seem to have the biggest number of replies per thread in each thread, this used to be Mr Nighthawk Job who became Mr Ludwig - We all know mindark members have a good 100 different names, certainly explaining how they can brag to have 3 millions accounts). Weird how I never knew who he was (says registered in 2009) almost until he became SuperNaziModerator to replace the SuperQueenNM who motivated me to quit this BS forum (not to name it).
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  5. Love that old PE music Akbar!

    I remember it added to the feelings that I used to have..a feeling of adventure and exploration...like you really were in a futuristic, alien world full of exciting possibilities.
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  6. And all the excitement, adventure and even the music died, a la Don Mclean, because of what?

    Board egos? A drive to maximise shareholder profits?

    Whatever, I don’t understand how something so awesome and enjoyable can be killed stone dead and replaced with the boring and un-engaging imposter creation that has taken its place.

    Rant over and I know all this has been said many times and will be again.
  7. Back in the days, Mindark significantly reduced running speed, on all avatars, with an official announcement.

    The reason(s) they gave back then, was something around the lines "improved server performance"...and
    "vehicles shall look moving faster then avatars, hence we reduced blah blah blah"

    Then they started to sell rings later...so it didnt feel toooOooooOo obvious. :P
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  8. Back then I could outrun atrox young easily as a noob ava. (If I remember correctly)
    But we could outrun alot of mobs pretty easy.
    Nowadays it's even hard to outrun a noob, even with the so called buffs.
    Speed buffs are silly atm imo, but still I use it when i'm in there.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  9. I can outrun atrox Young. But it takes an augmented speed ring and a pet bunny. So for the price of these rings and pets, I am almost as fast as back in 2004. I guess 340k skills come in handy , to be able to be as fast as when I had 0 skill
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  10. No idea how fast that would be atm, as I haven't touched a atrox for a long time.
    I don't see a reason to be that fast anymore, the adventure of TP running is over anyways. :)
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  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I had that one on my list already before joining EU :) But friends said it's extremely time-consuming if you want to play it "right", so I've never dared to try it. But if you want to start a new corp please let me know :)
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  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Mining is easy to get into and can be done simi-afk (at the terminal but doing other things like watching tv or socalizing with family)
    Station to station or region to region trading is easy but requires some bankroll and a bit of risk, can also be done simi distracted if at the terminal (the transporting part)
    Exploration allows for huge rewards for a day 1 player with very little risk.... well high risk of loosing your ship but its very cheap, so in an hour or two you could make 20-50 million isk risking a ship worth less than 1/2 mil.
    I haven't really done much combat yet, but it seems to be the more 'active activity' other than pvp of course which is the core of the game but not really my interest.

    I really like the crafting, it is easy and so I try to buy blueprints for all of the ships and attachments I use so it doesn't matter if i loose a few ships a day, and I can sell or give spares to corp mates or auction.

    I am in a noobie friendly corp and have no interest in running or managing any sort of group at this stage in my life, but would love to play with familiar faces if you guys put one together or joined the one i am in.
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  13. San


    I am playing continuously, but only for spare change. It's a sport to make it last.
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    The feels on watching that video again!
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    For anyone who wants the old music - it is available somewhere (I think I got from McCormick but have a feeling there is a web link) also a lot of music is on soundcloud if you search for entropia universe.

    I actually have Entropia set up to play the old death sound when you die these days too :D it even fades out when you revive :D :D - I've not managed to reproduce the red screen tint though... not sure how I'd even start to do that one!
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  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    If you have it, let us know. We'd be happy to host it here on EP until eternity.
  17. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Hi Sir/Miss]

    Funny enough I asked pretty much the same thing when I came this forum last year I thought it was only ex players and criers and fano
    I used to play a VERY lot. To keep a long story short (Mcc already said what I would say...) - I came to this forum shortly before the ''big reveal that that guy who gave away 1000000000 peds did'' (no I-iam-not-that-guy). Sadly was no big evidence of anything illegally proven.

    Just the usual lolaolaolaoala (chat)

    Good other things on THIS forum. People allowed to chat about other games :) :). That MAJOR reason iam here also is 1 guy doing 3rd real life models! (but no prices or no shop so... :( :( sad about that?)

    Main reason I stopped playing. I saw when that film crew (leeloo the miner :) ) was recording with TV crew many years ago. And ''suddenly' was a mysterious 140k ATH...….hey big gz. oooookkkkk

    Recently (and I am amazed McCormick did not see this 1. Am I doing his job now? :) ) few days after the great camera update VU was a 440k mining ATH


    Was that just coincidence.

    Like time when Leeloo flim crew the elite miner get that 140k ATH?

    No thanks not for me.

    Playing Eve Online now (because some on THIS FORUM mentioned that name of the game a few days ago ;) )

    I don't play but it a forum for info.

    Fan ''Idiot'' Boy

    PS Who is that lady in your profile photo Liu if I can ask please?
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  19. Liu


    Well you can ask but I can't answer :-)

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