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Where do new players start in Entropia Universe

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Tass, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I'm trying to understand the path of new players these days, based on the planet they choose to create. So far I have this ugly chart which might be partially wrong, maybe someone can fill some of the blank space?

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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Nice chart! I don't think it is ugly really. Might be more appealing if the boxes showed a picture of each location as their background but that is the only improvement I can think of.

    Alas you already have more info than I know of. I've only been the Calypso route. Indeed I believe you end up at Half Moon bay these days as you say but I'm not 100% certain (although I seem to remember reading somewhere that you do go there now).

    The Cystal Cavern (on Caly) went didn't it? Shame - I liked that.

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  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    As soon as the data is complete I'll create a nice version with pictures :)

    Yep, as per release notes of a recent VU Crystalline Cavern is gone, and yes, it was nice.

    Not sure where exactly new players arrive from Calypso Gateway, I guess it is still Camp Icarus. But the first NPC just a few meters away from the arrival spot at Camp Icarus has a dialogue popup in which you can choose to stay at Camp Icarus and go through the beginners missions at Camp Icarus or to go to Half Moon Bay and do exactly the same beginners missions there. It is possible that you new players can already decide between Camp Icarus or Half Moon Bay when they leave Calypso Gateway, that would make much more sense than everyone going to Camp Icarus for on dialogue window.

    My impression is that the Half Moon Bay is a little better suited for beginners, less crowded, more accessible design, and better flow which will forward beginners to Cape Corinth to the "old" Calypso Gateway building and the related beginners missions.
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  4. love the initiative ... let's (ab)use the only EU affiliate link we know about, and ask some friends or fellow workers to register using clear and understandable instructions? as landing on the right planet in this universe isn't easy, ya know...
  5. I don't think any new players are reaching Arkadia's starting point at all. I don't know if they are getting sent to Caly or if they are just getting stuck somewhere. I can't test by creating a new account - I have withdrawals pending and I can't risk a lock :)
  6. Arkadians land on a starter area where you can also buy an arkadian passport if you are from another planet and want to do the tutorial quest. I forgot what its callled, but you can go there, its not on another server.
  7. Planet toulan ppl start at the citadel.
  8. The ark starter missions have changed over time... If you did em twice, you ended up with two of some of the L gear like I did. Not worth much TT wise, but fun little gadgets to throw in an apartment. ;)

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