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Where did my Egg go!? Reward offered for whoever finds it!

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Deathifier, May 17, 2010.

  1. Confirming Location

  2. I found it too :)

  3. Oops I did miss it!
    Congrats mate :)

    Reward Collection Times

    People who have found The Egg may collect their rewards this weekend.

    I will be online at the TI Castle Service Center frequently due to my Tiering project, and specifically at these times:

    May 22nd
    0500 to 0700 UTC (3-5pm Australian EST, 1-3am Eastern USA)
    2200 to 2400 UTC (8am-10am May 23 Australian EST, 6pm
    Eastern USA)

    May 23rd
    0500 UTC (3pm Australian EST, 1am Eastern USA)
    1000 UTC (8pm Australian EST, 6am Eastern USA)
    2000-2300 UTC (6-9am May 23 Australian EST, 4-7pm Eastern USA)

    List of Reward Recipients
    This is the list of Egg finders here on EP, it should have everyones name in it up until this post so if you found The Egg and I missed you please let me know!

    Neo Anderson
    Larkin Snipes
    Noodles O'Shea
    Here Fishy Fishy
    Dante Zempelli
    Phillip J-Fry

    Thanks everyone for participating :)


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