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When to upgrade from an Opalo and to what?

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Arden, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    As the title states when should I be thinking about upgrading my weapon from an Opalo to something a bit bigger? I have been out of the game for a while but I Just logged back in and my rifle skill is "Beginner" with 313 points, I checked a guide and I know I am a long long way from the top, but it did state my "profession level" was 2.6 what does this mean? Should I continue with the Opalo and if so for how long? Should I get an Amp?

    Any insight would be great, at the moment I am on the ironman quest and I need to kill around 500 mobs to complete...

    Many Thank,

    First post by the way so go easy :)
  2. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Some easy answer until you can decide on your own.
    Opalo uses 2 proffesions - Laser Sniper (Hit) and Ranged Laser (Dmg) (as all laser carbines). Use the opalo until you are more than lvl 10 in those 2 proffesions at least. Than you can move to something bigger as Breer M1a (L).
    But there are so may ways you can play the game. You can go BLP, melee, mindforce or play only with opalo for years. Or become miner. Only you can decide.
  3. Thanks for the reply... going to sound a bit silly here but when you say get Laser Sniper and Ranged laser to level 10, I just checked and they only seem to be level 1 is that normal for someone with "beginner" rifle to be so low? Im just trying to gauge how long it will take to get to lvl10 in both of those assuming I play the game 3-4 hours a night? And am I best just hunting low level mobs with an Amp? I heard amps can cause extra ammo burn which would effect eco is that right?

    Many thanks
  4. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Yeah it's normal to skill so slow. lvl 10 in 6 months or something. Hunting with amp also is making you loose peds faster, so if you can't deposit a lot hunt without amp.
  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    The thing with this game is you kinda have to decide how you wanna play it. Do you want to make money (or at least break even) you need to go eco, which you can do with a VERY expensive weapon and other gear on high level mobs, or with a cheap weapon and a good amp on lower mobs. Or you play for fun and just get a weapon that suits your skills and go hunt on mobs that fit your skills (and gear).

    There are people that are hunting with an Opalo (or an equivalent from another planet) and do that for years, don't loose much money (or even make some) and have a blast.

    There are also people that deposit a lot of money, buy the biggest gun they can get, shoot the biggest mob they can find, loose all their money in a few weeks, stop the game and go complain all over the web how stupid this game is.

    This is kind of a reaction to both this threat and the one you did about chipping in skills combined. I would say, play the game first, get your Opalo, kill some easy mobs for a few months, find out about the game, the mechanics, the economy. Talk to people, read the forums, talk to people (that is intentionally there twice). Once you are level 10 in the 2 skills mentioned above, decide what you wanna do.

    This game is NOT a pay to win game, it could actually be a pay to loose one if you have no idea what you are doing.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Skilling depends entirely on how much you play and what you do. So my understanding is that its like RL ie if you repetatively use something you are experienced in you will not gain much more skill by continuing to use that thing. For example every day walking. You gained a lot of skill as a baby learning to walk but since then you didn't improve much at it. Running though, probably something you do less of so likely you will improve more if you run.

    Entropia is the same. I'm fairly certain I get more skill messages when I'm using a weapon I have not "maxed". The disadvantage though is that I miss more or do less than optimal damage as I might if I were using an opalo.

    The game isn't like other games though where once you have "levelled" you leave old gear "behind" it isn't always about using the best (ie highest stat) gun you can. There are many factors.

    Say for example you were on a mission to kill 1000 low level mobs. You may (possibly) care mainly about speed here as your time is possibly more important than good economy. In which case you would use the gun that can kill the mob in a shot or 2.

    Alternatively you may have reached a skill level for an isis or higher but if you are hunting very small mobs stick to the opalo or one of the smaller guns as these are suited to the little mobs and will probably be good economy.

    Going back to what I said about skill...

    A lot of weapons have sort of an entry level skill and then a maximum skill. If you don't mean the min skill you can't use the weapon. Once you meet that requirement though you can use the weapon but not to its best efficiency. This will continue while you "learn" to use the weapon and your ability to use it will improve. During this time you will get more skill increase messages. Once you have "maxed a weapon" that is the point when you have essentially mastered it. You will still get skill gains from using it but not as many as before. There is this stat called a SIB (Skill increase Bonus) that essentially represents this by saying "not any more" when you have reached the appropriate level.

    Now, some people say "you should never move on to a new weapon till you have maxed it already" by which they mean don't use anything you can't use 100% efficiently. Possibly wise words in my view but also no fun. ;) Essentially you will never get the SIB that way.

    What I personally do is (I hope) a happy medium. I never start using a weapon I can "only just" use and instead I wait till I am 100% maxed on the one before it. ie I would not use a Breer m2a till I was maxed on a Breer m1a. This means I essentially get the SIB on the new weapon for the last bit before it is maxed but I don't waste loads of ped using it as a total newbie.

    In your case then, using my system I would wait till you are level 5 before moving on to a ukash or breer m1a.

    Other people may have other ideas though. Read, research, ask good questions and listen to the replies but always form your own conclusions as everyone is different and has different priorities regarding what they want to get out of the game and what they find enjoyable. Personally I just like to explore ;)

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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    That is brilliant!
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  8. Study the sib charts... (some of them may be outdated) and entropedia

    Basically if you plan to continue with hunting, you have to pick which branch of it you want to go in to so you keep growing skills in that area. However, sometimes skills from other areas can help a lot... Melee is costly due to armor decay but it can help you grow evade a lot faster than long range stuff since you have to get up close and personal, etc. If you decide to stick with shooting, do you go blp or laser... if you do that do you stick with handguns or rifles... if you go melee do you use clubs, swords, whips, or knives? Lots of choices... No real one right answer... All of them will cost you in decay in various ways... Melee doesn't use ammo, but your swords will break quickly... Some weapons are better than others on eco, but others are better on damge/sec vs damage/pec, etc. Lots to learn/study (or optionally ignore and play by ear). I'd suggest staying away from explosives since they are a bit hard to aim, but if you loot some guns that shoot them (since some puny, etc. do give them out in loot sometimes) go ahead and use em up... nice to be able to use explosive ammo as you get it instead of tting it since it does have markup, but not substantial enough markup to really be worth your time wasting in selling it unless you have an unlimited supply of it you've found somewhere and don't mind spending thousands of hours digging it out of creature's loots so you can sell it with some sort of profit at like 101% vs 100.00001%, etc. I personally am mostly melee but I typically have one of every ammo type gun on hand just to allow me to use the ammo when out in the field so I don't have to go back to a repair terminal to fix the sword for last shot, or for first shot (ranged can be useful for mellee for aggro one mob so (s)he comes out of the swarm so you can go one on one, etc.)... low level guns/viper whips are very useful for final kill too so you don't do overkill (although sometimes overkill is worth it if there is lag since lag will let them heal when you are waiting for slow animation/lag to switch to final kill weapon)... Also, they say on lower levels there is a kill bonus so you get more skills per each kill... Because of that Rocktropia might actually be a better starting place for skilling than Calypso since trolls and rocktropians are 2 hp vs the 10 hp in puny... so if you use little bitty weapons like the viper whip or something similar (don't suggest kiwio since it's L, so it's not UL and you won't get tiers on it, etc.) you can get 4 times as many kills and kill bonuses for same low level mob, etc. (RT is also kinda nice since the oil rig at Hunt the Thing (if it stays open too much longer?) and the Kegs at the Beer Garden are typically not as full of pkers as Calypso's oil rigs, etc. - There are a few, but not as many... so Free Beer! :) )
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