What would you do if Entropia shut down?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Wistrel, Apr 3, 2019.

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    Just a random thought I just had.

    Some initial pondering is that I'd be quite sad. I still love that little life I made for myself on Calypso. It's been the sort of adventure/exploration I remember dreaming of existing when I was younger. Despite the changes over the years Calypso is still Calypso so yeh would be sad to see it go.

    That said, I'd like to think I'd take that story, those memories and the character I created and have them live on in some other form. Be it more writing, some sort of online memorial, or perhaps finding a new home for Wistrel to explore. Perhaps all three.

    To be true, there have been Wistrels in other MMOs since PE began but none that I ever properly "got into" yet (or ever will as I think some may have died already) so I think maybe I'd find somewhere else to exist in one of them or maybe somewhere new. I think Planet Explorers might be top of the list.

    But I'm sure there are others, plus I really have a bunch of other single player games on my list to one day play.

    So, what about everyone else, how would you feel if the show was finally over?

  2. Tbh, I actually wouldn't care, I sometimes even wished they go bellyup.
    This was the only game that I have been playing all these years, but the way they treat there customers (over and over), and the lack of understanding things now and then, pushed me farther and farther away.
    I even don't care that my items would be lost, if they go bellyup.
    They seem to go casino style more and more, well, i'm not a gambler, if I was a gambler, I wouldn't be playing EU anyway.

    This is just a short version of my thoughts about it.
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  3. For me Entropia has already shut down.

    In its place some imposter game that bears the same name.

    So, the show is already over and has been for quite a while now.

    If Entropia still existed I’d still be playing because I’m an addict.

    Ergo, the fact that I, an addict, no longer play Entropia must mean that Entropia no longer exists.

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  4. For me it has shutdown as well.
    The real money aspect is Entropias only unique feature right now...and thats simply not enough to stay, just because I have good memories.

    MindArk fucked it up, again and again and again...most of us stayed, because of great memories...nothing else.
    (Oh and there are ofc those, who stayed...those...who cash out on a daily basis x'D)

    Im glad I could get this much distance...and that there are many, many other (online) games out there, that made me truly forget about this piece of shit...which was once my 2nd home.

    The day it will shutdown, there will be a massive amount of files beeing released, that noone else has seen before. :)
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