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What draws you to a planet?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Vapes, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. I'm new to EU and am curious what various planets offer and why people choose one over the other. I'm also curious what people think individual planets could do to attract more people (what are they lacking that makes them so undesirable?).

    I started on NextIsland and initially noticed there weren't many people around the starting area, but then found a couple sweating boar. Later I hunted down a site that had some general statistics that made it look like NextIsland is the least populated of all the planets.

    Considering I'm new and wanted to try out the non-depositing route to see how painful it really is (and all the guides I look at seem to have been written in a time where sweat was much more profitable) I doubt I'll be leaving NextIsland soon (due to funding). So I'm curious what it's lacking that has people everywhere else? (What am I missing?) What would make it better?
  2. items and the ability to keep using them :)

    arkadia became successful cause it had a fully working economy. The guns and armors there are good, there are blueprints for them that use the local mining products. So people go there, hunt, mine and craft and can keep doing so for a bit (if the loot holds).

    next island however only recently added items. There are still too few blueprints for crafters to come there and the ones that are worth it mostly use hunting loot. mining is not done except for one's own purposes as there aren't many traders there so if you don't craft with your mined resources you're going to be stuck with them or tt them.

    missions are important too. people love missions that give skills. Next island needs more missions and more mobs for those missions. Greece is great but empty. Once it fills up with missions, weapons and so on people will come.
  3. Ah, so you end up with some dead-ends in NI? Mining items you can't use, so you have to trade or sell them to use the PED to get something useful for the local area, and due to that problem w/ the economy they lack a lot of players so the trading doesn't tend to happen and you just TT it, which by its very nature means you're taking a loss over time?

    I noticed there were a couple missions right when I entered but to a noob they seemed entirely inaccessible, I think one mentioned kill 50+ of a couple types of creatures.

    Do you think it would be feasible for a 'stable economy' if they primarily focused on hunting, but the other routes like mining provided items that could be crafted into hunting items? Meaning as a miner you could essentially provide for the hunters, or does mining need to provide for miners, and hunting provide for hunters initially?
  4. There is a lot to do on Next Island but with it going through some slow changes, not many people are there right now. But mind you, for me, it's been one of the most profitable planets I've been on. While there, be sure not to sale ANY of the crystals. Again, since NI has started development again, they are releasing new blueprints and the crystals are very valuable.
  5. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    The big factors for me are:
    A working economy with quality items.
    A Planet Partner that actually seems to care about their customers. (I like to have a buffer company between me and MA who will stand up for the players)
  6. Interesting, for me, in-game I'm just in the sweating stage of life, so I've been trying to read up about things. So without a 'working economy' (which I'm still shaky on the exact criteria for it to be 'working') does that basically mean that at some point I'd have to leave to gather resources from some other planet, or to buy items elsewhere?
  7. NI is a beautiful planet but sad to say that NI still not good enough to stay in there all day long.
    I think the only two planets with working economy is Calypso and Arkadia, possibly Cyrene would have working economy when they go into hard launch. If you want to be a non-depositor then I think Arkadia would be better for you, because of the puny mob in Arkadia has great markup, so it should be easier to survive in Arkadia :)
  8. Yes, NI is a great planet, but it's very slow for new users. For new users, most of everything on NI you will need to buy on auction which in turn will cost a lot more since markup there is high due a lot of items needing to come in from other planets. For new players the best planet to start out on would be either Arkadia or Calypso. Calypso having the best economy being the first planet and Arkadia with a fast growing economy.

    Also note that there is a big event going on right now on Planet Calypso so most everyone is there.
  9. Rocktropia can be good a bit later into noob life :))
    It has some nice low level mobs that you can easily hunt with the most basic equipment and which i simply find more fun then the calypso or arkadia puny mobs...
  10. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    What makes me go to visit a planet is some new content something to look at or some fun thing to do, like it was at RockTropia when it was new, "The Thing" in RT, Ancient Greece in NI ..

    What makes me stay on a planet are nice missions to do, enough (good) items to use, enough different mobs to hunt and good spawns. I hate low spawns where I spend more time to run for new mobs than actually shooting

    That was a reason to switch from Cyrene to Arkadia for example, even the mission mobs and mission ore been so hard to find on Cyrene it got on my nerves. (Apart from the point that on Cyrene also many missions been hard to find *lol*)

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