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  1. We have now added an easy to use tool to help you choose your weapon in entropia.

    Under the Hunting segment of EntropiaLife.com you will now see Weapon Assistant in the left column.

    Here's a preview:


    How it works:

    • Select the weapon type and class from the drop down lists provided in the Weapon Assistant window. For example you may choose "BLP" then "Carbine" or "Laser" and "Pistol". If you select a weapon and a class that does not exist (Melee,Carbine), you simply wont get any results.
    • Select the maximum profession level you would like the tool to identify.
    • Choose how the results will be sorted from either damage per pec, or damage per second.

    Once you have fine tuned your search click the "Generate List" button, and your results will be shown below.

    The damage per pec is based on the TT value of the weapon, as we all know (L) weapons have markup, and that can fluctuate so we cannot provide you with this information with the accuracy you need in the table...

    However! you may select the weapon you wish to identify damage per pec on from the Manual Calculation window's drop down list. Once you have selected your weapon, put in the current markup % and click the Calculate button.

    Hopefully this helps a few of you out in game, cheers!
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