Planet Calypso: Warrior's & Legionnaire's SE of Ft.Ares

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  1. Another short info-article here about fairly large numbers of Warrior and Legionnaire robots that can be found in the desert area south-east of Fort Ares.


    Either solo hunters or teams made up of members with 45-50K combat related skills, plus adequate armour and fire power, should do well here, as it is fairly easy to target the robots against the desert landscape. The lack of millions of blades of grass and other graphics-card killers, should also mean virtually lag-free hunting ;)


    Due to their high numbers, however, a wise tactic would be to take them on one at a time as opposed to engaging many of them at once, as both Warrior's and Legionnaire's have impressive fire power of their own.


    A good tactic is to 'ping' them two or three times at maximum distance with either plasma-type rifles or heavy-duty BLP's like the Star Mercury Anti-Material Rifle, both of which have good hitting power and are very accurate, especially when fitted with optical scopes - and to then switch to more economical laser or BLP carbines for the medium to short-range work to finish them off.


    So, get your robot armour on, get loads of ammo and the best ranged hitters you've got and go and get those robots today!


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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Looks like a nice spawn of mid lvl mobs :)
    I might have to try them out next time I am on calypso.

    I am not sure about this though,
    I haven't researched lately but I think that is a very high markup (L) gun used for pvp, the markup for it probably makes it a poor choice for actual hunting.

    A better blp option for long range is the Baringer series of rifles which come at several different level intervals depending on your skill level.
    There is also the Juelz (L) rifles which though have higher mu are low enough dmg and long enough range to make them eco taggers.
    Arkadia also has the mid ranged Harmin SIR and RAW taggers that do more dps at the cost of a little less range than the Baringers.
  3. Thx narfi, it was a very good spawn- about 50 of them including re-spawning in the hour or so that I was there... TBH I don't really know if the Anti-material is the best choice against mid level bots compared to the one's you suggest as I didn't actually use one :p In actuality, after doing the screen shots, I was using a malber foxtrot plasma for pinging them at max distance and an Isis-LR 53 for the closer-range work, but problem I find is that the plasma is powerful but takes too long to reload and the isis is quicker but slightly under powered, although I only have about 60k combat skills :p - so I mentioned the anti-material rifle for pinging as someone told me once that they were fairly effective against mid-level bots...
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