Warning about Bridge Investment (May 2014)

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Interesting we ended up with the ludicrous space sh!tshow in my bridge thread. ^^

    Anyway...one last wall of text for me. I think its worth it. ;D

    The coin always has 2 sides. People like you only keep looking at 1 side. All the time.
    We might soon discover why this is the case.

    You simply turn blind, maybe even intentionally, on all the shady things MA and their holy planet partners have done over the past 10 years.

    You simply ignore it and instantly claim to be fallen in love with MA, right after the dust has settled...every time...
    again and again and again. Because everything can only get better with the latest MA announcement, right ?
    I tend to believe that one cant be THAT blind. But who knows...

    Also you always act so exaggerated, almost orgasmic to the lamest MA announcements...jesus christ...because you are focusing on only 1 side of the coin so strong, that you maybe already forgot that there even is another side ?!

    Btw. did you recieve your latest bonus item by your holy PlanetPartner yet ? Or maybe by David Simmonds himself, via email ?
    Or havent you deposited enough yet ? Or arent you part of the "special treatment group" yet ? Please enlighten me...or simply drop me a pm, if you need officials as friends.

    Most big snitches are still ingame, and 2019/2020 was only the beginning of releasing all the fancy names and stories...and man, it already was BIG and AKWARD...but ya, nothing really out of the ordinary...yet...just typical Mindark stuff. ;)

    Im tired of this though. Always the same, getting repetitive. Lots of "work", blah.
    Noone cares anyway, but its still "entertaining" at times, to reveal all these infos about fraudsters and swindlers.

    messi91: "Arent you afraid McCormick could destroy Entropia one day"...appreciated dude, much appreciated x'D

    Anyway, what is left on the other forum, is a dirty dozen of phat wallets, embarrassing themselfs in front of each other,
    claiming to be all powerfull and allknowing. Crying in the end, that they have lost once again...and so on... I have no words for that anymore. Because there is really nothing left to brag about in this game.

    Except for, "professional" scammers scamming other "professional" scammers...bragging about it. ggez ! x'D

    Sure, there are always some friendly oldtimers and some normal players left, but...thats not the point.

    I think you got serious issues, always "professionally" shifting the blame on others, ignoring obvious facts on purpose here.
    For whatever reason you are doing that...defending this ludicrous space sh!tshow with beyond embarrassing statements...holy fook...

    "It is no wonder why MA and officials go silent and tend to avoid interacting with the community." my a$$...wtf man ? x'D
    "Oh noes, so many negative vibes. I dont understand why ! :(" "They will destroy Entropia..."

    Ooof, reality called, it wants you guys back...or, does it ?

    Actually sad, that you will never be able to even peek at the other side of the coin, dont you think ?
    Or maybe you just dont want to ?! Oooops...soOoooOoooorryyy

    Whatever...good luck, you'll need it !

    Mindark allowing special cheaters and exploiters to mess this game up beyond all reasons by now.
    Because THEY want it this way.

    And all you do is smile and praise MA every time, pointing your finger at the other people, in the most insulting/snotty way I have ever experienced in an online community. BIG virtual ego ? But no, its not only you ! Relax ! There are people worse than you in this so called "community".

    All exploiters, scammers, psychos and cheaters here barked loudly for a few times, always claiming to be innocent,
    until their close "friends" started talking...until the real evidence showed up and they got banned or even ended up at court with Mindark.

    Sadly its a little different with the holy PlanetPartners.

    Anway, karma will be a real bitch in 2022, that I can promise already. :)

    Have a good one and merry christmas !
  2. Geo


    Yes, yes. We are all aware. I don't really care.
    How long have you been at this now?
    You know, the stalker type stuff.
    Have you tried to find all my personal info yet?
    Is this how you get off?
    If there is anyone with an obsession, it is you.

    Merry Christmas
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2021
  3. As if posting your realname would change anything here...at all...pfffff...this is not always about you, egomaniac.
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  4. Geo


    You are right. I have nothing to hide.
  5. Geo


    After all, everyone knows that this forum is all about you.
  6. Yeah, can you imagine, all of it would have get deleted instantly and get me banned on your precious "official" forum.

    But it sounds more like as if you havent read one single thread by me in the past years... :/
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  7. San


    Never try to separate a man from his belief. Belief is always stronger. (Applies to all sides likewise, and ofc all genders.)
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  8. Geo


    It is one thing to post things about MA, Planet Partners or their shady business ventures
    It is a completely different thing to post personal information about other people from the community
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  9. @San
    If you are talking to me :
    Its quite some obvious facts out there by now. You cant deny that. Facts arent belief.

    Or what are you pointing at here exactly ? o_O

    Maybe @Geo ?
    Woah, dont edit your posts afterwards dude. That might end up confusing others. :(

    As if I did not fully read and reply accordingly. Tz tz tz.

    Some collect bottle caps, I collect cheaters and scammers.
    Call it obsession, call it a hobby. Call of Duty ! So what ?

    Did I just hurt the feelings of a scammy thief again ? omg...so sorry ! :/

    "Is this how you get off ?" *blush*

    Geo, heyyyy, my man...chill bro...for example, I just think DannyO deserved more than a lousy temp ban, but he was so close to ter and David S....they couldnt permanently-ban an old UK mate, hu ? I mean he even claimed he was completely innocent...calling me out...just like the involved Arkadian and Calypsian Developers...all innocent. Right ? So let them continnuuuueeeeee....

    To the yog mobile !

    The fact that you (guys) always mention stalking and "destroying Entropia" as the main reason of my postings, just shows indeed that you (guys) really dont care...at all. That you havent understood much. That you are stuck somewhere. I mean you even admitted that you dont care.

    So, if you really dont care, how come you guys bark this loud right now ?

    You know what ? I dont care ! x'D

    I put you to ignore now and will lean back now for the next months.
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  10. San


    I said, all sides.
  11. Geo


    What do you mean you guys?

    It is just me here.

    If anyone has called you a stalker before, it is because you are one.

    You also said that this is not always about me and that I am an egomaniac.. have we met before?

    Just because you call someone a scammy cheater or whatever does not make it true or give you the right to attack them or to share anyone's personal info.

    But sure, put me on ignore.
  12. I have seen Bonnie public post a private message conversation with a picture of her child? In the Arkadia Discord.
    Note: She did it
  13. [​IMG]

    Greed It is the root cause of crimes
  14. Geo


    Really, that is your defense?
  15. Geo


    You will have to do better than this
  16. Geo


    *McCormick has left the chat*
    *Arafel has joined the chat*
  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Just a note from me wearing my admin/moderator hat.

    I have removed the documents containing personal information from this thread. EntropiaPlanets does not nor ever will encourage doxxing. I initially wasn't sure what they were about or trying to prove, and left them up for that reason. That was a mistake, and I apologize for that, and I will try to do better in the future.

    We would also like to encourage everyone to drop personal attacks. We fully support your freedom of speech, and as you know, we tolerate pretty much everything (short of illegal activities, such as... well... doxxing). However, we do feel that discussions are more productive without namecalling, flaming, or personal attacks. While we most likely will not take action if behaviour does not change, rest assured we will gossip about you and silently judge you in our admin/moderator chat :sneaky:
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  18. Geo


    Sounds good. Thank you. :)
    I’m use to people talking about me behind my back. These trolls have been doing it for years. Just look how the conversations started in your Discord when you shared it the other day.
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