Warning about Bridge Investment (May 2014)

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Aug 7, 2014.

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    Ahh the IPO...
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    If you can't have an IPO.... how about.... an ICO? Because that went SO much better! :D
  3. __________________________________________________________________________

    NotAdmin: Removed personal information
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  4. NotAdmin: Removed personal information.

    Alaina, eh ?

    So Alaina & Super Mario did the limited sundance thing. GGEZ!

    So did MS9 and Anhithe. So did many entropian investorahheeee gamblers.

    Knight of honor !!!11 With an excellent "friendlist". ;D

    If Im not mistaken, that is.

    Feel free to post additional infos. Most got deleted from google anyway.

    Kabooom ! ;D


    Operating since 2017...2017, when sonnentanzltd shut down...but nawwwwww..

    I could also post stuff like this :

    <removed link to personal information ~Tass>

    But noone will understand anyway...right ?
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    How does Sonnentanz fit into any of this? The record posted by @BobaFett seems to indicate it's a transportation company.
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  6. A UK company with names attached to it. Ya, who cares ?

    The biggest entropian criminals, exploiters and (professional) scammers are from the UK btw. :)

    DannyO, ter, Ms. Emma Peel, Bowles, Slayem, Alaina & JBK (married)...hell even David Simmonds himself has his origin in the UK and was best friends with DannyO and ter...(itaammmz!!!!111) and Essexboy (justin Sorrell) is even working at Mindark, together with our best friend David.

    The big cheaters and scammers are protected by Mindark since 15+ years. :)

    And those who cry loosing at big events always write that on forums. Again and again and again.
    Sadly they are addicted gamblers. Lost.

    MS9 (Planet Partner, close to MA) & friends = Cheaters and Exploiters (in space noone will hear you scream)

    Arkadia (Planet Partner) = Cheaters and Exploiters (handing developer items to DannyO etc.)

    Mindark Employees = Cheaters and Exploiters (handing special items to big investors/scammers/cheaters, so they will stay ingame, promoting it)

    A lot has ended up in public already...

    Im not goping into details anymore, feel free to browse through my threads.

    Just some latest info : (MS9, Alaina...blah... = officials cheating, supported by the developer) :)


    Those are also the people that claim to love Entropia and promote it at all costs. Guess why...

    The addicted hardcore gamblers unwillingly support these guys as well...as they are addicted.

    The true "fanboys" are often very close to these exploiters and scammers (also to MA)...and so on...

    It is sad that we still discuss this matter after 15+ years and that nothing ever changes.

    The scammers/exploiters always smiling at you...protected by the developer itself.
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    The one I referred to above actually happened. I'm seriously blessed that I was a part of the company and that employees got equity. It's a small step towards being able to retire a bit earlier :)
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    So ingame Alaina == The Alaina referred to in the document? I'm sorry, it's been a while, and I'm just curious. Also how it fits into the Bridge thread.

    I saw the thread titled Space Exploiters, but there's a lot on the screenshot that I do not recognize. I'm assuming it's taken from a stream. By Alaina? I didn't see any Avatar names in there, either, but saw mentions of Alaina, JBK and MS9. Are those the Avatars in the image?

    (Again, I'm just trying to figure out what the whole thing is about and how things fit together)
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  9. @NotAdmin
    I cannot believe you missed the titties of Alaina down there in the left corner !!!111 ;D

    So, how far you will get inside of Entropia ?

    Depends on how rich and how "sexy" you act...how much you slimed yourself into Simmonds.

    How stonecold you are.

    Then and only then you will recieve a warm welcome and will be able to
    scam your own community, together with Mindark. 711 beeing the real pro here.

    The list of official exploiters & scammers is big.

    Diversity ?! x'D

    Calypso (Mindark, russian investor aka. Tatiana Karunnaya)
    Arkadia (internal Mindark people, like Mathias Gustavsson)
    Next Island (internal Mindark people aka. BIG Industries and Deeptoken scammers)
    Monria (Antithe & MS9 aka. internal Mindark ppl)
    Toulan (The arabic dream planet...now Antithe & MS9) *lol*

    JBK, MS9 and Alaina cheating.
    Arkadia exploiting with dev items.
    Mindark smiling and scamming their own community, allowing other exploiters to do the same.

    I mean, imagine most of the stuff would have never reached the daylight...

    One would believe if these ppl have a steady profit...why would they have to cheat and risk their accounts ? Risk their accounts...suuureeee... x'D

    Protected by the king himself, David Simmonds, these guys are bored to death in this game, just waiting for the next pretty penny. So why not exploit the game if you are allowed to ?

    You decide how much trust is left...rofl...

    Do yourself a favour, grab a hot cup of cacao and slowly work yourself through the picture.
    Its worth more then having to explain everything here again and again and again. It might be confusing at times,
    but thats why I added lines and fancy images: ;)

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  10. Yes, that is Alaina Bonnie Knight, i think she got to change her Avatar name, not sure about that history but maybe someone else can fill in the gap. She is the wife of John Black Knight who got a spaceship service that you can see when starting the Entropia Loader (that no other spaceship owner have, great that we have competition on equal terms/sarcasm)
    Some years ago he was known to charge 150 ped for a warp & Bonnie was shooting down/looting players in space. (Maybe should make a whole thread about all the exploits they been thru during the years)

    On the screenshot you got MS9/DME official avatar from Monria (lately also Toulan) on the left that is helping them cheat when she repair the mothership . (a service never offered to anyone els, and should not be done by official Avatars in this game and she is not on any of her planets)

    On the right you got Socrates official avatar from Next Island who im told also use his TP ship to get into the players spaceship (that just been shoot down in pvp) He is also know to have made private spawn of creatures to specific players.
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    I'm aware of JBK and his spaceship. In fact, I used his services to travel. If I recall correctly, I bought a 5-way ticket at some point loooong ago. Years later I wanted to travel from Cyrene to Calypso, and was prepared to pay for the trip, but he was honest enough to remind me I had pre-paid trips left. I believe Bonnie was on the ship as well when I used it. I wouldn't know about the streaming. To be honest, I never got and probably never will get the idea of watching other people play.

    I also seem to recall that Monria at some point was offering free trips to the moon. I'd not be surprised if some mutual understanding with JBK was reached where the moon-partner would repair the ship in exchange for moving people to their area (for lack of a better word).

    Are we sure this isn't just that? (I'm not trying to say it absolutely is. Just trying to use Occam's razor to show that perhaps that is all there really is to the picture). I don't know the context of the screenshot.
  12. They had just been in PvP combat and was shot down by another player, and have 2 official avatars on the ship who help them.

    I dont know about you guys but i never get visits from officials who help me. Then again, im not a PvP.
  13. Well Mindark removed PVP to kill piracy and left fake ,,You entering Lotable pvp area" message, so spaceship owners can cheat and warp from yellow area instead of reaching red lotable PVP. I think its part of JBK so desired plan.

    Official DME repairing Normandie on attack.
    Special spawns for JBK on Monria.

    We can go and go and go. Planets officials easy bribed. They should have less powers.
  14. You name everything and close your statement with a simple "They should have less powers" (?).....as if that would be a solution to all the bribe and scams and exploits ? Case closed ?

    You couldnt have trivialized it any further...this is an ongoing process since 2009 !

    But hey, thanks for showing up and stepping forward. Appreciated.
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    But were the officials there prior to the shooting down/during the fight? If they simply are on autoclick repairing, it still is possible that's part of whatever deal is/was in place.

    The picture that was posted is a snapshot, so unless the video is posted in its' entirity, we'd not know. I haven't seen it, hence my question(s).
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    Last thing I saw of this drama on the other forum is that they uploaded the entire live stream recording to Youtube for evidence preservation. Everybody in it appears confident of no wrongdoing and wants you to know it. At least there is no excuse for speculation, anyone can go over there and watch it.
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    I haven't really read PCF. But thanks. Good to know the full video is available.
  18. Geo


    The video of the stream is available as it was a scheduled stream that was advertised after the recent VU to showcase the new content that was just released on both NI and Toulan that day. Hence why the PP officials were there and answering questions from the community in the stream related to the recent update. The different PP officials have done this for countless other streamers and event organizers, numerous times, including myself. They would not have been there otherwise.
    However, the Pirates and Co. knowing this, while watching, had other plans to interrupt the stream and to waste everyone’s time, especially that of the pp officials. This was not a stream related to space and the officials did not interfere with any pvp battle. This was at the Space Station afterwards and I am sure they just wanted to get on with the evening in promoting their respective planets and the new content. But as usual the same haters and trolls want to spin a story to suit their narrative.

    It is no wonder why MA and officials go silent and tend to avoid interacting with the community.

    Maybe if you people were less selfish, worrying about what you can get out of it and did things for the community rather than just trying to steal their loot or spread rumors and hate, you would be more appreciated.

    DME, Socrates and Shawna have all been amazing community managers, prompting their planets, interacting and helping all members of the community whenever they can. This is no exception.
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