Warning about Bridge Investment (May 2014)

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  1. 1000% or MORE !!!!!!
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  2. Only Timkrans and Bothen left in 2016 :

    shareholders 2016.jpg

    Compared to 2005-2014 :

    shares hinduja bothen.jpg
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    Did you miss the " Other roughly 900" somehow? Who wants to bet that Jason Peterson owns MA shares?
  4. I find it quite strange to SEE "roughly 900" after it was 10-56 between 2006 and 2011.
    Either split across various places by the same guys...or I miss the big picture.

    From 2006 to 2011 they even enlisted 0,01% (Kim Tmkrans) ownerships.
    The 0,23 % ownerships of 2011 are just subsidiaries of Bothen or Timkrans himself.

    Regarding 2006 :
    No well known names and only "Patrik Broddesson from Australia" with 0,27% is a non swede.
    Well he might still be a swede. ;p
    And Golden Shadow Pictures (Neverdie) with 0,36%. (USA)

    About Golden Shadow Pictures Inc.


    1-4 employees, selling slide projectors ?

    Yearly revenue : 1 million US Dollars...one does not simply buy an asteroid.

    468 N Camden Dr # 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4507

    golden shadow beverly hills.jpg

    golden shadow beverly hills 2.jpg

    golden shadow beverly hills 3.jpg

    Phone (310) 285-1797

    Golden Shadow Pictures AKA. POWER PICTURES ??? (regged in 1997)
    Golden Shadow Pictures Inc. existing since 1996

    But I cant find any connection between John jacobs and Power Pictures (New Zealand), which was mainly doing videos about Rally Cross until 2006. (check wayback machine)


    golden shadow beverly hills 5.jpg
    golden shadow beverly hills 6.jpg

    http://power-pictures.com/ (down, use wayback machine)

    468 N Camden Dr # 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4507
    Phone: (310) 289-7115
    TollFree: (800) 513-9122

    No "Golden Shadow Pictures" here anymore it seems.

    Some google results already went oblivion because of the european data privacy law (may 2014)

    So, maybe Jason Peterson owns MA shares...why not...
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  5. Final Presentation of SkyWay got released. Look at all those realisitc positive comments !

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    I like the buildings...
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  7. I have very bad claustrophobia so not for me.
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    What makes you think this is the same as Bridge?
  9. I never actually said this is "Bridge" (The SkyWay scammers)
    Feel free to re-read post #3, #9 and #13 :)

    But all these scammers are connected to each other...same people...hence offical warnings about Bridge...and official warnings about this epic russian SkyWay product. Xing profiles have been deleted in the meantime and google results disspeared. :'D

    One of them was a MindArk Chairman for some time...Fred Rosentahl.

    Sadly MindArk even removed that original press release :
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    My question was because it's posted in the Bridge thread ;)

    There's still plenty out there connecting MA and good ole' Fred, though. I saved a few of them just now, if there's indeed a purge going on, it's important to keep these kind of things from being forgotten.

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    I actually don't think this is a matter of stuff being deleted because it ought to be hidden. It's more like older documents are simply pruned from the site at some point, as 10 year old news isn't interesting anymore (unless you're trying to peddle derptokens, of course).
  12. Little update, on the german site there is a 10 day countdown...so go and invest early...lol... -_-

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  14. Quite the interesting read about former Bridge Adviser "Kjell Nilsson" aka. "Kjell Nilsson, CEO of Trelleborg AB", the lotterieinspektionen fighting "Bridge Investment" and filed police reports from 2005...the time "someone" from Bridge contacted Jan Erik Haldo Welter Timkrans and made them do a funny fusion. :)

    Join Bridge (pay) and buy MA shares (pay again)...

    mindark bridge scam.jpg



    The company Bridge Group, which holds in Mindark's new share issue, has ended up in windy weather and reported by the Lottery Inspectorate to be an illegal pyramid game company.

    As Realtid.se wrote a week ago, Project Entropia has 270,000 users worldwide. According to Jan Welter Timkrans, CEO and principal owner of Gothenburg-based Mindark PE AB, the company will increase sales to SEK 35 million this year. It is the company that took over all rights to the game Entropia after Mindark's bankruptcy in 2003.

    New capital is required for continued development. Mindark will carry out a new share issue this autumn and raise SEK 30 million.

    - It is a big advance interest, but there is still no opportunity to subscribe for shares. In an initial valuation, Tamm & Partner, which manages the valuation, concluded that Mindark is worth SEK 205 million. And in the near future, a more detailed assessment will come, says Jan Timkrans.

    Jan Timkrans owns 44 percent of the shares today.

    - In connection with the rights issue, I will go down to 40 percent.

    Other shares are owned by CG Bothén AB, the staff and some additional private individuals.

    - We actually have a stock exchange inside Entropia but it is not operational. It would have been possible to carry out our new share issue in Entropia and offer our users to invest in the company, but we have chosen not to.

    Instead, Jan Timkrans snapped on a request from the company Bridge Group. Bridge Group is a network marketing company that has no business yet. He says that a person from the Bridge Group contacted him two months ago.

    Bridge Group is registered in the Belize tax haven in Central America. Former Trelleborg CEO Kjell Nilsson has assumed the role of adviser to Bridge Group. He has guaranteed that the company does not violate the law that prohibits pyramid schemes, says Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

    But Peter Alling, lawyer at the Lottery Inspectorate, has looked at Bridge Group's design and describes Bridge Group as a pyramid gaming company. As a result, the Lottery Inspectorate notified Police Group that members can only earn money from membership acquisition.

    Former Trelleborg Manager Kjell Nilsson has stepped in as advisor to Bridge Group. He believes the police report is incorrect but does not want to go into why, writes Sydsvenskan.

    How does the police report affect your involvement in the company?

    - I have nothing more to add. I'm not Bridge, says Kjell Nilsson.

    But do you work as their adviser?

    "It's a damn difference," says Kjell Nilsson, putting his ear to the head of Sydsvenskan's reporter.

    The police report is based on the fact that Bridge Group has not done anything more than recruited members. If the Mindark issue is implemented as planned, it may change the assessment, as it will mean that Bridge Group actually offers its members equity investments.

    Bridge Group's lawyer, Lars Felth, claims that the police report is incorrect and unfounded.

    It sounds a bit more complicated when Realtid.se calls the Lottery Inspectorate.

    If the issue is completed - does it sweep away the basis for your police report against Bridge Group?

    - It's not certain. If the profit opportunities for the individual members of the Bridge Group mainly come from commissions from the recruitment of new members, it is still illegal, says Peter Alling, lawyer at the Lottery Inspectorate.

    But if the shares in Mindark give a good profit?

    - It is very difficult to judge the products in this context.

    Peter Alling draws a parallel to World Games International, WGI, which offered members shares that did not exist. He calls them virtual stocks.

    But if the members of the Bridge Group participate in the new share issue in Mindark so that they have the possible income from something other than membership acquisition?

    - Yes, it is not the same as in WGI, says Peter Alling.

    And shares in Mindark can be a good investment?

    - I can't rule that out. That may prove the future, says Peter Alling.

    Jan Timkrans aims at the stock exchange.

    - We intend to be listed on the stock exchange in a couple of years.

    On which list?

    - Since Entropia is a global system, we want to try to enter an international exchange. There are a number of stock exchanges in Europe, Asia and the USA to choose from. Since we have the most users in the US, a US stock exchange may be suitable. But we will determine that at a later stage.

    Do you have a Plan B for the new issue if it becomes too strenuous for Bridge Group?

    - Yes, we have a number of foreign investors who are interested in entering. But it is worse for us because then we get a big owner. It is a clear advantage for us at an upcoming IPO if we already have a large number of owners.

    Mindark currently has 23 employees, ten of whom work with development. The company is recruiting another five developers and three people to the marketing department. Every month, Mindark releases Entropia updates.

    - We have a platform for various conceivable collaborations. We have plans to let others in and let them do business in Entropia's environment and then we have commission income on it.

    It also got posted back in 2005 on the other forum :
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  15. And who could forget about Drew Milkey Bloxom. ^^

    Even Knuckles is in there, speaking the truth...which poor Milkey had to learn the hard way. :)





    Even Gavin Hawkey Hill made an appearance, regarding who bought Skalmans Supremacy armor...and who Milkey really was...

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  16. upload_2020-6-23_23-3-54.png
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    As someone who worked for a company that intends to do an IPO in the foreseeable future, I can tell you that MA would need to do a lot of work in order to qualify for such a move in the US market. Starting with publishing numbers that provide clarity about the amount of monthly active users, and the average amount spent by these users.

    I for one would be thrilled to see the real numbers. 270k even in 2016 seems awfully high, and it doesn't mention over what period these users are active. I'll stick with my estimate of there not being more than 10-12k users on a monthly basis. As for the company being worth 200 million USD, just lol. More delusions of grandeur.
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    That's interesting. I always wondered about those guys. Kinda funny that someone called them on the "er... you get investors... but you don't invest in anything" thing.

    In other news I was looking at that skyway thing again. Did they always have a large physical site with multiple working tech demos? Or is that new? Certainly with some physically designed, built and demo'd stuff, it looks a lot more convincing. Sorta "just" leaves the need to actually get approval to install it at scale somewhere...
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