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VU 16.0 New Camera & Control System

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Tass, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. My bet would be on "his post beeing 500% sarcastic", but Mindark got scared, as they werent sure what was written and pulled the banhammer instead. x'D

    There is always manpower for things, noone ever asked for,
    but there never is manpower for the things they already partly introduced or promised dozens of times by now.

    Maybe they even released the broken camera system on purpose, so the fixing right now,
    actually has the look & feel of "hey, they communicate and fix stuff"... x'D
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    That was my theory (release shit, fix it later, everyone think we are heros). I posted it too (somewhere in that massive thread).

    "Detritus the Troll" (literally his actual name) was trolling everyone. I ignored him and warned others to too. I mean... it was in the name that he was doing a wind up job on everyone but still people were feeding him. I guess the kids these days don't know about trolls.


    PS some people were commenting on the lack of play on Etropia tracker. Others said the text had changed and the ET devs had to catch up. Come Monday we will see how badly the VU went down for real when the the deeds pay out... IF they pay out at all this week!
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  3. My understanding is he wanted to farm some +rep from 'silent majority' and went into tilt (poker term) when it turned out there was no silent majority.

    A true troll would not care about -rep.

    Whatever was the last drop most likely happened while I was sleeping and is now deleted.
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  4. Using auction page count as a proxy, I'd expect about -30% to the average. Bad but not the end of the world.
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  5. Today I got told I will get payed on login...
    ...so I did... x'D

    (I logged out after 15 minutes anyway though...jesus)

    compet deeds.

    FAP Animation still out of sync..since years

    fap out of sync.

    Mob can be looted before its dead...since years
    (as server hands out the loot before the actual death animation)

    loot before death.

    But lets talk about the new camera system, shall we ?
    The "over the shoulder view" is fucking annoying...
    in 90% of the games that use this view...now we have it too.

    And the red frame around the mob...the additonal symbols
    ...Korean MMO anyone ?

    (and why change the damage font again ?)

    Thank god the mobs arent flashing on each hit...oh wait,
    they do flash on every hit...

    right click auto attack korean.

    Autoattack on rightclick ? No problem !

    Autoheal on rightclick ? No way !
    (Except you rightclick the mob you attack...or a mob beeing far away...) @_@

    Some wrote about nausea...and puke buckets.
    It is indeed a totally disturbing view... ;O

    (but its new, ya) x'D

    So, thank god you can always press "V" (for 1st person) but...it still rotates your avatar to the right,

    doing so, which is again a bit distracting...

    But as people got invited to test this system and ended up happy & smiling,
    Im sure everything works as intended. ;D


    Mobs still attack sideways...not facing you at all...since years.

    sideway attack.
    sideway attack2.

    And finally, mobs still attack you "from within"...since years.
    But thanks to the new camera system,
    your avatar now turns around automatically,
    trying to hit the air behind him.

    turn around.

    ...yet I managed to hit the mob.

    Because if you press "V" ,for 1st person, in such a situation,
    your avatar actually DOES NOT turn around.

    turn around2. turn around3.

    Press "F" to use, like in any conventional action game...I mean,
    there arent even doors to be opened or buttons to be pressed.

    And on top of it, you can use the teleporter from 50 meters away now...thanks to "press F".

    Im glad I could provide some feedback here Mindark.

    Except you messed...aheee changed something, that was working as intended.

    I cant SEE any real improvements either,
    regarding "a new camera control system".

    Not for hunting,
    not for mining,
    not for crafting.

    Shoulder view is annyoing, not needed.

    Always facing the camera when running backwards,
    not needed.

    So, thanks for "Press F" then...which has nothing to do with the camera system.
    And as some were speculating already,
    you introduced this for future generations, to get rid of us old farts. ;D

    By the way, you were talking about performance reasons regarding this camera system,
    so Id like to ask...oh wait, you never reply here anyway.

    Coming up next,
    the exploits and epic glitches you introduced with the camera system...

    to be continued.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  6. Teaser1:

    Spam protection is not really working anymore...

    spam test2.

    I made it to "1 second" though....

    spam test.

    In Zychion it is set to 3 seconds for the 1st spam attempt...afterwards its set back to 1 second for further spamming.

    zychion chat.
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  7. This all looks really bad.
  8. On random ocassions I get the good ol internal error. Here while reading the statue text.
    Not while actually clicking it.

    internal error.

    Sometimes...out of nowhere, doing absolutely nothing...


    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  9. Whats new ?

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  10. Revive Chips dont work anymore...so DOESNT the sack (Rakzums Pouch)...it always says "Too far away" x'D

    Thanks to "je jak bam" for screenshots :

    revive fail 2.

    revive fail 1.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  11. No pets allowed near the pump ! They will get auto-returned to your inventory !
    (then again...) ^^

    pet spawn pump.
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  12. With the current camera, it is super easy to miss spawned fruits... ;P
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  13. While it is close to impossible to hit players as pumpkin now...as you can SEE shit...you can at least scroll faaaaaaar away....even further...

    Other then that...completely uselss to run around as it now. :'(


    I wasnt in the mood to test Count Vamp afterwards.
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  14. San


    This morning I had a little chat with the hapless troll (who is an extremely nice one btw and been on my fl for a while), not because I'm curious for gossip but what the mods are up to these days. Hope this was not misunderstood.

    Turns out the reason was not given too precisely but something to do with "real world" yadda yadda. Most likely culprit seems indeed the usage of the gypsy term -- contemporary typical clash of cultures between Southern US lightheartedness and a political correctness witchhunter's opportunism. Them just shooting themselves in the foot as usual.
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  15. several people got banned in the same swipe as it seems, for the same reason

    but i can't remember anyone of them discussing any real world issues...
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  16. on the upside, you can now SEE fruit while running..
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  17. And after they will pretend the "Loot is claimed by someone else" which stood in the game for over 9 months was a bug...
    Always the same behaviour with "mind" ark... THIEVES.


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  18. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Mcc you losing your touch young man.... ;) on PCF today (yesterday) was posts about ''amps that don't break''.... ehhehe . 2010? then Piotrek and Raddim hammered Mindark bigtime ehehe and now Mindark posting this? HEHHEHE



    So Piotrek and Raddim got banned for EXACT SAME THING and already at least 5 others already had much good fun and bit of free extra peds. Its a crime? call Swedish Police then. O-M-F-G.

    1 question. One ONLY. FOR Mr Spawn and his fanboys really. if they KNEW there are bugs why DELIBRATRELY release it?
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