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vr games...???...

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by mastermesh, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. With all the talk about vr in other threads I finally went out and got a cheapy VR headset to use with a phone. So far I'm liking this a bit but am curious where to find the good apps. I've got several installed so far, but where's the others... What's your favorites on vr (please keep it R rated at least, lol).

    p.s. nice tip on how to use an old phone to get daydream working if you don't have an official pricey ol vr set...
  2. If you havent tried yet, check these out...dont google too much as it will spoil the experience :

    -My very 1st experience was "Insidious VR". :'D

    -Or, for example, some apps by "Serkan Culfa".
    A one man army with high quality VR worlds...which other apps can only dream of.

    "VR Haunted House 3D" or "VR Escape". Even works great without a controller. Or VR space 3D by the same dev.

    Or "Stalk VR" which has AR built in...print a pistol and use it ingame, thanks to the camera of your phone. :)

    These are merely tech demos though and I wasnt able to find "fantastic VR worlds" either.

    Need For Speed VR is maybe for you, or "Sites VR"...

    Or just some 360 degreee youtube videos. ;)

    Will test "Whispering Eons" tonight, as it looks very promising already.
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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Just a random aside but one of the Rift demos someone made that really amused me was a
    A Night At The Noculus
    . The game involved being in the back of a car driving down a road in a city while bobbing your head to hadaway's what is love :D

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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Unfortunately we don't have a common standard yet for VR. More or less each device uses it's own software. I can't try out apps for Oculus or Vive or others with my PSVR (couldn't run my PSVR with my desktop PC, although I tried out TinusPSVR and SteamVR).

    So it may happen that you'll have bad experiences with the device of your choice or find way better software than I do. Hard to estimate. Since I own a PS4 Pro + PSVR only, I can't tell you much about other devices. I neither like ego-shooters and Anime, nor racing- or other sports-games. So my variety to choose from is really limited so far. I've checked out a few free or low cost apps of different kind, wich were more or less kinda tech-demos. They all ended up in my folder "Tests" (including "Star Wars Battlefront"). Forget all this junk! Many apps use stepwise turn around and teleport to next place only. This kills the immersion completely. Other apps just show a menu with different spots to explore. You may turn your head and enjoy these places. But you are nailed to them (360°). Not really fun. Additional all apps I saw so far, without exception, were fuzzy. Not to speak about the visible grid of the headset. And my wife got motion sickness immediately.

    A tricky part is, I had to understand the difference between the terms: "PSVR compatible" and "PSVR required". "compatible" means you can play a flat game on a big flat fuzzy screen close to your eyes and "required" means you are IN a 3D VR world. Wich is a really meanigful difference!

    But ...
    I can free and smooth walk and turn around in "Skyrim VR" (wich is the complete game without restrictions) and a small DLC for "Rise of the Tomb Raider" called "Blood Ties" (~1-2 hrs) wich allows to explore Croft Manor and Lara's family history. Slow and fast motion in "Skyrim" and slow motion only in "Tomb Raider". Both of them are overwhelming and breathtaking experiences. Both offer high immersion.

    My hope is that UBI and Sony will offer "Assassin's Creed Origins" and "Horizon Zero Dawn" for VR soon. UBI started already with a showroom in Montreal. But UBI as well as Sony would be completely stupid if they don't offer these games for endusers with VR-devices. Both companies own very detailed 3D worlds already, enough for a flat 4k presentation. So what ... ?

    (I live in Germany. Everyone is welcome to visit me and check out what the PSVR offers. Just send a PM.)
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  5. yeah, the definitive standard seems iffy... Too bad they didn't just go and keep working on vrml from way back in the 90s. Remember when I tried to hand code that stuff, lol. indexfaceset coding is mighty time consuming.
  6. looool, Wistrel.... :'D

    What an amazing piece of art !!!11
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  7. Lol Wistrel I was nodding and shrugging along without even realising! :)
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I KNOW RIGHT!?! :D

    haha this is sorta making me feel more inclined to try and sort out the driver swappers so I can play it again (guessing they didn't bring it up to date). Wouldn't mind trying it with the better graphics card I have now. It wasn't too optimised and I did get just a tiny bit nauseous last time.

    Speaking of "Art" - look up furby organ on youtube ;) This art was 7 years in the making but it is gloriously unpleasant in a mildly likable kinda way.

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