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  1. While I sometimes enjoyed PR stunts of MA, even if 90% of them failed...
    I finally feel ashamed of this presidential thing. Seeing the facebook campaign, with 5 likes. Dozens of fake voters.
    People hoping for 1 single free strong box. Gawd! Wasted ressources/money. And most important...time. Dev time. Like with every PR stunt before.
    Knowing that most posters for NDs "talent house" are done by one guy.
    I cant understand how they can still follow this bullshit, without their faces turning red.

    Billions of jobs ? This is embarrassing.

    Hub Culture, Planet Employabilty, Empaticus, 3D Entropia casino anyone ? How stupid does one need to be, to still believe and follow ?

    This will backfire...though, the good/bad thing is, next year, noone has ever heard of Entropia again.
    And I just wanted to play a round of sci-fi MMO...always getting distracted by this shitfuckingbullshit,
    that has never ever lead to the "millions of users"...or "uber content updates"...since 10 fucking years !

    ND made us look like clowns this time. Space Pirates ftw !
    Thank god it will be already forgotten next year.

    Oh yea, time to make me shut up with your "Not everything is bad, MA is a small team, we got CE2, they added some nice stuff here and there, l love Tiers, buffs and compet, you are soOooOooo full of negativity, leave if you dont like it"...Im fucking aware, idiots.
    Yet you also complain, everytime MA a$$rapes and nerfes you. Just to continue throwing money at them. Because you are too lazy to sell your skills, need to become "stronger", have to do all those things called "events", hence beeing afraid of loosing the money, tied to your skills, items and CLDs. Always carrying the hope of a jackpot with you.

    Lets change this, vote for Neverdie !

    FUCK OFF !

    Why I choose to stay and "enjoy" this show of human foolishness, in this all along small group ?
    Its like a book of reallife and every 10 pages or so I get reminded of how stupid humans can really be
    and what humans are able to do to other humans. And I choose my right to comment on it, as I am still a witness of it. Without beeing a witness, I wouldnt be able to comment on it. So stfu !

    If I would have to throw 200 Euro in here every weekend, like I did in between 2004 and 2009, SEEing all this bullshit, nerfes and bugs...holy fook...thank god I can play for free.
    Ty MA. That means less anger. ,-) Because, I get you guys...I also keep hunting and mining with my PEDs, hoping for globals and jackpots. But if I actually loose my PEDs, I dont get angry, but I get free skills and dont have to buy new PEDs. So why aint Im happy ? Because the game I love got fucked too often by now. End of story. Good luck, you'll need it !
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  2. Jamira

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    Haha! C'mon old boy ... you knew it turned into a stupid grinding game already. Don't hate it. You knew as well that it'll never become that old beloved Project Entropia again. I always loved your part. MA didn't and won't care for it. NEVERDIE did a great job at several points. At the other hand he go bananas. Even NEVERDIE should sell out and have a look for more serious games or even real life.
  3. Mega

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    There is only one alternative, and thats only if you dont run McCormick.

    300 million people in USA and the choice wll be between a billionaire with the worst haricut since Bobby Charlton in 1978 England (look it up) and the wife of an 8 year term president in the 1990's (shouldn't there be a law about that?)

    And thats democracy? I say we give the planet back to the insects quite honestly, what bloody joke. Then again, if Trump wins, I think we may well be doing that in about 1 years time.

    Vote Neverdie, Star or the "other guy / gal". Just make sure you never regret it cos that makes you an idiot right?
  4. I quite like Trump - he has the pulse of the nation. I quite like ND but he is an idiot to be caught up in this MA crapfest.
  5. I know. I only stay because I can play for free and enjoy remnants of the past as well as many of the oldtimers that also still play and mostly share my thoughts.
    Im a witness of the worlds greatest PR show fails and I cant help it, I do have to comment on it, every single time.
    ND could have gone bananas elsewhere and it would have been appreciated. But not here. His visions and dremas are way too big for MA.
    Not saying that Activision needs "The President of Virtual Reality" right now...but with MA as "partner" all the gold turns into a pile of shit when they touch it.

    Thats what started to make me angry in 2009 already...but hell, hope dies last. It will probably die with me. :'D

    Best quote I read in a long time. Germany is slowly drifting towards idocrazy as well. Not a problem to "have the pulse of the nation".

    So "B" and "C" are actually Star and a girl ? Da fuck ? Honestly, I regret voting in germany and by now less then 50% of our population go vote, because they realized its not worth it. Nothing ever changes. Either we get a new Hitler in the near future, or we bob up and down like this forever.

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  6. Can't wait to say "your fired" to Trump. Too bad we don't the virtual reality equivalent of a "Bernie Sanders"
  7. Norbert

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