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  1. So I'm seeking some talented individuals to help with with making promotional videos and figured this would be a fun way to go about it :)

    Here's the deal:

    Develop a short promotional video for BIG Industries, there is no time requirement to the video, however it should be long enough to include all required information which I will list below after this briefing. At the end of this video competition I will place a poll up for the community to vote on the videos and the top 3 video developers will be given 200 PED each. Of the top 3 my associates and I will choose our personal favorite and give that individual a 500 ped gaurantee on producing another video in the next few weeks for an upcoming event that begins at the end of April.

    Required Video Content:

    1. Identify each land area and mob owned by BIG Industries. These lands include OLA#01: Traeskeron, Molisk, Equus, OLA#07: Atrax, OLA#18: Primordial Longu, OLA#42 North: Ambulimax, OLA#42 East: Furor, Fungoid, OLA#42 West Atrox, OLA#48 Nexnecis, Allophyl, OLA#49 Rextelum, Osseocollum
    2. Explain the basics of the BIG Rewards Program
    3. Address the hosting of regular events in whichever manner you feel is best suited.
    4. Video should include music
    5. A clear effort should be visible in the video (doing a blatantly lazy job and hoping only 3 people enter wont win you anything)


    Below are links to various bits of additional information that may help you create you videos:

    Land Areas's On
    BIG Rewards Plugin on also available indirectly under Site Plugins
    Simple BIG Logo
    Fonts: Xeno & Ethno

    Submiting your Video:

    Simply imbed your video into this thread from whichever video site you prefer and include your full avatar name. You may submit more than one if you wish.


    You may submit videos as soon as you have completed them, all entries must be in by Friday April 12th by 24:00 MindArk time.

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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Looks like a fun challenge
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