Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Tass, May 26, 2021.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    And I saw @RAZER has some hours in Valheim too ;)

    I'm extremely busy and won't have much time or time at all to play. But we can still do this. I can get the server and we'll see.
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I ended up giving up. I somehow died somewhere where I got the warning about it being too dangerous too late, and couldn't be arsed to try and reclaim my corpse. I'm up for playing with others, though :)
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Tried it a few weeks and got bored with it. Pretty fun though.
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I have some friends who seem to like it... I can't say I'm drawn though. In other comedy I was accidentally not logged in just now and saw this... in summer...

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