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Using in-game advertising to generate more interest in EU-C

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by nexus7, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Yes, I see what you mean - if multiple ads are run, then of course an ad for EU-C will be seen more frequently; but the frequency/probability (same thing) of each ad will decrease if you run each ad for four weeks, so it's a sort of trade-off :) White or red or green on a black background gives very good contrast - this may seem 'simple-stupid', but that's what we want :) Most other text colour/background colour combinations don't really work, except for things like red or green text on a wooden background, but that looks a bit antique-ish...
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  2. Got no response to my proposed 2nd ad. in the banner thread so trying again here:-

    For a Fistful of (Project Entropia) Dollars!
    Coming soon to www.eu-chronicle.com
    Competitions, Games, PED, Prizes!
    Sign up today,
    Sign up to play.

    Any comments/suggestions/ideas?
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  3. Spotted the ad. showing this evening, this time in red, guess someone has placed another one? Thank you whoever that was :).

    This was the Original:-
    View attachment 7184

    and this I spotted tonight:-
    View attachment 7185

    Unless MA have changed it, someone else is contributing, always good to have a mysterious benefactor :).

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  4. The first ad, your one - is the one I still haven't seen, but looks good! I put up the red-on-black one to run just for 1 day, but the probability was 100%. The idea was that this would bolster the 28-day ad.

    I'm thinking that the 28-day ad should be run every month/28-days, and that the 1-day ad should be run once a week for the next 2-3 months. remember, a certain other community site was 'in the early days' running ads continuously for at least three months.
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  5. That would make sense, certainly I have not seen it today :).

    I was thinking of placing a new ad. every Monday evening for at least four weeks and for each one to run for four weeks, each one would be different so it may catch the eye.
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  6. OK, seems good to me. We already have two versions, so we just need two more, but the one that we chose or select for the once a week 1-day ad (100% prob') should be kept the same for consistancy.
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  7. I think that's a good idea. I have already posted a suggestion as to what ad. I should place tonight but have had no comments. If I don't get any I will place it or something similar.
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  8. I did place the second ad. last night but I lashed it up! For some reason I neglected to change the number of days from 1 to 28! So it will burn out this evening. I will try again tonight and this time put the correct time span on (I hope).
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  9. Well here is the latest offering:-

    View attachment 7187

    I just copied it from the one I did yesterday (there is a copy facility) and changed the number of days to 27! After doing this I noticed yesterday's ad. was set for 28 days after all! Either I'm a complete **** wit or there is a bit of a bug somewhere, odds are about 50/50 I would think :).

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  10. Attached Files:

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  11. I like the first of your new ads and feel that should be the regular 28-day one, but the intro' should be shortened and maybe in upper-case to get attention, so:


    Comming soon to www.eu-chronicle.com

    Competitions, Games, PED, Prizes
    Suitable for any skill level.
    Sign up to play. Sign up today.

    Then I can do my ad every Thursday (middle of the week) for 1 day, which means today :)
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  12. Thanks Nexus, that ad. is showing quite often at the moment due to me placing it twice :). A third one is planned for Monday in a similar nature, I will use the abbreviation.
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  13. OK, I have done another one, well two because once again I messed it up :), we now have 6 ads. running promoting EUC.

    View attachment 7193 View attachment 7194

    I have also created two competitions that refer to my "Dollars" ads. These are in the competitions forum. I have made one of them an article so it appears on the front page and it has links to both of them. As when I created the article it knocked Mr. Phunksta's article off I thought I should only do one!

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  14. He he no worries - go ahead - create content! ;)
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  15. Thanks Phunksta, I will have a play after the competitions are done :).
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  16. I had a play anyway, now have both competitions showing on the home page with the options to write comments and I have retrieved Phunksta's welcome message! Beginning to get the hang of this though it is mostly trial and error, well mostly error to be accurate!

    Next I am planning on playing with the CMS layout! Watch out it could go very wrong :).
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  17. OK, I have changed the CMS layout, the home page is now divided into two columns instead of three, reason for doing that was that The way posts were displayed in the sidebars looked very cramped. Personally I do not like what I have done but please let me know what you think?
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  18. I have made a copy of the EUC_Nexus_Default style and called it EUC_Nexus_Test this should only be visible to admins. I have had a play with this to try and make the home page look nicer, I found the articles looked very blocky with a white background and no border. I could not find a border setting so I changed the stylevar vbcms_article_background to match the surrounding blue, this left me with the issue of the link colour. I have changed the stylevar link_color. Link_color unfortunately affects links across the entire site, I could not find a local one. Anyway, what do you think? Feel free to have a play with the test one and let me know.


    (kind of wandered off topic with this).
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  19. I have updated all link and link hover colours in the EUC_Nexus_Test Style, please have a play and let me know if there is anything you don't like?

    Thank you.
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  20. Got a PM from Nexus telling me this was OK so I have updated the default style. Further testing showed that non logged in users and some logged in users did not have access to the Home Page! I have changed permissions so they now do, looks like the advertising has been a waste of time, on arriving here they did not see the announcements!
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