Updated Character Art: Io

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by NextIslandForum, Apr 3, 2012.

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    A small improvement to something that’s been creatively irking me: We introduced Io last June, as a young girl from Ancient Greece who’s slipped forward in time with the malfunctioning time travel system. She’s been helping new arrivals find Orpheus’ Cave, and apparently been keeping company with Arthur Sorensen in her off hours. She’s been dressed in a Settler Suit since she arrived, but she must be dressing up for someone now, because she’s wearing an Athenian Tunic… which makes much better sense for an ancient Greek girl.
    Speaking of Greek atmosphere and story, our last VU updated the art for the Ancient Greece blueprint book (we also updated the art for Elysian blueprint books). Like Io’s dress, this is a small change that helps give Next Island creative unity, and a more realistic story experience. And finally, we continue to work towards our goal, to modify the Greek mobs and make sure the cyclops and minotaur will no longer be dropping futuristic ammo and so forth.

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