Unique Mob Globals (Next Island)

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  1. Gonna list the mobs below, Hofs obviously count, team globals don't. Solo global+ only ^^

    This is my Next Island version, I've done this on Calypso, ROCKtropia and Arkadia too. I quit for 3 years and came back in the last few months and wanted to do all the planet and Next Island is naturally gorgeous. Even prettier than Arkadia, even though its been dead for a year. I'll link my Calypso/Arkadia/ROCKtropia versions in my sig and eventually I'll do a Universal one on the Entropia forums which will include space mobs too (which I've started on =P)

    No single maturity mobs, as that can include individual 'quest' mobs. This is for any mob that has more than 1 maturity/level. I may consider the single maturity mobs if/when the lower threshold for globals comes into force. Tiny mobs are a challenge but possible, single maturity mobs, however, aren't true mobs ^^

    Also any mobs that are mobs that are found on Next Island as well as other worlds, such as Merp, I will record a global on the planet of Next Island in order to cross it off the list. Globals achieved on other planets won't count towards this.

    Unique Mob Global Quest: 1/30 - (3.33%)

    Brown Papoo - NO
    Buccaneer Skeleton - NO
    Chimera - NO
    Death Drake - NO
    Exarosaur - NO
    Great White Shark - NO
    Grey Papoo - NO
    Ice Drake - NO
    Island Shark - NO
    Merp - NO
    Mountain Boar - NO
    Mutant Boar - NO
    Oculus - NO
    Papoo King - NO
    Petit Brown Papoo - NO
    Petit Grey Papoo - NO
    Petit Red Papoo - NO
    Petit Yellow Papoo - NO
    Pirate Skeleton - NO
    Portal Guardian - NO
    Red Papoo - NO
    Shark - NO
    Snarg - NO
    Snow Drake - NO
    Space Pirate Skeleton - NO
    Storm Drake - NO
    Village Boar - NO
    Vulcan Drake - NO
    Wild Boar - YES
    Yellow Papoo - NO

    hmmm under construction, seems to be issues with the coding. Not showing certain colours correctly.
  2. Update: Wild Boar added

    Nice! Fifth or Sixth mob on the planet and POW right in the kisser.

    Solo Global 416.jpg

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