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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Knuckles, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. I agree its harsh.. but with all the bright multi-coloured sentences, it looks like a 5 year olds posting.. + for me is awkward/difficult to read.. so i just rather not.. If i could disable colours in posts, i would do that instead ofcourse.

    But since i cant, and he refuses to just type like a normal adult.. Ignoring him is the only way.
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  2. I had him on ignore already... and i think the colors were only the last straw for many others.

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  3. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat their mistakes. It's a cliche because it's true.
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  4. LOL, for gamers, you guys are way too serious, by the sound of it.:disgust:
  5. Just randomly spotted these gems also from BritGirl (NBK Miners)


    Maybe I should search the whole auction on stuff she is trying to resell and then calculate how much peds she is losing on having high markups:bigsmile:

  6. Well, the Tiger stockings are (C), so it might be above average market due to expensive colors (looks plain dark blue tho, so hardly that expensive), but the other auctions is definitely overpriced...

    but why you bother? Let them pay auction fees, they might end up in your loot :P
  7. I checked the stockings and texture itself and its very basic stuff and not justifying the extra cost. I also think the +199 markup was for a way more advanced version so therefor the markup for the week was 200...normally it should be quite abit less
  8. I just found this thread and read the whole thing. I cant help but wonder why the NBK's name or my name was brought into this at all but its obvious that Knuckles is on another witch hunt looking for any petty thing possible to create a thread about in order to flame me and/or flame the NBK.

    In another forum wizzszz said it best when he said this:

    I happen to agree with this statement 100%, there are far more important things and people to talk about. I dont know why a certain element in EU feels the need to continuously harass me and harass NBK members nonstop. Like others, we just try to play EU, relax, and have fun. Perhaps its partially my fault for being so quick to respond with sharp teeth always defending myself, or perhaps its because of an unhealthy obsession that a couple of people in EU have with me and with the NBK

    As far as Britgirl goes, the market will take care of itself. I have not met her/him yet so I dont know many details.

    With that said, Knuckles I really dont know why you think that you are in a position to be critical of anyone in EU after all of the things that you have done over the years. This thread is perhaps one of the most pathetic petty attempts at trying to make a society look bad that I have seen in a while. Knuckles, I would tell you to get a life but I am afraid that you would need an instruction manual on how to do it.

    Anyway, carry on Knuckles. Every time you open your mouth or post on a forum, you only prove to the community what kind of detestable person you are.
  9. Way to feed the fire HW! Have you also noticed that some in this thread tried to keep it on track with regards to auction and Supremacy armor parts? The NBK matter is so miniscule in this discussion that it hardly warrants defence from you. I think you reacting is exactly what Knuckles may have wanted. Take it to ER pls.
  10. I am aware of that Shinobi and I thought twice about posting. Since reselling is a hot topic with many people, I figured that it was best to post my view point on things raised in this thread. I can still do that, cant I?

    Don’t forget, the only reason why the NBK matter is so miniscule is because the Admin has edited various things. If this person was in any other society then Knuckles would never have made this thread

    As the last several years have proven, simply ignoring Knuckles wont make him go away.
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  11. As you have already quoted some of my wisdom maybe think this thru:

    • The one bumping this thread now... is you! Why ffs?
    • The main reason for Knucks to dislike NBK is... you?!
  12. Before you get excited from being right about something for the first time in your life...

    1. I just found this thread.

    2. I think there are less than 10 people in EU who actually cares about what Knuckles likes or dislikes.

    Am I not allowed to post my opinion of things in a forum like the rest of you are? Is there some unwritten rule somewhere that says I can’t defend myself or my society?

    I understand that some of you live for forum drama, fights, and whatnot and consider yourselves semi-professional quibblers, however I do not. I don’t like forum drama, I don’t like fighting with people, and I certainly don’t like having to address stupid thread after stupid thread.

    With each post in each thread like this, it becomes more and more obvious to the community that certain people will do anything for attention of any kind, including going on witch hunts to harass people over and over in game and on the forums. Let’s not forget what this thread said originally before it was edited

    Don’t expect me to believe that I have made an error by defending myself or the NBK. My posting style has earned me a lot of friends and it has attracted a lot of good members to the NBK. Furthermore, it keeps out the small minded petty trolls who look up to people like Knuckles since they view me as the enemy.

    wizzszz, your attempts to engage me in a fight in nearly every thread I post in ER or EP combined with your efforts to flame me and engage me in a fight inside the game in open chat every time you see me is starting to become harassment. I recommend finding something else to focus your attention on
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  13. You are not old enough to talk to me like that, li'l boy...

    HW... it's you desperately trying to drag attention to your boring little self, the others here and there (including me) just react on your clumsy attempts to become someone of interest.

    I, for one, am not even trying to flame you (you are REALLY not that important, sheesh, i thought i've pointed that out), i just reacted because you quoted me and tried to use that quote as ammunition against Knucks - i prefer to not take part in your shit, so please refrain from involving me, directly or indirectly - tyvm.

    I prefer to pity you silently, your attempts to drown me in heaps of shallow excuses finally worked. :puke:
  14. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    And I prefer you all to take the internal very personal battles elsewere ;)

    Thank you!
  15. Actually I think you are incorrect. The Supremacy L harness with 1800% markup while being bought same week for 600% would have started this thread no matter what soc. It is one of the most stupid attempts of reselling I have ever seen, the fact that she is in the NBK family was a big bonus though.

    Can you ask her how much she is paying each week in auctionfee's on stuff that doesnt sell? It would be interesting

    If you say so Mr. All-knowing Oracle
  16. If that were true you would stop taking shots at me on the forum every chance you get and you wouldn’t try to start shit with me in game every time you see me.

    I think it’s obvious that its more than just a big bonus for you. Considering what was originally said here before the Admin edited things it’s very clear that you are on another NBK witch hunt.

    Stop harassing us and leave us alone.
  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    And another thread locked.

    If you are looking to flame, this is not the place to do so.
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