TT Crystal Purchased for 5k PED

Discussion in 'Items' started by Dr -M-, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. I have just been informed (my bro on planet calypso) that a single time travel crystal was sold at Twin Peaks trading area for 5k PED.

    Buyer: Raul
    Seller: Entropias Most Wanted

    Ingredients dont seem so cheap anymore.
  2. Ya your right. I gave it a few more clicks last night to try and make that sale but still failed. 21 attempts total with no success, should have just sold the parts rather then trying to make crystals :)
  3. >O.O<

    I wounder who Raul bought it for?
  4. red


    5K? that's craziness.

    what was it that some guy said about certain people and their coins?
  5. They suffer from MMTB. More Money Then Brains :)
  6. red


    I wish I suffered from that.

    I did notice EMW trying to pawn another crystal off on the calypso auction with an opening bid of 2.5K.
  7. Can't really blame him, people are willing to pay that much might aswell cash in.
  8. Chaching.... 2 x 5000 PED or wait for a 3rd and wait to use them on unfinished content.... hmmm the scale is tilting towards $$$$ :D
  9. lol, the continent is in alpha stage and soon it will be easier to get time travel crystals, and still he sells one for 5k...
    IMHO emw scammed the guy, and the guy that got scammed can't have been very bright.. lol
  10. madcaz

    madcaz General NBK Legion

    Definately wouldnt say he was scammed as he travelled from NI to Caly upping his offer every few minutes, he was definately out to buy one at whatever price, he was more than willing.
  11. then i take back what i said :)
  12. bumping due to a new spam
  13. na, thats old news, that was for the old bp..... i would show ya one, but they changed the 5 books of them i had stashed...

    back in the day that bp needed animal parts.... the total value was around 350 ped a click, and the fail rate was f-in crazy.... but the ubers were paying new players hand over fist for the rare components. the knewb's were able to buy armor, weapons, vehics, and an economy was born.... then they changed the bp, and overnight all of the crystals and animal parts were worthless again. some of us did not do well when the market crashed. quite a few left...

    the new bp itself is fine.... it gives a good amount of res, and has a good success rate... its just the way they "fixed" it, that sux

    and NI just did the same with the "new ore"/"flavor of the release".... removed an ore from a bp

    when that Huge bid came into play...... it was not total madness, close.... but not total....
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