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    Welcome on Trilomite Land


    I'm proud to announce that recently (February 2010) a Teleporter has been installed on Trilomite Land. I think that this OLA was really in need of Teleporter, even more since VU 10. In fact, I think that a big area of the map around OLA #15 was in need of Teleporter. The nearest Teleporter was Nea's, Rei's and Akmuul. Now you can access the middle of nowhere in 1 second once you found the OLA #15 Teleporter. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me.


    There is 5 Shopkeepers in and out the Shed with random things for sale.
    Dont forget to take a look, you will maybe find something you need at a good price.

    Ad Spaces for Rent:

    You need to advertise your service, web site or shop? I have some spaces for rent outside the Shed. The best is if you bring your own "Sign" (not screen) ready to show. I'm not very good for creating publicity, you better do it yourself. PM me here on EP or find me ingame to talk about it.


    Actually, Trilomite Land OLA-15 is the only Land area with 3 Trilomite DNA so if you like hunting these flat-bodied sea-dwelling ancestors OLA-15 is a place you will love because you will not find more Trilomites elsewhere. If you are lucky enough, you could loot the extremely rare Tegretov TR8 which is exclusive to Trilomites as far as I know.

    But I warn you, even when they are young and small they are fast, furious and particularly difficult to aim. If they see you around, no need to run because you will have no other choice but to fight to death. They are also one of the rare animal creatures living on Calypso giving Dodge skill.


    Since VU 10, Miners can also extract a variety of Ores & EnMaters on this Land that was not available on the old OLA-15. Most of mining resources available now have high TT value so the are fast and cheap to extract. You will also greatly appreciate their market value.

    Known Resources:

    Ores: Azzurdite, Dianum, Lysterium, Narcanisum, Niksarium, Quantium
    EnMaters: Acid Root, Alicenies, Angelic, Binary, Lytairian, Magerian, Melchi, Oil, Typonolic


    Mob --------- Quantity --- Maturity

    Trilomite -------- Unlocked
    Trilomite ------- 0/10 ------ 0/10
    Trilomite ------- 0/10 ------ 0/10

    Daikiba -------- 0/10 ------ 0/10
    Berycled ------- 0/10 ----- 0/10

    Hunting: 5%
    Mining: 4%

  2. With VU 10.3
    OLA-15 has been flattened a lot.

    And ...
    Trilomites have their electric noise back.
    We can also hear them walk now.
    They also roaring like a wild boar or something like that.
  3. A lot of people told me that they dont like Merps on OLA-15.
    So, I just killed the Merp DNA 5 minutes ago.

    In 5 days you should not be bothered again by Merps.
  4. Merps extermination completed.
  5. In less than 1 hour Trilomites Stalker will arrive on OLA #15 if they are not already there. I have no idea for how long they will stay.

    Look at the first post for DNA settings.
  6. 2010-08-21

    I just want you to know that Trilomite DNA settings (maturity and quantity) are unlocked since a while.

    I let the station eat all the Ferti I had and I will not add more for a indefinite time.
    To be honest, people did not enjoyed big bad Trilomite Stalker as much as I hoped.
    I have to admit that I did not jump in front of each of you to shout about it as I never did it before.
    Many other things let me think that I should readjust the DNA like it was before.

    Last time I checked (few minutes ago), the DNA was:
    75% quantity
    25% maturity (Young up to Provider).

    I saw some Guardian but they are rare.
    Only one DNA is affected.

    For unknown reason there still a bunch of Equus Stalker spawning in the middle of the Land. [​IMG]

    So, slowly but surely, the OLA #15 will be "given" back to the miners.

    Thanx for reading.
  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!


    I actually believe thats a good thing Bernz :) The little buggers can be hard to kill when they are huge, and a lot of people use to like to mine on your land (because it's a damn good mining spot).

    Good luck with it all .. :)

    Yeah, what ARE those horsies doing on your la anyway :headscratch:
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