Traditional Slicer (L)

Discussion in 'Items' started by WangXiang, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Both blueprint and item are limited.







    Full TT value is 12 PED.

    A special thanks to Manny and Soloman, both members of our "Soaring Eagles" society, who helped to get enough Labradorite Crystal for the crafting attempt. This is an achievement of our society.
  2. Congratz on the double discovery Wangxiang!

    Now, I think that you guys should be compensated for putting so much into making such a crap item. Uneles they change the stats drastically AND make it UL, this thing is gonna be a museum piece , isn't it?

    You must be feeling really let down

  4. Added the extra stats and the blueprint ingredients into Entropedia.
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