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To MindArk: A petition for change of the event spawns

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by NotAdmin, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    To those whom it might concern. For years now, events organised by MindArk consist of huge spawns of mobs within a relatively small area, which inevitably leads large groups of colonists to flock towards this area.

    Usually the end result is that the ratio of players versus mobs is unbalanced, leading to a situation where numerous players end up (unintentionally for the most part) shooting the same mobs, thereby leading to frustration over perceived kill-stealing. This happens almost every time while these events take place, and ends up with a lot of bad blood in an already divided playerbase.

    Therefore, we would kindly like to ask you to reconsider how these events are executed. We have the following suggestions that could lead to a relatively easy solution of the problem:

    * Ensure the mobs do not spawn in a single spot, but are spread all over the continent. This will ensure the players and teams will be spread out, which as a side effect will lead to less lag during the event. This has been done before, with the last robot war and the orbs, but could be done to a much greater extent.

    * With these special mobs, ensure that the first person to shoot one gets "exclusive" rights to the mob. Make this clearly visible. Limit this ability to a maximum of 5 mobs at the same time per hunter or team, similar to the mechanism used in taming.

    * Increase the density of the spawns, based on the number of colonists out there. If there are 5 mobs per colonist, the problem of the number of colonists outweighing the number of mobs will be solved, and thus there will be less killstealing.

    * Limit the number weapons that can be used in such events. If, for instance, every hunter would be forced to show up armed with only an Opala, the ability to outdamage another hunter would be gone. It would at the same time add a tactical idea to the event, as one cannot rely on pure brute force or simply brgingin the biggest gun anymore.

    We, the undersigned would like to ask you to take this matter into consideration, and to let us know whether you would need more suggestions.
  2. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    you only need point 1 and 3 to see a change and could be actioned Monday. 2 and 4 require too much change to underlying system.
  3. Eh? Shouldnt Vote be active in this thread, so that the community may "undersign"?

    Anyway, i agree!

    Events for ubahs should be participated by the required skill lvled participants. Same goes for middle and noob skill lvl classes of events.
  4. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    agreed, apart from limiting weapon. Limiting weapon would make no difference to teamed players who kill steall which is currently what happens.
  5. More mobs is all that is needed.

    If people are standing around waiting for mobs to spawn, there are not enough mobs.

    If people are getting into arguments about KSing (deliberate or otherwise), there are not enough mobs.

    If the Longtooth spawn had twice as many mobs covering twice the area, everything would be fine.
  6. Oh, I am ALL over this petition.

    More mobs and spread out more, (even if spread out means dual spawns 500 meters apart for each migration/event location) and I think things would dramatically improve.

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