Planet Calypso: To click or not to click? The veteran new player experience

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  1. Thanks could you please tell me where it is and how to get there coz I’ve completely forgotten?
  2. Works the same as the underground on arkadia.
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  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    You just tp there from any map on rocktropia, same as hell
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  4. After 2 threads and few answers he already seem to have a high impact on PCF, and particularily mindark for sure.

    He should register to EP, where the truth and facts are not deleted like on PCF.
    Many of us can light him...

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  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I have a theory......
    It is possible to do more than 100% of damage to a mob.
    The lower our dps and the higher the mobs regen, the more damage must be done.
    Suppose a lower level player struggles and struggles to kill a mob, gets crit and returns and shoots some more, crit again and returns, shoots some more, almost has it killed but is crit again and gives up and doesnt come back. They have done ~300% of mobs hp in damage already but its not dead. Then hunters come through and its partialy damaged so they do not shoot it, then they leave, and you show up and shoot some mobs nearby on radar before you see it, by this time it has fully regenerated to full health. You have appropriate dps for this creature and kill it only doing 110% of its hp damage in total.

    Now there is a dead creature for which you did 110% damage and someone else no longer around did 300% damage. Who should get the loot? It is a flaw in the system for sure, but I do not think it is malicious.'s_razor
  7. NotAdmin

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  8. i'm a bit sorry about what i wrote there now publicly
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  10. <-- proud mccormicked guy in a very mindarked universe! :android_borg:

  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Does PCF actually still have that rule that you are not allowed to say that you are leaving the game?
  12. For selling out threads. You can say you are selling everything you own.. but not like "I am rage quitting this stupid game" all my things are up for grabs

    for example this one:
    captain jack wanted to sell everything he owned because of the mining mania mindark fuckup and said "by sheer coincidence am I selling everything I own"

    Oww I see he even edited that out now. Ofcourse a few days after that Captain Jack looted a nice jackpot.
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  13. Alan Krom was doing a selling thread, clearly saying that mindark are never fixing bugs and are thieves...

    1 or 2 days after, he hitted the highest ATH on mulmun 330k ! (and he edited his selling thread

    Sure Hijacker, mindark can not control the loot...
    And if I never had a hof or great loot, that's because i always hunt daikiba = Hijacker Theory...
    But he had his ATH on exaro...

    * Someone Told me Alan Krom did a thread explaining how he lost all under 6 months, if someone can find it...
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  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Of course MindArk can give uber loot to a selected player at a selected time. It's delusional to think that this feature isn't used but I don't think it's very likely that they go through forum threads and add the biggest complainers to the queue.

    I do believe there's also a feature working in the exact opposite direction called "discouraging". It's common in contemporary software, on EP we have it too, our manual says "Discouraging aims to make using the site slow and painful for a problematic user, such that they eventually give up and leave." New perspective: EU is bug-free, gameplay is awesome, loot is great, you are all just on the discouraging list because you've complained too much :D
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  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Seems like the fanbois on the other forum managed to push the author quite far as it is. Is anyone with a PCF account able to let the guy know he's more than welcome to post here instead?
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  16. i wrote him a pm and told him, when the first post of the second thread was still deleted..
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