Tips for MA on managing densly populated areas?

Discussion in 'Entropia Platform' started by Wistrel, Sep 5, 2016.

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    This seems like an interesting technique:

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  2. I'd be interested to see how it looks from a client perspective when you have a couple hundred clients at close range (e.g. within 100m) all hopping about and changing direction rapidly, all with different pings (upwards of 300ms+, which is not unusual if you happen to be in Australia connecting to European servers).

    Interpolation doesn't work so well if people aren't doing something predictable and when you may be seeing updates half a second or more later (e.g. 300ms to server then 300ms to you) you'll get all sorts of fun visual behaviour on your client.

    Rendering all those players is also a problem and people can very easily confuse low frame rate with 'lag' when many people are around.

    So the tech here looks interesting however I'd like to see how it performs in more demanding scenarios.

    - Deathifier
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    Good points... it is hard to know exactly how far (or complex) their simulation goes in terms of their fake clients. One thing I always take on board about Entropia is that every player isn't another Korean army man (with the same face and clothes) so to a certain degree, each should take up individual resources. This is why Entropia performs way better with 100 mobs rather than 100 players on screen.

    Still, worth checking out the Kickstarter video. There is a section with the server guy who mentions his previous experience. They might be all right. It is definitely good that they are focusing on and taking seriously the enabling technologies from the ground up rather than hoping they will happen later as an after thought.

    My main concern though is that all they have right now is tech. The game seems too far away for a reliable funding pitch right now.

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