The RX unit attack

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  1. I went to check this out yesterday, and had a lot of fun!

    I knew from the last RX invasion that it is only the very killshot who counts, so definitely not only something for the guys with massive skills and expensive gear. There's a good chance for any average player with a Bravo plasma or similar to claim the reward.

    I figured "the east and west contaminated areas" would be PVP2 (the oil rig area) and PVP1 (area north of Port Atlantis). I decided to go to PVP1 due to the lower risk of being disturbed by big troxes or other mobs. When I got there around 15 minutes past 15:00, there was still no RX units in sight. Players were just hanging around at the base camp there, eagerly awaiting the action. Some being more eager than others resulted in a few kills between Calypsians. Some soc feuds became very apparent for the audience, and I can report that one certain well-known reseller got killed pretty much immediately every time he showed up LOL


    After 40 minutes or so the first reports came in that RX units had been sighted just outside the radar. Everyone rushed over to start the mayhem, however players coming too close was quickly wiped out by the 4-bot RX unit team that showed up a quite impressive arsenal with Isis LR68(L)s, BL1800(L)s and powerful rocket launchers:


    They were also protected with a reworked version of the excellent PK armor Infiltrator, so regular burn/penetration damage weapons didn't do much on their HP, which to crown it all was of a very high and fast regenerating kind. However with 20-30 people constantly shooting at them they did of course eventually fall.

    3 or 4 of these 4-bot unit attacks came to the PVP1 zone where I was, and my guess is just as many struck the oil rig. Unfortunately I didn't get in a killshot on any of them, but I was quite close a few times as can be seen on these two screens:

    may15rx4.jpg may15rx5.jpg

    On the first pic I got killed because of coming inside someones line of fire just a second or two before the RX unit fell, just while getting ready to execute a killshot. On the second picture you can see I was even closer; Helena got in the killshot on a RX a fraction of a second before I fired, resulting I instead hit BlackHawk who was standing behind the falling RX... However, close is not enough! ;)

    After the last wave of attacks I spotted a RX unit outside the revival outpost and made a scan:


    I had almost three hours of great fun, only spending around 25 PEDs in total. Looking forward to the next opportunity like this to defend our colony!

    Oh, and the reward for killing one? Turned out to be a Reworked Infiltrator Harness (L), just like the ones the RX units used. Will probably be very sought-after now with LandGrab coming up and all... Exciting times!
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