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The Rules of Canley v1.0

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by ChelaBias, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. A Vendetta is declared:-

    The Assassins, of which there are 8:-

    Amstek Kets Ketsma
    Jelly Burgerman Belly
    Harry Cantbe Serious
    Slartybartfass slarty bummel
    Roger Stratos Fa
    Sandra Bunny Doright
    Una Griph Alconbury
    Sally Tigeress Serious

    The Targets, of which there are 10:-

    Eike Phoenix Aikenslash
    James Dont GiveUp
    Erach Erach Vortur
    Jane Trinity Cougar
    Shimeron Shim Skylark
    Sylena Sylc Aleska
    Chela Cee Bias
    Anna Ufo Avaimenpera
    Sarah Nin Jones
    Karl Pilki01 Pilkington

    If anyone chosen as a target has an objection please let me know and I will replace you, I have no wish to offend anyone.

    I have chosen mostly people on this forum as they are on-line often and hopefully some of them are know to the assassins, this should help speed things along. There are two not from the forum just to make it a little more difficult.

    Each target has a value of 10 PED. Once a successful kill is recorded the target is removed from the list and the value added to the value of the assassin who killed them. Targets are not permitted to assassinate each other or assassins.

    Each assassin has an initial value of 0 PED. Assassins are allowed to kill each other, when a successful hit is made on a fellow assassin the current value of the victim is added to the value of the killer. The dead assassin is removed from the game.


    This vendetta begins at 0000 MA on Sunday the 20th of April 2008.

    There will be a time out due to the Eut Soc hunt between 18:00 MA and 23:00 MA on Sunday the 20th of April 2008. No assassinations made or posted during this period will be valid.

    This vendetta concludes at 2400 MA on Saturday the 26th of April 2008.

    Proof of assassination

    Please post all attempted assassinations to this thread. On a day when at least one assassination has been successful an updated list of assassins and targets will be posted here by myself.


    At the conclusion of the vendetta the value assigned to each surviving assassin will be paid to them as soon as a meeting can be arranged. Targets do not receive payment for surviving.

    Additional information

    Any queries about this vendetta should also be posted here, I will do my best to clarify these.

    I have tried to construct a game that will test a variety of the Rules and the different types of Vendettas.

    I hope everyone has fun.

    Bunny, please read the rules carefully, you will note a skillet is not one of the approved weapons, thank you. :)
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  2. Hmm... I wanna kill! Can I get to be an assassin instead? :angel:


    Very cool idea this btw, +REP!
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  3. Cool im a target!!! So i must be carfully with the assasins :)
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  4. Sure, there is still a whole day before it starts, I will edit the post now.

    Thanks for the Rep :)
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  5. Being careful would be good :) Always good to give them a challenge but don't let it interfere with your normal playing.
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  6. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    "Bunny, please read the rules carefully, you will note a skillet is not one of the approved weapons, thank you."

    Bugger 8)
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  7. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    Are you free?
    Who are you talking about?
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  8. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    Hmm, how come I'm first on the list? You defintely have sth against me don't you Cee? Just kidding! I will be the hardest to kill not because I will be evasive or something but due to rarely playing anymore :hehe:

    Funny: Phoenix walks into the woods, wearing his almost Full TT Shogun Armor swinging his Valor against any poor mob that happens to cross his path. Having killed a lot of Argos because he has a grudge against them, he feels overconfident and shouts: "Noone will ever [BANG!! (Imaginary Weapon-wanna-be Scanner Sound)]...kill me..." *Dead* ...
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  9. This sounds like fun, I don,t mind being either a target or an assasin, Add me to the list pls:D
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  10. Haha, nice description :). Nothing personal, the order was determined by looking at the gratz for various posts. Maybe the thought of being whacked will encourage you to login a little more often :).
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  11. Thanks for participating :) I have added you to the list of assassins, hope you enjoy yourself.
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  12. Hello all,

    I would like to ask for a time out for this round because of the Eut Soc hunt.
    The time out should last from Sunday 19:00MA time to 22:00 MA time. We had some trouble setting up soc hunts again so it would be very kind to interrupt Canley for 3 hours.
    Thanks for your understanding
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  13. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Buahahh, You shall Never kill me :D
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  14. I have included this in the conditions of vendetta with an extra hour each way just in case, I know how hard it can be to arrange these hunts. :)
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  15. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    100 peds from me to anyone from the current vendetta who posts the canley kill of Anna. :hehe:

    " I see plans within plans...." ;)
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  16. Haha, a most apt quote :)
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  17. Hi Slarty,

    I have been thinking about this as it may help if such circumstances are covered in the rules.

    To clarify, is the reason for this time out that more than one of the assassins will be participating in your soc. hunt?

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  18. not only assassins, but targets as well
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  19. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    Oh I get it.
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  20. very good, blabber bot. nevertheless the price for your head is 100PED :Sniper:
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