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The Rules of Canley v1.0

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by ChelaBias, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Good morning murderers and victims,

    After receiving a lot of encouragement from my initial post I have taken the time to write a more complete set of rules. I have included, where I could, ideas from the previous set of posts and have addressed some of the problems with the original draft.

    Presented here are the results for your perusal. Before we try playing this I thought it only fair that the rules be available for criticism. Please post your comments, I have numbered the rules to assist with discussion. If you can see any errors or omissions please let me know, similarly if there is something not explained or that does not make sense please ask and I will try to write a clearer explanation as well as attempt to answer your query in this thread. Also if you have any ideas that you think should or could be incorporated please let me know, I will do my best to include them.

    Thanks for all the encouragement so far, it has rubbed off :). Also thanks to Phunksta for his help with the forum.

    The Rules of Canley

    1. Introduction

    Canley is a set of rules by which individuals, societies and groups of loose affiliation may settle their differences through vendetta. Canley is designed so that only those involved in the dispute are involved and the lives of the innocent are spared. Assassination is the means by which this is achieved. Presented here are some rules/guidelines to enable mock assassinations to be performed within the Entropia Universe.

    2. The Art of Canley
    This section describes the methods by which an assassination may be performed.

    2.1 The Weapons.
    At the present time there are two methods available to a practitioner of the Art.

    2.1.1 A Scanner.
    This is the weapon of choice for an assassination to be carried out at a distance, obviously the range of the Scanner determines how close the assassin needs to be to the victim.

    2.1.2 A Melee Weapon.
    If the assassin is required to get "up close and personal" then a Melee Weapon may be used, for the purposes of the Art a Melee Weapon has a range of zero.

    2.2 The Means of Proof.
    Both of the above methods require there to be proof of the assassination in the form of a screen shot, examples of successful assassination screen shots are included below, the code of Canley requires that the screen shot:-

    2.2.1 Be submitted to the relevant thread or person as defined in "The Terms of vendetta", as soon as possible after the assassination.

    2.2.2 Be taken in 1st person.

    2.2.3 Have the victim selected (i.e. with the select box around them and their name showing).

    2.2.4 Have the date and time visible in the chat box. (To prevent people from using old shots).

    2.2.5 Show the weapon of assassination in the hand of the assassin.

    2.2.6 That there be no object or person blocking any part of the view of the victim or the select box.

    2.2.7 When a Scanner is being used, show the scan of the victim (See first screen shot).

    When a Melee Weapon is being used, show the victim to be very close, in this instance only part of the victim and the select box will be visible. Note, the victims name must still be shown in the shot
    (See second screen shot).

    2.3 Other Considerations.

    2.3.1 The assassin must not have been previously eliminated. In the event that a good screen shot is posted by an assassin who has previously been assassinated the assassination will be disallowed.

    2.3.2 The killing of innocent bystanders is expressly forbidden by the Rules of Canley. To this end there must be no other avatars or non player avatars that could get in the way of the kill (see 2.2.6), I.E. between assassin and assassinated, even a partial blockage is a fail. The killing of innocent bystanders will result in disqualification or possibly an additional vendetta.

    2.3.3 Targets may attempt to defend themselves from assassination buy eliminating an assassin or assassins before they have the chance to take out the target. In order to do this they need to use the same methods as described for an assassin (above). A Target acting in this way can remove assassin(s) from the game, however they do not get paid as an assassin would be. Further they are not limited by section 2.3.2 and will not be disqualified for the killing of innocent bystanders, however the bounty on them may be raised due to this. The bounty may also be raised if they prove themselves to be a particularly difficult target.

    3. The Terms of Vendetta

    This sections describes how vendetta can be initiated and the types of vendetta. (Effectively different games we can play using the Art of Canley).

    3.1 Initiating vendetta
    This can be done by anyone or any group at any time. All that is required is to post a new vendetta thread. The Terms of Vendetta needs to contain:-

    3.1.1 Details of the target or targets. This could be just one name or a list of names, it could also be the name of a society or list of societies. Another possibility is that this could contain two or more lists of names, each list forming a group of loose affiliation.

    3.1.2 Any special terms that limit the method used to assassinate or any other conditions. For example "This must be carried out in a public place so the location must be visible in the chat box" and/or "The target must be assassinated with extreme prejudice, so the screen shot needs to show the dead body of the victim in a PVP zone". Not very friendly that one!

    3.1.3 The
    value, on successful completion of the vendetta certain monies will be paid to certain parties. All vendettas do not require payment, this could just be a competition between societies or groups of loose affiliation.

    3.1.4 The duration. See 3.3 for details.

    3.2 Types of Vendetta.

    3.2.1 The Individual Vendetta.
    An avatar is chosen as the target, the first player to record an assassination wins. In this game there is no need for the victim to even know they are playing.

    3.2.2 The Group Vendetta.
    Several avatars are chosen as targets, possibly an entire society, the winner is the surviving player who records the most kills. Again the victims do not need to know they are playing.

    3.2.3 Two or more group Vendetta.

    A number of groups compete to wipe out all the other groups. The winners are the surviving members of the only remaining group. A group may be a society or a group of loose affiliation.

    3.2.4 Kill the Boss.
    This is similar to 3.2.3 except that each group nominates a boss, the boss is the target of all other groups involved, other members of the group are required to defend the boss from assassination by taking out the assassins before they get to the boss. This Vendetta concludes when there is only one boss left.

    3.2.5 The Ring of Assassins.
    This one can get a bit complex and needs to be coordinated by an individual know as the Master of Assassins. In this game no one knows who else is playing, each player is assigned a target, each player is also the target of an unknown assassin. When a player successfully assassinates another player they are assigned the target of the player they assassinated. The winner is the last one alive. This is a game of stealth and deceit. When a screen shot is captured in this game it is necessary to PM it to the Master of Assassins so that the kill can be confirmed, the image is then edited to remove any traces of who took it before being posted by the Master of Assassins. The Master of Assassins would then inform the successful assassin who there next target is and the victim of their demise. It is possible that an assassination my be disallowed because the assassin has already been assassinated and does not know it yet as the Master of Assassins has not had the opportunity to edit and post previous kills.

    3.3 Duration.
    Vendettas can have a time limit or be completely open ended.

    3.3.1 Limited Vendetta.
    A limited vendetta can expire at a certain time, for example a vendetta can be initiated to start Friday midnight and be limited to just one or two days. In the event that that there is no conclusion by a certain time and a conclusion is required, surviving individuals could fight it out in a PVP zone.

    3.3.2 Open Ended Vendetta.
    An open ended Vendetta runs until completed, this will be going on alongside your usual Calypso activities, with you taking advantage of sightings etc. beware, others will be doing the same!

    3.3.2 Combination Vendetta.
    This is a combination of both of the above, The Vendetta is open ended but a hit can be made only on certain days of the week or between certain hours of each day.
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  2. Absolutely no comments about the rules, could be indicative of one of two things:-

    1) There is absolutely zero interest (I hope that is not the case).

    2) No one can see anything wrong with them. (Extremely unlikely).

    The logical next step seems to me to be to test the rules in a real situation. To this end I call for volunteers.

    If you would like to participate please post here before 1800 MA on 18-04-08.

    Once I know how many want to test this I will choose a suitable vendetta.

    Thank you.
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  3. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    I had so much fun time last time being "vendetta'd" I'll offer myself up for sacrifice again.

    Only this time, open season on me should be for a week instead of one day and I get the prize if I survive and No, I won't just stay logged off for the whole week either. I know, I'm a glutton for punishment.

    There, Chela, that ought to pull in a number of assassins.
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  4. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I thought the rules looked pretty good so didn't comment.

    And count me in for Canley - it sounds like fun. :D
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  5. Thank you for your vote of confidence :).
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  6. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    :-) You are quite welcome! Your purpose is your vote of confidence.
  7. :Dlooks good to me :D
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  8. Thanks Cantbe :)

    Are you volunteering by any chance?
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  9. Not much uptake and with the deadline (excuse the pun) rapidly approaching I guess it's time to put my money where my mouth is :).

    The type of contest has yet to be decided as it depends on the number of entrants. The total purse will be 100PED (donated by me) which will be divided between the successful assassins in accordance with the terms of the vendetta.

    Hope this generates a bit more interest.
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  10. yes, was late when i posted :D
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  11. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    :-) Ahem. when he or she posted might have been.
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  12. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Ahem, 100 peds from me to anyone who brings me the head of TalkerBot!!!!
    Annoying bot.

    Oh, also I volunteer Bunny as a Canley participant (victim) although I will not participate in hunting her for obvious reasons.
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  13. You're just scared of her skillet :-)

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  14. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I'm sure she will chase me with the skillet for volunteering her. :hehe:
    No, I meant I won't hunt her because I could know where she is located by looking at her comp screen.
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  15. Think you can count me in as well, even as a test victim :)

    only thing for me to buy now is a scanner, or to whipe the dust from my Valor.
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  16. I´m a bit late.
    Count me in as what you want ,
    my main problem atm is i have to break alot of times .
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  17. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

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  18. I have been thinking about this and I don't see why you should not be able to hunt each other you can both see the others screen, so you both have the same advantage and disadvantage, from where I sit it balances out.

    If this is OK with the both of you then I will include you both as assassins?

    (A 2nd skillet may prove useful though :)).
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  19. Oh my so many rules! Will I be able to remember all these should I choose to play? Hmmm, but seriously Kudos to you good job on coming up with this great idea. Always good to find new ways to make EU more interesting and worthwhile.
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  20. Hi Yanick,

    Don't think we have spoken before, nice to hear from you :).

    I know the rules look a bit daunting for an EU event but they are not really that complicated, most of them describe what is required in a screen shot. Having come form the generation of FRP games with tomes of rules and stats. these seem fairly simple.

    Hope you do decide to participate, the purpose of this second vendetta is to test the rules and having an uncertainty of them helps to do just that :).

    Please let me know soon so I can decide which game we will be playing.
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