The Panama Files Leak (2016)

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    The most interesting this is to the German government and others like it who don't mind using criminal methods themselves for hunting down tax evaders. That aside, why journalists take it upon themselves to delve into criminal investigations which belong in the hands of authorities is beyond me. Some chatter about this is beginnig to appear in German-language regime-critical and libertarian sites. I haven't made up my mind what to think of the "global elites" stuff.
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  2. Full list going to be released in may :) Now evil-rich-fooks have time to go to police and "say sorry". ^^

    There is no other way to point fingers at evil-rich-fooks and make em "suffer". Which is the sadest part at this story.
    Maybe there are non-guilty people involved, maybe not, but I like such leaks, ty, world of computers.
    Adds some spice to the soup. Lesson learned. ;)

    German media is one of the last ones where you wont get silenced, imprisoned or beheaded, if you speak your mind in public.
    So maybe thats why the leaker was choosing germany. Nothing wrong with that.

    In germany we have a saying "Ignorance is no excuse in law"
    And if you have pumped millions of dollars into a panama fond / shell firm to "help poor kids",or "create your own Tesla car", you didnt try hard enough looking for other options. My opinion.

    Hail for modern Robin Hoods, as said, there is no other way...which is sad...
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    "Sweden to investigate
    Posted at11:23

    Sweden's tax authority has said it will ask news organisations for documents leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca to see if they contain information about tax evasion.

    The documents include the names of between 400 and 500 Swedes, according to Swedish TV.

    We will request access to see if these persons have accounted for taxes in Sweden or not. If they haven't we will launch investigations.

    Skatteverket [Swedish tax agency] spokesperson"

    In total is reported to be 2.6 TB of leaked information :o, guess a lot of wealthy people not sleeping to well at the moment.
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    There's also information about the Ukranian president, who has been stuffing away his money on tax havens while his country was borrowing money to support the war.

    Incidentally, Holland has a referendum about some EU "cooperation pact" with Ukraine on Wednesday. Dutch state TV (who blatantly support whatever Labour tells them to support, and are less neutral in their reporting than Fox News is) called it "poor timing" to release this information.
  5. The real problem behind all of this is actually taxation. We all hate paying tax and in all reality a significant amount of our hard earned tax monies are squandered by national governments on ludicrous projects and schemes that never work.
    Most people know how to set up offshore companies - they aren't difficult and finding nominee directors is really easy and cheap. However not all of us can arrange our affairs to take advantage of offshore structures - a good offshore structure is not cheap to set up, and then there is the transferrance of assets required to enable to structure to work. An offshore company is no good if its just empty!
    The ones we really need to look at - if a witch hunt is to start are essentially the banks and the firms of accountants who sell these structures. The rich, no matter how rich they are never have these ideas for themselves - they are all sold a scheme.
  6. Cosimo ! x'D
  7. Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson gone
  8. Leaked documents usually have some blackened lines of text, to protect the innocent. :rofl:
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    Hardly news, its whats been going on for over 200 years. If it embarasses some corrupt politicians & famous people then great, but none will go to jail for tax evasion. It never happens, the worst that will happen is they'lll have to pay some money back.

    There was a slogan in 2010 to fix the UK's dire financial position after bailing out the banks in 2008. "We are all in it together".

    The biggest load of horseshit I've ever heard some millionaire Chancellor of the Exchequer ever say.

    Anyway, thats enough politics from me for one night. :)
  10. "You have to be an idiot to stash money in Panama" - even chavistas know that. :D

    That guy is clearly wrong on some points but nevertheless provides a good overview of the big picture.
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  11. No one is stashing money in Panama - this is just the use of Panama lawyers and potential tax shelters
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    I don't think MA have enough moolah to need to keep it elsewhere.
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