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  1. This is a game. If you have 10 PED, obviously that means you have 1 Dollar USD. Now, compare, what are things you can buy with 10 PED and $1? You may switch this around and instead of using 1 PED you can use 5, 43, 266 PED or whatever you like. I'll lead...

    1,819,000 PED can buy you and 35 other friends hangars.
    1,819,000 PED can also buy you a 2010 Toyota Corolla.
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  2. I like to think of it like: 10 ped is $1 is about 50p.
    50p is a bag of chips, or 2 goes on a fruit machine. The latter lasts about 20 seconds.
    On EU 10 PED could buy a few hours of play
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  3. You think of it as pounds huh? OK, I would too if I weren't here (hint, most of you will pick it up, most won't, i don't care)
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    Yup. Too much thinking makes me sleepy. What would make you if he or she were not here hint most of you will pick it up most will not he or she do not care? Mmm.
  5. For me it is like this: 10 ped is $1 is about 0,8 Euro.
    You can buy 4 biscuits or 40g salami or 4L water in bottles or 4 kWh electricity.
    50$ is about 40 Euros , you can have 2 month of a DSL flat incl. local phone flat or you can go 4 times to the cinema or with 2 persons into a restaurant or you can actively play EU with my avatar for roundabout one evening (5-6 hours ) :)
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  6. Ah I see now! LOL

    31,053 PED will buy you an 'Access Virus TI2 Keyboard Synthesiser'

    Drool - I wish I had 31,053 PED
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  7. Very good!
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