The new Tier System [My Opinion]

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Knuckles, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. So should I understand this like: I need another Niflheim Unlimited, to get a Niflheim Tier 1?
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    As I read it .. yes ... gl upgrading
  3. So all those "globals" about people reaching tier X in X items, upgrade their items with an extra item??? :openmouth:
  4. CycoKick

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    Nope L do it automaticaly...

    But I just realised when It breaks i need to manually reget the tiers on the next L item, so I never reach tier 10 before it breaks...

    Thats fucked up, I thought once u got it unlocked u got it unlocked..

    Ima buy 10 maddox IV and see if i can get it to tier 10 :D Might be one mighty fucking gun then :D
  5. Massive differences on some (L) item's tier increase rate.

  6. I have to agree that this is the most ridiculous update I have seen yet.

    The drop in loot return almost 2years ago was bad enough, when loot went from a bad run with a return of 70% to the massive drop of 30% after the update.

    I also got a ul item up to 0.09 in the tier system. Same message and same amount of shock when seeing I had to get another one with a risk of loosing the one I already have.

    I really don't follow the logic with this move.

    There are tons of old things that need to be fixed and reinstated into game and now we get this tier thing.

    I never thought from the day I started EU that I would want to leave the game but at this point the market has dropped like crazy and it seems that unless you are rich it's almost pointless to even play EU.

    The fun of this game is slipping away almost daily now and to be honest I have looked at EU as an investment because I'm going to play some game and I like EU because I felt I was being able to increase my own investment in the game and have something to show for it in the long run.

    I use to tell people to sign up for accounts to try it out, see if they like it and to show them that at the end of it all you would get something back. I don't tell people about EU anymore.
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  7. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    Originally Posted by Knuckles [​IMG]

    Really awesome system isnt it? I wish there was a feedback button on every VU with 3 Options...Yay, Nay, Fire Someone

    Knuckles, I want the "fire someone" button!!!

    This is a slap in the face! Its disgusting how they threat their customers.

    Who can risk to loose one nice item just to MAYBE upgrade another?

    did you also realize that if you sell your looted ammo you should be quite carefull not to sell less than 100 because you just loose it when its less than a pec?

    can be quite profitable for MA though.. ppl did get rich from stealing 0,05 pennys from bank transactions..

    why was all this necessary?
    why not fix some other bugs/issues first?

    why the fuck has this system to be so darn complicated and extremely expensive?

    would you like to enhance your bugged estate for 25k peds to get some music to your always robbed shop or appartment? maybe then this new update is also a good one for ya...
  8. The ammo pec thing goes both ways. You can pay "to little" for ammo for instance if you figure out the bulk prices for when its most favourable and then tt it back stacked for pec gain.

    But regarding the item..yes it is bullshit. I havent read on EF if Marco now knows is the 2nd item gets destroyed on a success but it seems very likely it that it does making every little tier upgrade even on a non uber gun costing 500-1000ped in matieral for level 1
  9. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    sorry, is that really what they have siad (i cant get EF from work)? thats even worse that i thought!!!. i gathered that you had 50% of success, if a success, then 95% of salvage. so on a click basis, 1 in 10 clicks could result in loss of the ingredient (im not great at maths, might have that the wrong way round and its 2.5%).

    its true, on reflection, if you dont want to upgrade then dont. so it doesnt really matter. however, why bother then with a system no one will use? or is it just that UL really isnt liked. why not just reimburse and get rid?
  10. Marco was gonna ask MindArk today if the 2nd item is lost on a upgrade success since he didnt know yesterday. Normal work hours is soon over in Sweden with still no answer so its looking pretty dark...

    I truly hope the 2nd item is part of the salvage % but when you think about it. When was the last time a ingredient came back on a success in crafting for instance? You only get some back on a near success...

    In my opinion the unlimited items should tier up for free just like the L or atleast get rid of the idiotic 2nd item and cut the components and ores needed down by 50-80%. I mean...its not free to just shoot it from 0 to 1...With the ammobug yesterday I lost somewhere around 150ped extra unlocking the tier 1 availability. Isnt that punishment enough?
  11. MA probably won't take his call......:bigsmile:
  12. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    its clear thats the intention from the grpahic, and i cant believe noon in a meeting asked the question already. he's going back to MA to see if they will change it as they've dropped a bollock.

    this is just the end of a long line of conflicts in their design strategy. why release Opalo then restrict amps? then introduce L items with better than ubers stats for mid range? why provide super faps but put stupid skill requirements? why ask us to pay for armour equip and apply a delay? why drop (slightly) improved SGA unlimited items after spending years not dropping UL items at all? now we have an upgrade system that no bugger can dare use unless on their opalo or un-eco crafted weapons. why do a skill nerf one year then have skill bonus periods the next?
  13. There was too many people farming with it losing less than what MindArk needed to earn per hour. For instance I saw Woodie I think his name was farming with Opalo for weeks on Drones despite owning a Imk3 at the time

    Balancing to try and get people to stay ingame instead of quitting when they realize they gotta pay 25k for a Strikehammer to get decent DPS

    They thought people would complain less about the uber faps and they probably thought lvl 60+ paramedic was a viable requirement:handjob:

    To stop a few people from trying to crash Port Atlantis by having their alts equip their clothes and armor several times a second nonstop to bring down the server

    For a "DEPOSIT NOW,HUGE LOOTS!" factor. I've had a hard time getting globals compared to before so I am personally glad it ends soon

    Several people (most of them from Warants) chipped up their skills to unlock Kill Strike fast and cheap. 1250ped tt of LWT for 9000ped giving 2x the amount it does today and not to mention other skills.

    They were simply maxing the system to fast and to easy. If those selected few hadnt gone overboard chipping the nerf wouldnt have been so severe

    If I would have eaten a 1250ped tt LWT chip at the time I would have gone from 8000 to 14000ish. Now almost 3 years later I would be lucky if 1250ped LWT takes me to 12200 and mind you I am at 11k+ lwt. This is my punishment for not chipping and using BLP for quite some time when LWT was at the fastest speed:poke:
  14. The CEO of Planet Partners should call a boardmeeting, A.S.A.P.:coffee:

    BTW, whos bright idea was this? Which single individual thought of this?

    Give your clients , in the least, a VOTE on such matters? Listen to them please, I implore you.

    People dont mind paying to have fun, I know cos I did. But if you remove the fun factor, with ridiculous overpricing, and money milking tricks, trough software adjustments, what do you think people will do then? Also the wealthy dont like wasting liquid assets. These methods implimented is NOT Marketting and fall under "gangesterism" practices.

    Mindark & Planet Partners should focus on marketting the product via the media at this stage, classy and proffesionally. Is it not obvious to you , as it is to all here, that you may have neglected that part? Mainstream Media People! More accounts, more depositors. But Fun-Fun_Fun, OK? It is still a game. A pleasant experience. Youre dealing with people, also emotions involved. Person behind every ava right?

    Why focus on securing every ped? Gaining as much as fast possible? Ist such an implimentation a bit too early?

    Keep It Simple Stupid "K.I.S.S."
  15. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    oh i understand the individual reasons. the point is the lurch one way.... whoa too much, adjust... lurch the other way... whoa, too much... etc. in isolation many make sence, but together they point to disharmony in the balance and design dpartment. theres no clear strategy, just great idea, lets deploy it! for example they should have acted to put more good UL items out there when the market price started getting silly (i shudder that i think current SH price is "cheap") so that L wasnt necessary. but the L items are out there and some are so stupidly cheap they screw the economy. go back to the opalo, i thought the amp restriction was the best thing, i was tired using the opalo (stuck in eco but low-mid level zone) and it forced me out into proper weapons and more substantial mobs (*hunting* rather than grinding). but then a couple of months later, the K400 L comes along and creates exactly the same problem: if you dont use it you are behind the curve. they didnt learn. its as is from time to time one internal group/manager gets the upper hand in discussion and their vision and decsions hold for a while. this happens in companies, its natrual, but to the customer the effects should be negated by an overriding long term strategy that overrules certain ideas that are out of scope for the time. its not just hunting balance its thing like story lines, wierd crap drops thats meaingless, the egg (though im in no doubt that hatched for ND and good luck to him), ter's mythical item, Merry Mayhem with deliberate exlusion of majority while having tiers as a sop to lower levels (why not have deeds drop randomly?), placing TPs miles from LAs, redesigning the whole planet with no attention to history and wtf is the golf course about? etc.
  16. Second Item does not get consumed on a success. See if only they would have said this from the start...

    Not tested that 1st hand but expect me I will do that really soon:afro:
  17. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    i never thought that would be the case anyway. but theres still the 95% salvage rate thing, a 1:20 chance you will lose the second item. anything other than 0% chance of loss is unacceptable. it would be difficult enough to obtain a second item, so that needs to be removed too. i dont mind there being a cost, losing the materials to upgrade seems inevitable and makes sence.

    EDIT: it seems the item is fully returned upon a success. however, if some proffesion check isnt met and you attempt anyway without success, you do lose the second item. too complicated.
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Whoops, ignore me.
  19. Well we had to find out. Marco couldnt answer if the 2nd item got lost on a success and he could only promise the 1st item back in any scenario. He did say the ingredients would be consumed so thats what made me uncertain if the gun is kept or not on a success

    This makes more sense but I was afraid that the 2nd item would get consumed due to the fact that its a "ingredient" but its still stupid to demand a 2nd item in the process...
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