The new AG UL swords ... ?

Discussion in 'Items' started by Lucky_A, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Wondering about the new AG UL swords announced with the latest VU ...

    "The Hero’s Sword, Philosopher’s Sword and Archon’s Sword are new craftable, unlimited swords into the Crafting loot.They’re usable in Ancient Greece, and they’re a nice step up from the falcata you’ve been using"

    All armor BPs were discovered, yet not a single new weap BP :confused: ... I did plenty of weap clicks, got many of the previous BPs but none of the new ones :(

    Now I wonder ... have those new BPs really been added to the loot pool ? Or even worse, are they lootable only by crafting NI weaps released in the previous VU ?? ... in which case will be a looooonnnggg time till any1 discovers one :D
  2. I bet they are the stupid 50% condition if they are ul :/

  3. One week past almost, none of those UL swords discovered :( ... are you sure u didn't "forgot" to add them ?
  4. Well, at least one BP was discovered - the Philosopher's sword, but surprise ... it requires Cyclop Head (quite many of them :) ) - an item that is not yet in the loot pool :D ... so... no Philosopher's sword till they add the cyclop heads :)

    This BP seems to be a very rare drop and cost per click TT wise is quite high, over 5 ped, so can only wonder about the end product ... hope is worth the waiting ;)
  5. It's a UL sword above the usual TT stuff, so chances are it will be rare - MA wouldn't have it otherwise, since the low end but really high TT UL SIB swords that we have so far would be deemed worthless in a day.

    If it was me crafting them, i'd be sure to add a ton of residue...
  6. why add res if it's ul swords?
  7. Because of the 50% min TT that MA wants on almost all UL SIB items above TT level, and because we have no idea yet about the swords TT value.
  8. :D
    UL items can be repaired at trade terminal even if they are bellow min usable TT ;)
    Costed me 1K peds to prove that :)
  9. lol, fair point.
  10. UL does not mean SIB UL. It can be non-SIB UL like any Kat-Determination, or cleric Dagger 1A, Killian Longsword.
  11. Precisely my fear :cautious: ... aanouncement said would be a step-up from the tt swords we were using - if those are non-SIB would mean a huge "step down" :thumbsdown: ... but hard to believe they would do that, especially now that the tendency is to make everything SIB, even over lvl 100 :)
  12. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    I just seen the Philosopher’s Sword being discovered in game
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