The Netherlands 1st at declaring lootboxes as illegal...asking developers for changes

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    I don't have much to argue against all this, and I'm not motivated to because much is correct. The service is horrible and overpriced and they are very resistant to learning. Only two things: Authorities are vicious, they are sometimes a tool which can be abused, and I trust them even less than I trust a company out to make a profit. The other is, I never bought the lie from the start and I just can't grok the people who did, only to get disappointed. I don't call them stupid, I genuinely don't understand them.

    Edit: Being on the same side as them in this context means, that both you and the company know, and both know that the other one knows, that if what they do was declared as illegal gambling, it would cease to exist and you could no longer be a part of it. You would be on the opposite side if you quit being a customer before that happens, or never became a customer because of it. But if I understand you correctly you said you are still a customer, despite its shortcomings. Therefore I find this stance a little bit inconsequential. Please don't take this personal, it addresses everybody who keeps complaining but for some reason can't quit. We are in the same boat with them for as long as we choose our journey to last.
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  2. So, I've actually read the damn report (ENG PDF-Alert).

    I'll also include the 2 relevant news postings from the Dutch Gambling Authority.

    One, Two (Dutch).

    Basically, MA's lootboxes tick most/ all the wrong boxes according the the Kansspelauthoriteit. Eg.:

    • the items can be sold for real money (Ring/ Name tags/ Pets = PED = USD)
    • there's a chance element
    • players pay for boxes
    • rewards are random
    • can be addictive
    • consumer cannot influence the outcome
    • integral elements that are similar to slot machines (visual and sound effect)
    • in-game goods are always obtained when these loot boxes are opened and..
    • ability to keep opening loot boxes quickly one after the other
    Shamefully copied and checked from this post

    I've spoken to a person within this organization. She told me she has never heard of Entropia.

    She told me they were eyeing the bigger games. CS:GO yadiyadiya...

    The Dutch Gambling Authority can enforce fines if organizations are found not compliant with the law. If, at long last, that doesn't help (maximum fine is EUR 830.000, -) they will ask Public Prosecuters to enforce Public Law.

    Due to her limited knowledge of Entropia, the fact that it has a small user base and no one of her colleagues even knew what is was, Entropia is definitely NOT on the scope of the Authority. Yet. However, if you feel inclined to do so, you can always file a complaint. That was the tip she gave me. Quote: "With enough complaints there would certainly be .... " .. you can fill the rest in.


    1 - Press release dated april 2018: Certain loot boxes contravene gaming laws (ENG PDF-Alert)
    2 - Q&A Concerning questions surrounding the study (Dutch).

    Edit 1 Added press release
    Edit 2 Added Q&A
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  3. I don’t feel inclined to file a complaint because I hardly play now and have only once bought a few loot boxes but with my eyes wide open to potential risks (gambling addiction, likely poor value).

    Let’s face it the entire game is or at least was addictive and you were prepared to lose money for the entertainment value.

    So, who would stick the knife in MindArk’s back over this issue?

    Either someone with a grudge or someone who has lost a ton of money addictively buying boxes?

    I think MindArk will escape any penalty regarding this issue though they may quietly phase them out if their finances allow that.
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    Noooo.... just anyone with a Swedish IP address. Did I mention about the IP addresses? Oh right, well indeed yes anyhow no one with a Swedish IP address can get the keys any more right? A Swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IP address.... got it?
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    (I'm sorry I may have been drinking)
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