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    It is said that throughout the universe, life holds a mystery of silent death. It is also said, that in space, nobody can hear you scream, but there are those who have left this universal realm that have unfinished business, and haunt our worlds in search of answers, or the sticky taste of bloody revenge.

    The first Haunted House was revealed in October 2008, where rumor had it, there was a master of creatures who dwelt within the darkness that could never be penetrated by the light of the sun, seeking to appease his insatiable hunger on the local community. King GonG, The Lord of Darkness, was inviting all to join and challenge themselves to the horrors that were awaiting them.


    Not too long after the invite, many fell prey to the Dark Lord, and mighty heroes from far and wide came to the Dark Lord’s manor and freed the souls of those captive. The Dark Lord’s power, broken and shattered, fled as the mighty brave men and women purified the sanctum of his realm with the light of hope and courage.

    A year had passed where the name of the Dark Lord was never spoken of again, but through the communication channels of the universe, word spread of a Haunted Castle on Treasure Island. Nobody at the time put any thought to it, until the time came when the Dark Lord GonG sent out his minions on October 25, 2009 to invite one and all to his new location in an attempt to draw in the curious, and feed upon their dreams and desires once more.

    Yet again, the Lord of Darkness had taken his fill from the brave and virtuous, but not long after, was conquered and laid to rest within a secret tomb on Calypso, never to be spoken of again.


    Hosted for the third time, the Skillin’ Villains society is opening the doors to “The Devil’s Den,” a haunted location based on Arkadia. They have said that there are horrors awaiting those who dare to enter, and within the shadows, lurks more than just a ghost or ghoul to be wary of. You will have to seek deep within yourself to find the courage to walk a maze of unwinding horrors, and in the end, find yourself alone in the presence of something far worse.


    According to reports, the location of this madness is at Celeste Harbour North 16 – Level 1. The ancient scrolls that Skillin’ Villains had deciphered and decoded states that the doors to this darkness will be opened from October 21, 2012 until Halloween, October 31, 2012.

    The door to your freedom within this realm of supernatural falls farther away with every step you take to discover the mysteries that lie within. However, be forewarned, you will be consumed, not only on an emotional level, but find yourself mentally challenged, as every inch of this location will try to take you farther into an abyss, and ultimately absorb you where you will become another member of its ranking legion.


    It would be goulish of you to be late!

    You can find more information about “The Devil’s Den” and the Skillin’ Villains Haunted House here.

    Also, there will be live DJ shows presented by the following:
    • Oct 25th — 15:00 MA time — DJ @Alainax (Atlas Haven Radio)
    • Oct 28th — 18:00 MA time — DJ Cyborg Bill (Normandie Radio)
    • Oct 28th — 21:00 MA time — DJ @Isclay (Normandie Radio)
    • Oct 31st — 00:00 MA time — DJ @RavenJade (Atlas Haven Radio)
    • ———- most appropriate to have this ^ DJ on Halloween
    There may be more added, so be sure to check the “Daily HEADS UP” for any updates.

    Written by @Syer
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