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The last withdrawal...

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. Why ?
    Probably because I sold nearly all of my items in a bulk-sale to 1 female avatar and also got traded the remaining PEDs by my gf's avatar, as she also decided to stop playing long ago. She had less then 500 ped left.

    When I sold many skills in bulk cheap to another avatar before my last withdrawal, no questions got asked.
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I'm curious to find out whether I'll get the same question. I sold a bunch of stuff from my storage and threw it in auction.

    But shouldn't MindArk's extensive logs allow them to figure out where your PEDs came from? This seems really weird that they start asking questions.
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  3. Maybe for security reasons ? McCormick "suddenly" selling all items ? ;D

    I explained it...and got this...


    Hi McCormick,
    Thank you for your reply.

    We appreciate the explanation and your withdrawal will be sent out when it's your turn.

    Take care and best of luck.

    Kind regards,
    Jasper | Entropia Universe Support


    withdrawal meme 2.
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  4. :D so since it was on hold for 45 days cause of open questions its now released into the queue of 3 month or do they process it by date of creation - first in first out now? :D
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  5. Ill keep you updated .)
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    This is quite worrying. Do you think maybe the sky is finally falling?

    That said I noticed the CLD payout has been quite high lately.
  7. I got mail.

    Status: Commited

    Shall arrive within 5-7 business days,depending on the bank.

    It has arrived.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2020
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  8. chicken dinner!
  9. San


    Congratulations. Now you are a free man again.
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    all very odd. You'd think after all these years MA would have done something to streamline the withdraw process to not be stupid long... but I guess it isn't in their interests. I does have an impact though, if people could cash out easily it would make the market much more liquid, we wouldn't have so much hoarding and perpetual inflation.
  11. Ya, I know of a lot of avatars that never logged in again...hoarding items worth ten thousands of dollars, inlcuding classic improved items.
  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yup all that stuff wasted.
  13. Others recieving these emails as well now. Also longtime players and landarea owners.
  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I received a mail stating my withdrawal was committed. I was not asked to provide further proof of where the PEDs came from.
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  15. buy 3 for 3.
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