The inventory calculator (incredible new tool) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Entropia Tools' started by dendricala, Sep 27, 2010.

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  3. we are close to a new update for this nice tool
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  15. 08 Feb 2012

    you can found now the Save Log Option


    whatver you are using the storage calculator or the compare function you can export the results in excel, with all the generated info iside like name, tt value, MV and location.
    Pls let me know if you found any bug in using it.

    Note: before to press the option Save Log, give some second to the software to generate the full item list.​
  16. Hi,

    This I got:
    After a few tries it worked (guess I was to fast) and I see some items in the item category that I don't have, for sure, and that don't show in my entropiabay.invcalc.

    Great idea, very useful, iron out the bugs and earn the deserved REP. Mine you got already, thx a lot, good job!

    Have a good time!

    Edit: In case you'd like to have real data, pm me. I can send you the initial data (.txt from the EU main site) and the .xls resulting.
  17. yes pls can you email me the .txt and .xls? in your PM my email
  18. Hi,

    Looks like it was server hiccup, yesterday. Today all is fine.

    Unfortunately I hadn't saved the "InventoryLog.xls", so these strange data are lost.
    Shame on me :/ As far as I remember there was some crazy RT items in it, and stuff in storage on Calypso and RT - seems I got the data of somebody else.

    Sorry, cannot help anymore :/

    But I checked the results again, a hint for people with a system language other then English:
    You might need to use "English" as language when importing, else the number values might get scrambled: the rest of the world (tm) is using commas instead of dos as delimiters, i.e. "0,75 PED" instead of "0.75 PED".

    Another funny hint for the users: change the file name to "InventoryLog.html", open it in your browser, and enjoy a nicely formatted table ;-)

    Have a good time!

    Edit: Sorry, in the last paragraph I formulated in a misleading way. I added some words for clarification, these are in italics.
  19. well the idea was to open it in excel so people can handle it and work with it...............................
  20. Hello since now you "should" be able to calculate the location of your items and then selected deselect any location (dunno why but the picture is bad, click on it pls)


    it s also build to show next island, cyrene and any new locating possible.

    Next update: detach all!!!!
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