The inventory calculator (incredible new tool) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. 02oct2010 Update: Now the tool is also Storage Compare

    I m very happy to present you our last work:​

    Ok, maybe you remember the inventory calculator of entropiatools, or Stickynote or Inventory TreeView....ok, now just forget about them, this is some totally different.

    How it works????


    For the first time ever your data are sorted by categories (1) so you have Armors and their subcategories, Weapons and their subcategories etcetc. For Each category and subcategory and item you will get tt value, total value=tt+MV (1). You will get the total tt and tt+mv value of your avatar (2 right) and the relative one (2 left-we will discuss about this after). For the itemd in carried, TODO, and storage (calypso, rocktropia, cp, cyrene?) you will get the exact tt, tt+ MV and number of items. For the (4) i guess is evident his function.


    You can open the different categories and subcategories independently (5) . In case you can decide to not be interested about some categories or subcategories and you can uncheck them (6,7). In this case this will modify your relative avatar value (8 left side vs 2 left side).


    For your commodity you can select and deselect any containers (9) that ofc this will affect your relative avatar value (10) but, more important, it will impact on the value of each directory and subdirectory (11) where just the selected containers will be shown (11 vs 5).


    Take a look to the Mineral Ingot subcategory (12). It will show the tt value plus the TT+MV. The tt and MV and tt+MV of each item (12). With the checkboxes containers (13) you can selec what to analyze: carried, TODO or storage: calypso, rocktropia, cp, next island? cyrene? etcetc. The (14) is still not clear? ok, it sorts your items by total value and it create Value Ranges for you items. You can see their values, tt+MV and also the amount.

    Moreover whatever item name you will click on, you will be sent to the relative AuctionData info, probably the most advanced market value tracker and analyzer of the Kosmos.

    This is still a beta version, many modifies are already on the paper, we are waiting for your comments, suggestion ad critics.

    The EntropiaBay Team

    Advanced Tools for Advanced Players​

    we add the possibility to search by item name
    you can now edit the MV according with you own data
    we have implemented the sorting option, this mean that over time you will found less unknown items

    28aug2011:UPDATE: item in alphabet order; MV from all planets
    08Feb2012: Export you log to excel
    10feb2012:filters containers updated
    26march2012: Detach All
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  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    After I just wrote you I see I was wrong, and that you can indeed select the items!

    Great work ^-^ and definitely a tool I will use!
  3. thx i really hope everybody will use it :-P

  4. cool, any critics and suggestions????
  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Looks great and works great to, but what I really miss is links to our wiki in there.
    I'd say a little clickable icon next to the selection box would be cool :D.

    Let me know if you need any help setting it up.
  6. I guess i will wait until i will see more from your side before :-P
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  7. Blackjack

    Blackjack Who? Me?!!!

    This kicks ass!!! It's what I was looking for and then some! The old inventory calculator was something I didnt use very often, but it was invaluable when I needed it, this tool however has taken it to whole new level! I see myself using this on a regular basis. As for suggestions, I would agree about the wiki link idea, that would also be handy. Another idea is maybe an integrated utility that would allow you to save the data to a folder on your hard drive and then use those data snapshots to create a graph showing value history for total or partial inventory. This way you could easily track market value changes and trends for things like complete armor sets and rare items.

    Thank you very much for your hard work on this!!!

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  8. Hello i m very happy do you love it, beacause we put on it a lot of efforts. We dind t make just a tool we made some that we would enjoy to use like players. For this we have a lot of new options inside, them were some that we were looking since a lot of time.

    About the wiki link. I guess is clear that this technically is not an issue, but it s complicated from a relationship point of view. The EP wiki is nice but Entropedia is more complited. The EP wiki plan to add some more funtionalities but the eu players already use many of the entropedia tools. So for me is complicated say i go with this and not with this other. I would say that i will implement this when i will be sure that entropiabay can gain as much as possible pubblicity and evidence from this crosslink........ (it s clear guys??)

    About the save option. OK we don t plan to make a classical save option this because you can always save your items list with a simple blocknote. At the contrary we are more thinking about a report, some that give you just an overview of your inventory. An alternative could be to leave you the possibility to choice what to save....... dunno. In any case this is in our to do list. I will let you know.

  9. Ido


    :D Its great everyone likes the new tool ... I made special optimizations that speed up the operation greatly and put all the competition far behind :)

    I hope using this tool and many other to come will become the daily activity of most entropians :)

  10. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Awesome Ido ... and hello btw! :wave: Nice to see you around these parts. :hug:

  11. SOmeone just need to send him the link...................
  12. hello
    now our tool is also storage compare, this mean that you can paste your item list before and after a run and you will obtain a list of the gain and lost :-)
    i hope you can enjoy it :-P
  13. little bumppppppp
  14. Derid

    Derid Lost Newbie

    Love these inv calcs! Base half my playing around them :)

    Btw, im at work and my manager just laughed at me when I told him I was busy looking at game forums when he wanted help so can't test it out.

    Does it handle Vibrant Sweat?
  15. i think so :-)
  16. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    I tried it out and must say it looks VERY promising. Great Work!

    Just one thing I stumbled across was the market value. In my example market value of black paint. It calculated over 2000% while the market value of black is around 1000% for a long time allready.

    I checked it at the auction data and saw day, week, month is all at about 1000% but the first column "Last 50" shows over 2000%. Maybe that one is not so good to take for this. Better make an average of day/week/month to determine the market value. Last year, year and ages ago doesnt really count/matter.
  17. a couple of screenshoots? because the tool is supposed to use the last 50 MV by default.......
  18. little bumppppppppppppppppp
  19. little bump
  20. little bump
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