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The Great Entropia Games l Preliminary thread

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Meculus, Dec 15, 2010.

Would you like to have an "Olympic" event to reward the many talents of Entropians?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I've been brewing an idea for some time now of creating an "Olympics" for Entropia. I've done events involving hunting, mining, PVP, racing, search and find as well as a plethora of spontaneous and random events as an excuse to give away the occasional CB5 or 2 in Port Atlantis. So it's about time I put all this together for 1 massive multifaceted event. I do of course have my plans laid out, and will be soliciting planet partners to really make this a sensational intergalactic event that spans our rapidly growing universe. This will happen down the road a bit after we have a larger stock of planets and hopefully supplemented with an upgraded event system (as promised by MA). The large network of people in all trades I have come to know will be utilized to its fullest extent to make this an event where beginners can make a name for themselves, and veterans can truly show their talents.

    In pursuit of maximum preparation, and idea building I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on the subject. I'm open to all ideas, and criticisms of course, though the goal here is to really pool your thoughts so I can bring the best thing possible to the community in the end.

    What would you like to see in "The Great Entropia Games"?

    Furthermore I've added a poll to this thread, I hope to use this to show the planet partners how much their cooperation will be appreciated, so please cast your vote as well as your thoughts on the subject.

    This will most likely be 6-12 months out, the best events are the most well planned in my opinion, thus this thread ;)

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Well terrific idea this sounds very fun indeed.

    I’m assuming there is 3 winners just like in the real Olympic Gold,Silver,Bronze

    As far as Olympic events I would like to see are the following:

    1.) Crossing the channels: Swimming from one continent or the other first 3 people to make it to shore win. Maybe create some kind of structure as a finish line that way only 1 avatar can cross at a time so you can make sure who actually crosses first or not.
    2.) A hunt: The goal is to bring back a set amount of a certain quality animal mat. You can do this a team or individual and the first 3 to get it done win. Could be different animal parts for different skill lvls.
    3.) Catch the Thief: Give some pre-defined player a piece of equipment and instruct him to only roam around in a certain area while everyone tries to scramble to kill him and retrieve the stolen goods. Basic Hide and Go Seek. Could do 3 rounds for 3 different winners.
    4.) Defend the Territory: The goal would be the players have learned there will be an attack on a tribe/location/person. We need help defending! This could be a craft mission, ie “the tribe needs better equipment to help against the invasion, or combat. Either have an enemy RP group in or use NPCs. Have the battle planned out with results depending on how the players did, or duels or mass combat defeat the enemy.
    5.) Chase: The goal would be everyone is hiding from one uber player in a pre-defined area with boundaries the goal is to be the last player left alive. Or maybe a group of enemies or just 1 up to you really.
    6.) Tours: It’s kind of like a re-lay race you multiple locations for people to go and check in with a player to credit for coming to that player then race back to the finish line. First 3 players to do it win. Can be done on foot, boat, air, land vehicle or a mixture of these.
    7.) Dance/Feast/Party: The goal is to have a get together and include elements of areas of interest. Have a group organizing players decide on certain things and RP them often to add a sense of realism. Have different “sections”, different dance routines with songs or different courses.
    8.) Free Money: Drop a large some of PED on the ground while everyone is one area then release them to go find it. Can do this 3 times for the 3 winners. And dropping it 3 different locations and having them try to find all 3 sums of money is a good plan as well.
    9.) Battle Royale: Get everyone in an area then drop the gauntlet and let them kill each other off till there is a last man standing. Battle Royale pretty much enough said :P
    10.) Caravan: make a delivery through a dangerous area with no gear or weapons. Can decide winners by fastest time or crosses the finishes line 1st,2nd, 3rd
    11.) Troubador Event: Kind of like a poetry or song contest. Make a quartet and peform have a concert. Or have a story telling section with judges to decide the winner.
    12.) Costume Party: Just like it sounds have a panel decide the winners
    13.) Kidnapping: You or someone you know gets kidnapped go find him. First 3 players to find him/her wins.
    14.) Riddle Me This: Leave a few clues at places and lead people on a journey searching for something like Peds or items such as vehicles, equipment, resources etc…
    15.) Decorating Event: Best house, best shop awards for people who register. Form a commity and judge the topic places and see who is best and award them
    16.) Mining Fun: During this event, players collect a great amount of Ore and then drop the ore on the ground creating some kind of pre-defined pattern first 3 people to do it win.
    17.) Know Entropia: Ask about 20 (or whatever number)questions or so in chat preferable in a less populated area. The person who answers the most once the question are done wins. Or have the top 3 since you are doing Olympics.
    18.) Vehicle Relay: Basically choose a vehicle type and have teams of 4. Going from check point to check point dismounting and letting your teamate use the vehicle to go to the next check point till the 4th team crosses the finish line.
    19.) 3v3 Pvp: No explanation really needed.
    20.) Murder Mystery: No more than 10-15 players possibly 20 per round. They are allowed to wear whatever and will be attending a party. Your party host will be killed, and 1 player will become the killer. The player will be chosen as the guests are entering. He will be addressed to hold onto his weapons and armor (concealing them of course) Their armor can be kept, however it is recommeneded that you don’t for if you are seen in armor it kind of obvious you are “it”. During the party the GM (players will lay clues around that will reflect a certain type of player to blame. The players must find the clues, and determine what player it is. The “Killer” is free to kill as he pleases. At least 1 player must survive for 30 mins. The survivors must take their clues into consideration, and decide who remaining is the killer. If players don’t agree on a killer, a simple vote will be taken and who ever has the most suspicion will be taken away and killed. Remember, if you are wrong, you still have a killer among you and he is now free to slaughter you. If the killer mange’s to kill all the players the game is over and new round will start with a new Killer. For the killer to win he must kill everyone to win a prize. (Long to explain, but it is fun)

    Well I hope some of these ideas helped you out.
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  3. From event promoter to event promoter - good fucking luck is what I have to say.
  4. LOL, thanks m8 ;)
  5. Thanks for the contributions and votes so far everyone :)

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