The Earth's Axis has shifted

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  1. Just like many others, I've felt for some years that something not right is definitely happening with the climate; that the world has gone through and still is going through certain climatic upheavals. Increased earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, etc, and of course very recent events - the Siberian-like weather in north america, the increased flooding in western Europe, mega quakes in Indonesia and so on.
    Anyway, I was thinking about this earlier today whilst doing something technical and had the notion that maybe this was due to the earth having shifted over a number of years on its' axis, or angle of inclination to the sun. So I entered 'earth's angle of inclination has changed reason for bad weather' into Google and the very first entry at the top of the results list was called The Earth's Axis has shifted.
    Clicking on it took me to and some of what I read there (I didn't have time to read all of it...) was to my mind very credible - many may not agree with it and may have valid counter arguments, etc, but if just some of it is true, then we are in for a very bad time of it in the near future. The mainstay or key argument on this site is indeed, that the world has shifted on it's axis and that it did so over a number of years and that polar ice has been steadily melting or decreasing as a result - hence increased flooding and other things. Also, this shifting has not finished - it will continue till about 2020 and beyond, at which point most of the polar ice will have gone completely, meaning even more disruptive coastal flooding. >
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    Aren't we due for some sort of pole invert soon too? ie North to swap with South?
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  3. It does feel as though something is not right with earth right now floods here in the UK, snow in America how worse can it get. glad i don't live in Europe with all the protest that are going on.
    Any one heard of the corvettes being swallowed up by a sink hole a some thought it was a graboid.

    Going to watch the 2012 movie at the weekend
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  4. If what the site is saying is actually happening then I think this would mean a shift in the magnetic poles (N/S) but true North/South is the same, but not sure...
  5. Yer, sink holes is another thing that's been happening more often and it seems they're getting bigger - something to do with co2 combining with water that makes it acidic and erodes limestone, chalk, etc.
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