The Dragon King - The Battle for Te*lol*port tokens and ETH (Neverdie Studios) 26 March 2018

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Mar 25, 2018.

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    I would mention about Bernie Maddof.. But ohh I was called an idiot that time last year :). FOR THE RECORD that other forum DOES have 1 good piece of info for our new VR President McCormack. There is a tracker a good person posted (you wil have to find it) recently about the new moon deeds ( I own many rememeber ). It pays out like 1 pec (similar to conpet deeds, now totally shut down (well DONE haters it WAS a good game I don't care what you say about this and that but Compets the actual game was fun for those who ACTUALLY PLAYED IT and just not ''invested ''to put their kids through college'').

    Here is the thing no1 seems to understand. If ALL are investing ('' to put their kids through College'') in deeds and NO new players or no1 actually shooting. How the f can deeds pay out? . Moon deeds pay out 1 pec at the most.

    Sounds VERY familiar to a big fanboy (me).

    Deposit. Just buy deeds. Don't play the actual game. Goooood advice (''I put my kids through College''...)

    You will notice I mentioned '' to put their kids through College''. 3 others have mentioned about that guy (3 others on ''other forum''). Each to their own.

    Also I mentioned 0 names. And never will. Perhaps the scam victims MIGHT post here about him. Who knows ?. THAT would be an embarrassment for that bell end wont it.

    Also as well. Darkoni no longer exists. He is now an Official paid MA employee. So I guess I was right also there ? I apologised once on THIS forum to him and every1 when he was a ''volunteer''. I take back that apology no1 can get a job a company like that unless long time known. I was right all along. I should be Marks Vice-President :).

    Also Mark when you say ''free'' peds. You mean from that Rig right? A few people confused about what you mean?


    Fan ''Idiot'' Boy
  2. MA sold an box called Calypso to SEE.
    But when SEE opened the box they realized that is empty.
    After deal was made and first million was transferred to MA strange thing happened.
    First time in history of PE/EU we get to know that all mobs on Calypso are so called "generic" and can be used on all planets by planet partners who are willing to pay for use of that intellectual property.
    So SEE if want to get income need to develop own mobs or to pay for use of "generic" mobs which they were thinking that they have already paid.
    SEE at first tried to recover scam and started to design own mobs but then gave up.
    Probably there were more in behind but players cant know.
    What we know is redesign of mobs like Daikiba - shitkiba and few bumbling posts by Scam witch revealed more as she wanted or she was allowed.
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    MindArk has a long record of hiring yay-sayers. I do think that's part of the problem. Jan wants people kissing his ass, regardless of how wrong he might be. David Simmonds does exactly that. He just assumes the position. That's why he is still around, where other people who challenged Jan were dismissed.

    There's nobody in MA challenging the moron in charge.
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    The reality is far more simple than how you described it.
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  5. The Terminator sale gave me 8k+ Euros, which I cashed out.
    The final sum was divided between me and dub. I dont know the final price that it got sold for.

    But once dub confronted me with things like "that it was him, who did all the work and negotiation with neomaven-711-vixen incarnate",
    it was clear to me, that there was probably (way) more PEDs, that I would have deserved...anyway...

    I deposited 6k Euros in my 1st years of Entropia. So I got all of my deposits back.

    I sold items and skills recenlty and did 2 more cashouts.

    Hence I play for free. I would never deposit again.

    I can buy as many CP shares as I want...even if Im fully aware, that it is just another pyramid-scam by Mindark...
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  7. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    I can buy as many CP shares as I want. You have. Screenshotted Mr President for life . Goooood luck Mr President with your new deeds and thanks for clarifiying. In previous posts here you said you went with hot girl to rig ''to get free peds''. You cant lie also like Mindark heheheh. Is ALWAYS 2 sides to every story :) :). Read what I posted this forum about ex player Darkoni. I remove my apology he a paid employee all the time. Take me to court for slander
  8. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Moon deeds = pay out 1 PEC (is a link on other forum). Next deeds will be Camera deeds. Wisty should have taken my good deal last year for conpet deeds
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    I'd like to think that it was effectively just a (bad) POC for use of the API and that they might come up with something worth playing at some stage... I'd LIKE to think that....
  10. The PEDs I use to buy CP shares, technically belong to 711 aka. Neomaven aka. Vixen Incarnate aka. Jason Peterson aka.
    Owner of PCF Forum.
    I dont SEE any problem here, buying CP shares with Mindarks own money. ^^

    I would never deny, that I was at rig in 2005/2006 with all the male ubers,(ab)using their female avatars...not choosing to kill me...but there was always competetion and other avatars used super fast mouse-scripts. Sadly I am not one of those who got rich at rig.
    But it was fun times ! :D

    Back in the days the drop rate was about every 3-15 minutes. A random 3 PED per drop, 7 PED per was a "nice" support after a bad hunt and/or a nice place to chat for hours, luckily grabbing 10-50 PED if you stayed focused for many hours. But I wasnt there 24/ others...who lived there. :)

    If you would also know, how many times I recieved ingame messages "Hey, you work for MA, right ? Can you do me favour ?"...
  11. is dead since may, Neverdie became sillent ! But hey, it was at 10% at least !!!11

    Could only mean there is a huge update in the pipelines. ;p

    dragonking 10 percent complete.jpg

    So, on to the next bullshit, which should be clearly in the final phase now and...wait, no, its not, no more news about AmerVRica...or "Asgard VR"...its time for its own thread about this matter ! ;D

    amevrica 9 2019.jpg

    amevrica 9 2019 2.jpg

    amevrica 9 2019 3.jpg

    amevrica 9 2019 4.jpg
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  12. @Wistrel

    This is what I meant with "psyched" community =)

    Found today on Facebook x'D

    nd crypto scam.jpg

    By now I wouldnt want to call this "delivered", Wistrel...not even was a simple "grab & go". =)

    Even Neverdies "Medium" account, which he used to promote his crypto crap and the dragonking disaster, died long veeerrryyy unexpected... ;D - DEAD - DEAD - DEAD - DEAD - DEAD - Only spambots post here since 2018 - DEAD since may, facebook site dead as well - DEAD - still online, LOL

    nd and yang eth neverdie.jpg

    The bullshit was so powerfull...

    neverdie wallet alexa.jpg

    Somehow I believe, we heard about Neverdie for the last time...
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  13. Wow, the usual suspects/investors are still using the insider "NDC/AmeVRica" discord chat in 2020...nearly 3 years after the original scam happened (2017)....and they slowly realize that they got fucked by january 2020... truly explains why these are the most powerfull guys inside of Entropia, regarding knowledge and wisdom... x'D

    Keeping in mind, that Neverdie is online inside of discord, but never answers.

    At least its official and a nice collection of historical fails and obvious scams.

    ndc 2020 2 discord 6.jpg

    ndc 2020 2 discord 2 .jpg


    ndc 2020 2 discord.jpg

    ndc 2020 2 discord 3 .jpg

    ndc 2020 2 discord 4.jpg

    ndc 2020 2 discord 5.jpg
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  14. THIS! omfg, "poor" guy... x'D

    ndc 2020 2 discord 7.jpg
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  15. Oh and a small update on those german "cryptodevs" :

    ndc 2020 2 discord 8 jamdata.jpg

    Both are "still" travelling through south america (Panama, lol) and Stefan is not available for projects, because of his "south american traveling", Blockfrogs is located in Panama...and enlists Neverdie...everything makes sense Stefan is the director/president of Blockforgs... xD

    ndc jamdata2.jpg

    ndc jamdata.jpg
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    What is this 50 billion dollar announcement they mentioned? If the timing from the discord chat is correct, that'd make the announcement mid 2019, but I haven't found anything in news articles.
  17. Then you are not one of the insiders ;D
  18. NotAdmin

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    No, sir, I am not. That also means my money isn't gone, though.
  19. Damn, thats a god damn good one ! x'D
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