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The Dragon King - The Battle for Te*lol*port tokens and ETH (Neverdie Studios) 26 March 2018

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. You left out one major item here. One item that MA really isn't good at doing yet make it clear to make a public announcement of them breaking ties with SEE. But yes, you don't really want to bring that up? But yes, I'm not sure about the 1 million. All I remember really was that MA was waiting for the first installment? But yes if they did get it, they didn't get the rest and I'm guessing something about that was why the broke up.

    The biggest joke was about there other projects. All images they had were of Next Island and RT claiming it to be their new planets. Anyway, something fishy was going on there and again why I'm guessing the big breakup.
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    MA reclaiming Calypso pretty much is the same as saying they broke ties with SEE. Unless you somehow think that doing so would mean they continue a healthy relationship after such a drastic move? As you stated yourself, MA suck at communicating, and in this case I believe they released the absolute minimum in order to not embarrass themselves any further. Kind of like how they handled the Next Island fiasco ("Let's officially reclaim the planet after years of not saying a word about it, and keep it at that!). And the Spaniard Blend partnership ("If we simply never speak of them again, and remove them from our list of PPs, hopefully nobody will remember"). And all subsequent partnerships, both officially announced as well as unannounced.

    MA did receive the first 1m, though. If I recall correctly, that much was disclosed when Calypso was transferred to SEE. Why else would they hand over control of Calypso if they hadn't gotten the 1m guarantee? SEE did not pay the following instalment, though. One can only wonder why that was, but the scenario I painted above is a possibility. It's rather obvious you choose to believe the MA version of the story, and completely ignore the settlement they reached.

    Here's a hint. If MA got cheated by SEE, why on earth would they agree to a settlement where they have to *pay* SEE? The truth is out there, you just have to want to see it.
  3. I'm sorry but I'm at a loss at your way of thinking here. Ask around and you may understand? McM, do you still have that SEE house I took of the address of SEE? I think I did post it here. Hint: if you have a fake business then the best way to get a fake address is to buy a run down house and claim that as your business address as SEE did to make them look legit.

    Anyway, yes MA did pay them back the money due to legal issues. Funny you even thought that they could keep it. lol
  4. Two thoughts:
    • if he's serious about his virtue signalling, this might be what made the deal fall through;
    • now I wonder if he posed with Clinton before or after the bombing of Yugoslavia.
  5. -Hes just another Neverdie with megalomania syndrome
    and found a worthy enemy with MindArk Sweden and their tradition of excellence. x'D

    -Pic Uploaded May 2016, 24th (Vienna Ball)

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  6. Oh, that Biallas guy has 30+ years of experience. :D
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  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I'm not following. If SEE made a payment to MA, then failed to find the remainder of the funding, why would MA not be allowed to keep the money if they held up their end of the deal? What I don't follow is why you fail to get that MA paid back more than the 1m SEE paid them. MA *lost* money on this. If MA was in the right, why would they settle for walking away with less than when they started?

    And if the only evidence you have that SEE is at fault because you have a picture of a rundown house, and that's enough to make you pick MAs side, while you ignore everything that company has done and lied about, I'm not sure why I even bother trying to point out what is a likely scenario.

    SEE/Biallas obviously managed to get his fingers into some pretty big projects. I don't know about where you're from, but you don't typically get access to such deals unless you're either well connected, have a shit-ton of money, or both of the above. At that time, SEE managed to secure deals for what again? Planet Michael, something involving Asterix, Total Recall, and Universal monsters. MA at the same time was boasting their project wasn't picked by NASA.

    I'm not claiming SEE wasn't at fault here. I barely know Biallas, but my interactions with him art the time have been far more professional than anything I ever heard come out of MA, and to the best of my knowledge, Biallas hasn't actually deliberately fucked over his partners. MA has. Multiple times.

    But let's simply agree to disagree on this. You keep waving the "Yay MA flag". I'll keep being extremely skeptical of anything coming out of MA's holes.
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  8. Yep. See seemed legit even if it fell through... that next island guy, now that's another story
  9. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I thought SEE broke up with MA due to the collapse of the yearly december item sale which was the new big island which sold for a nominal amount. SEE perhaps thought it's not worthwhile owning calypso ...
  10. Yes we can go around and around on this one. But I got the picture a while back when McM and I were at it over how GREAT SEE was (I think he still love SEE since well you know) so one day I went to their active website and called the number to find it disconnected. I then searched for the ADDRESS LISTED ON THE WEB site to find the house - Google Maps land view. Remember as well that the old websites with all future planets and what not were images of not their current projects but of NI and RT which they claimed to be their new planets. Simple fact is if this was MA here I was talking about you be all over agreeing with me over how they are scamming..yet can't give in to what happened with SEE?

    But I guess to make you happy I could put in that MA never did give the money back yet stated they did in there financial report? :rolleyes (2):
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That's the first time I ever hear of that theory.

    But it's not a case of IF it's MA we're talking about. One of the addresses I found earlier was an apartment building. I use my own address for my business. Couldn't it simply be Biallas rented that house for a bit, added his company to it, and at some point moved? I know I did exactly that, and forgot to update my website. Heck, my site right now shows an address I haven't lived at for 4 years. The new owners are messy. If you'd see that on Google streetview you'd probably be claiming I live out of a cardboard box (hint: I'm not).

    As for the images, I'm not convinced at all by your explanation. Those images were on there from day 1. That most likely means they were supplied by the developer contracted by SEE (NEVERDIE Studios). Why on earth would they hand their customer something not intended to be used by that customer?

    I'd not at all be surprised if ND simply ended up removing the MJ specifics, and reused the models for his own planet once SEE pulled out., rather than letting the models go to waste. It's not as if ROCKtropia isn't a collection of seemingly randomly put together places. For Planet MJ a graveyard setting was built (If I remember correctly, it was for Thriller), but that's not going to happen, so why not slap a graveyard onto ROCKtropia and make the planet a little more diverse, rather than letting the models go to waste? Free extra content. Sometimes the most obvious explanations are the right ones.

    Dude. Why on earth would they put a lie in a financial document that has to be signed off on by registered accountants? Again, sometimes the most obvious explanation is the right one. They were forced to settle with SEE, and ended up paying SEE the 1 million SEE paid them, and then a bunch more. Fuck, for all we know, Biallas used that bunch to move away from the old house.
  12. Post 42 and post 47 are for the SEE fans out there. ;)
  13. *sigh* As this game is about to die, never recieved any update and the roadmap got left behind, why not lean back and "enjoy" some background infos about the "developers"...that Neverdie hired.

    So, father and daughter are behind dragonking (jam-data.de). Her beeing the founder.
    And some external freelancers.
    Their portfolio (jam-data.de) is either pointing to other "companies", where these guys are in leading positions as well...
    or links to dead sites...thumbs up !

    Offering to support startups...they own startups by their own...beeing supported by...themself.

    Like "Etheavour", where Stefan Höller is the head of IT operations

    And Julia Altenried ? Head of Development at "Ethavour" !

    "Etheavour"...beeing a startup "searching for investors"...

    etheavour. etheavour2.

    Or what about :
    https://casino.edgeless.io ?

    edgless casino.

    "The company started operating in early 2018 under a Curacao Gambling License"

    Badly designed games, with a dead (rude) chat...where u play (loo)using crypto currency.

    And Monetha is involved as well. Monetha, another dev (crypto) dev team from Lithuania.
    Julia Altenried and Stefan Höller named everywhere. (Providing smart contracts (software) for them.)

    All of them calling themselfs "blockchain specialists".

    I dug much deeper, but as most wont read this crap, I will stop here.
    Google yourself, if you want to read deeper into this ! Only then you will realize how exhausting it is...or...how it could feel like a good book inbetween. x'D

    Like, are these the standard Entropia addicts, that wanted to ride the $ wave with John Jacobs ?
    Or did a desperate Neverdie look for a cheap developer from germany/lithuania ?

    Sadly, a lot of google results regarding this whole matter got deleted by request already.
    One might think these people dont want to be connected to Neverdie...anymore...and /or vice versa.
    Who knows...who cares. x'D


    I was only able to find remnants...

    * Note for the truffle testversion:
    * DragonKingTest inherits from DragonKing and adds one more function for testing the volcano from truffle.
    * For deployment on ropsten or mainnet, just deploy the DragonKing contract and remove this comment before verifying on
    * etherscan.
    * */

    * Dragonking is a blockchain game in which players may purchase dragons and knights of different levels and values.
    * Once every period of time the volcano erupts and wipes a few of them from the board. The value of the killed characters
    * gets distributed amongst all of the survivors. The dragon king receive a bigger share than the others.
    * In contrast to dragons, knights need to be teleported to the battlefield first with the use of teleport tokens.
    * Additionally, they may attack a dragon once per period.
    * Both character types can be protected from death up to three times.
    * Take a look at dragonking.io for more detailed information.
    * @author: Julia Altenried, Yuriy Kashnikov
    More random infos :




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