The Dragon King - The Battle for Te*lol*port tokens and ETH (Neverdie Studios) 26 March 2018

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  1. No, I dont get payed with telolport tokens to announce this...just stumbled across this bullshit again by accident, that has already been posted by mastermesh on the other forum weeks/months ago.

    1st announced to be "in a testing phase" in nov. 2017, Im proud to present to you now :

    The next big...fuck!ng...high quality SCAMMERDIE ! :

    This Monday "The Dragon King" will go live.

    dragon king logo.png

    We start setting up the Live Servers on Monday. We are prepping for launch. You will be able to compete against others for Eth and earn other gaming tokens and use your NEVERDIE Coins and Teleport tokens to play!

    Yeaaahhh, holy sh!t !!!! Doomed to be a great success !!! Screw Compet !
    Throw your crypto-dollars at ND now ! x'D

    Meanwhile nothing changed on the Neverdie Studios site itself.
    No real funding happened to any of his projects and all selections on the left are still marked as "coming soon".

    nd 2018 games.jpg

    The vrforums/goverment forums are dead and get filled with spam :

    There is a site called, which is the same as
    It has very nice progress bars *lol* and got its last update in early dec. 2017:

    All hail "Shroud of the Avatar" x'D

    Anyway, are you ready to pay with ETH and become the Dragon King ?!

    The first release of Dragon King will focus on the core functionality and game mechanics to help support the trillion dollar virtual goods economy.


    dragon king screenshot.jpg

    dragon king screenshot2.jpg

    Im so fuck!ng must place a valid fruit 1st !
  2. That is nice. It has nothing to do with "ameriVR' or "Asgaard vr" tho. No one signed up for this when they participated in ico, that said I am very curious of the result itself of this first "game", could be decent even if the whole Neverdie thing is sketchy as fuck and that investors are in yuge pain.

    ps: See I try to leave hopes alive, that there might be light in the most terrible darkness.
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  3. Im sure this game will make everyone earn or will at least provide you some kind of feeling, that will make you think, you are at least a part of this token world.

    But it wont be enough for a cashout, even if you play 24/7. More like, the hard version of sweating.
    In the end you wil have to use Eth or Telolport Tokens...more and more and more...
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  4. Shroud of the avatar is not a bad game. I have early access. It's a bit too linear for my taste, but feels a bit like perfect world.
  5. Steam reviews also speak for themselfs. For example, I dont like it either.
    But hey, enjoy it, as long as you can.

    That ND mentions it on top of his pile of scammy-crap, doesnt make it sound more positive to me.
    Neverdie Coins inside of Shroud of the Avatar ? Yayyyyy....

    Id rather focus on Jason Appleton aka. mmabigshow right now and give him all my money after the Greedmonger fiasco.
    Hes da man (again) ! ,-)

    Whatever, back to the dragon game, that did not go live today. *awwwww*
    Also directing you towards the ND "learn more about it"...just to find a dead forum filled with spam...and nothing about the Dragon King...great stuff ! ,-)

    Also no update on facebook.
  6. I went to a leading Russian gaming forum to see if they have anything to say about Shroud of the Avatar and caught good lulz. (Google Translate link)
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  7. Awwwwww, was supposed to go live on march 26, 2018.

    No progress bar changed. Nothing new on Nothing.

    So, what happened to "The Dragon King" ? :O

    1 day after the planned announcement (march 25), Neverdie posted :

    dragon king 4 2018.jpg

    So, Neverdie showed a "demo" of this game to Ivan Lobo, founder of GameLab on the GDC in SanFrancisco.

    ivan fernandez lobo gamelab.jpg

    Ivan Lobo did twitter the title story about Dragon King in nov. 2017 already.

    ivan fernandez lobo gamelab twitter dragon king.jpg

    So, 4 weeks have passed after the 2nd announcement, and just today a guy asked for airdrops !
    ND "answered" at once ! x'D

    dragon king comment.jpg
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    "Sir... that's not chicken... that's that man we found"
  9. lulz

    dragon king 5 2018.jpg

    Compet ! Compet ! Compet !
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Still love Te lol port tokens. But hey at least there was a business plan/idea. Unlike MA's IPX thing that just sounds like made up buzzwords.
  11. 8 months and various "it will come soon" later...nothing :'D
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  12. It has arrived...and jesus, I had to logoff after 3 minutes or I would have become the Hulk... :D

    Honestly, I want to punch Neverdie in the face...again and again and again ! x'D - They even dare to put Link from Zelda on the title screen, but lets go on :

    Just for you I registered my neverdie wallet *lol*, which is a must, to be able to "play" (login) into dragonshit and present to you everything you need to know. Its all fake accounts flying around, but its already the super top app !!111

    "does anyone make money off this ?"
    "how to play ????"
    "how win all ether ?"
    "scam scripts and "Admin" luring you to a trojan site :D
    (you can choose any name in the chat, filled with retards and scammers)

    You can start various instances of the app...the game doesnt care.

    You want support ? You have to accept NDs discord invitation 1st.

    All html comments forgotten in the html files. Enjoy reading.
    Enjoy the screens.

    In short, a very well designed and well tested (apple) app...that you cant "play" without depositing...and fuck, it is so is just a simple "Candy Crush" Money grabber, but without the Candy head hurts.

    Made by Entropians, for Entropians x'D ... I better stop typing now.

    dragonking c.jpg

    dragon king b.jpg

    dragon king a.jpg

    dragon king d.jpg
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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Is it bad that my first thought after reading is... "well, at least he DID deliver SOMETHING... eventually... and in fact it even uses crypto currency in some way". To be fair, compared to everyone else out there who is pulling the same trick (then taking the money and evaporating) this probably streets ahead of 95% of the competition (while I accept that the 1% will have done something infinitely better).

    Let's compare this to MA who farted out some grandious impractical dream then ran a sale of nothing and (maybe) made around enough cash to hire 1-2 programmers for a year, made some noise about a (non materialising) 12 mil dollar investment that they couldn't even get their website to maintain info to the tune of (let alone convince anyone else), then finally muttered something about "I'll be back" (with more crypto sales having learnt some useful stuff) which will likely come to no more in the future than the ill fated space courier missions.

    Sorry to be so positive about ND and his ventures. I know people don't like it but this already feels like he did a better job than crumpet.
  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Anyone up for writing a review/intro article thingie for The Dragon King or Compets? McC actually did half of the job already ;)
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  15. Uuhhhh...dont take it personal, but :

    Calling this delivered and asking for a review...just because I posted some screenshots ?

    Honestly...just register and experience this piece of shit by yourself.

    It takes 15 seconds to register and log into this piece of fucking scam bullshit. There is no review needed !
    Comparing this to Compet is a little bit compet had graphics and actual gameplay...compet was still a scam though, just like the Dragon King is.

    Beeing positive about ND ? Please, login Wistrel...please...

    Even if the "Angry Video Game Nerd" would do a review of this...seriously...register and check it out.

    I can already imagine the 1st review :

    "Heyy yooo its fucking dumbass here, you can make free ETH in dragon king by depositing your hard earned money and click the shit out of some bullshit here !"

    Please, log in, before you ask for reviews and/or call it delivered. :/
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  16. Well... at least they're outsourcing to Germany to make it easier for McCormick. :D
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  17. hmm...
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