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The Compet successor "B2B Box" by MindArk !!!

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. This looks a lot like the Monria Hub
  2. Ssshhh, this would mean Monria was ready 3 years before the purchase of Akoz and was just chilling on MAs servers. ;p
  3. *bump*
  4. Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  5. Half a year later.

    No more news. No updates on the official site.

    Still no download available.

    Not a single reply to various emails. Even to those that arent by McCormick. :'D
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    More BS then you think? Actually why am I even phrasing that like a legit question. Of course it was utter bollocks. You can't do VR with this sort of tech.
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Googling for it also doesn't produce any results. I tried "business-vr" +mindark as well as "business vr" +mindark. Neither produces any results. The trial version link from the PDF doesn't seem to work either.

    "Mindark business vr" yields a few results, primarily from MA's own website. It also brings up 3 linkedin profiles:


    Kaj apparently worked for First Planet Company/SEE in the past, left the MindArk group following the SEE fiasco, but came back in November 2014 as a CRM manager, where his main responsibility is: "Planning and delivering strategies,encouraging customer retention and customer experience".

    The Google preview shows the following:

    It could be because I'm not connected to Kay, but I do not see any of this on his profile. I'm assuming this is stuff Kay liked in the past, and basically the only reason his profile even yields results is because he liked an article posted about Business VR.

    The second profile is this guy:


    Google preview does not show "Mindark Business VR" anywhere. David is an Ad-Words specialist, and while his profile doesn't show he worked at/for MindArk, he is connected to both Klas Mureau and David Dobson. He doesn't seem overly interested in gaming, and the only real connection to EU I can find is the earlier mentioned connections, and the fact David hails from Goteborg.

    I'm guessing David was hired to help with Ad Words (MindArkian for "marketing"), and also liked the original article.

    And then there's this guy:


    Oleg works at N-IX, who are the Compet developers (and the "use-case" quoted by MA in the Business VR press release). No mention of Business VR, but there is a link to recent activity:


    Scrolling down a little bit, Oleg indeed liked the press release message.

    Let's add that same activity feed to the other profiles, shall we?


    Yup, David liked the same article (7 months ago, requires a bit more scrolling)



    So other than an employee, a customer, and who most likely is a contractor, nobody gives a flying fuck about "Mindark Business VR". That's probably why you haven't heard anything about it, and why there's no download.

    I'm actually surprised they still have the link on their site available.
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  8. Venture Bros wrote about the B2B thing in the Annual report of 2018: :birthday:

    Why is this statement here? All it does is verify that you cannot keep your promises. You even fucked over the Swedish government by not releasing on April/May as according to your contract with them. once again, Jesus Christ why is this in an official document are you trying to get sued? It is not in operation since May. I am a beta tester on this project and have not received any notification of a release, nor can searching find any. You "Stating" that development is complete does not account to a release as you have also stated. Fucking Lies.

    So MindArk somehow, in some way, made Venture think hes a beta tester of B2B...while they fully ignored interested companies and gaming studios (that never contacted MindArk anyway)...AND their only beta tester...because there simply is no B2B product to be released ? Or because noone wants such an app anyway, made by the swedish company of excellent scamming techniques ?

    So much bullshit in the annual report, combined with the bad mood on the other forum, deepthroat token on top of it...only Compet can save us now... :doh:

    Amazing MA is getting through with this, again and again and again...go sweden !
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  9. Relaunch?
    Some will get some faith in them again. :rolleyes:
    serious? :rolleyes:

    The only thing they should launch is a rocket with the Muppets in it, destination "Planet Oblivion" :alien:
  10. MA states they will relaunch Compet in 2018 in their latest annual report.

    Else Im not serious. :p
  11. I know, I know ;)
    That's why I mentioned it.
  12. As it never got released (for obvious reasons), enjoy the state of the art B2B conference system ! ^^

    Dmytro is someone from N-iX and Devid is either a "devloper ID" xD or David :p



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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Reminds me of 2nd life
  14. Looks like oxford originally was
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  15. San


    That actually works even for business meetings.
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  16. The avatars are from nintendo wii
  17. Happy 1 year anniversary...of...nothing.

    I wonder what happened to the money, MA got awarded with, to create this little Wii-Mii-World...uh...to let it create, by N-iX...who also made Compet...but Compet development just got stopped...

    What a show x'D
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Now, now, McC. Are you implying the MindArk QA department also QA's the website?

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