The Aftermath

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    After the mayhem of winter... the tremors began on the continent of Amethera, fissures opened up and swallowed entire colonies, leaving only the strongest of man and those lucky enough to spared by the great Lootius to see another day. The creatures that inhabit BIG's lands have been growing in number, and vast crevasses reveal great wealth under the soil for those bold enough to mine among the beasts.

    They say the dismal stories of what little life is left after the mayhem of winter are the tales of sad men... I say no, these are the stories of the strong, for the fact that a single soul has survived to live another day gives hope, after all... what keeps us moving forward if not for hope?

    We call upon the great hunters of Entropia to bring balance, the lone soldiers and organized militias are all needed to keep this great continent in the hands of man. This quest is not an easy one, however bounties for the creatures you slay, and rewards for obtaining the minerals before thieves can get to them are here for those of you who will join us in maintaining order on the lands of BIG...

    Hunt or mine solo or hunt with a team using your BIG ID to compete for the top ten Most Globals or as many of the qualifying Highest Loot Positions you can achieve on any of BIG Industries land areas. Your BIG ID for teams is directly linked to your avatar, so your solo and team globals will be counted together. It will be the responsibility of the team leader (BIG ID used) to distribute the prize they receive from the event to any team members. If you have any question on how to use your BIG ID, please contact Meculus.

    January 26th 00:00 - March 22nd 24:00


    Most Globals
    1st: 15000 PED
    2nd: 10000 PED
    3rd: 8,000 PED
    4th: 5000 PED
    5th: 4000 PED
    6th: 3000 PED
    7th: 2000 PED
    8th: 1000 PED
    9th: 500 PED
    10th: 500 Rewards Points

    Highest Loot Positions
    1-45th: 1000 Reward Points Each
    50th: 1000 Reward Points
    60th: 1000 Reward Points
    70th: 1000 Reward Points
    80th: 1000 Reward Points
    90th: 1000 Reward Points
    100th: 1000 Reward Points

    All globals still count for additional BIG Rewards Points and the 100,000+ PED BIG Progressive Bonus!!

    How to Enter:

    Open your BIG Industries Rewards Plugin on and click "Join The Aftermath"

  2. woot; nice intro text :)

    While I was in hybernation during mayhem. (Mayhem does not do the entropy any good; resulting in less lootertunities, I'm sure as freck going to reduce the numbers of trask in the months to come.

    also, you ever thought about getting rid of the horsies; they are kinda annoying. The molisk are fine, but those horsies always seek revenge on poor acro.
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