Thanks Stave and ETA for the newcomer runs

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Alice, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Considering the amount of incoming newcomers atm, likely because of the news about the CP sale, the problem became obvious on Friday

    more newcomers (and disconnected people) who should arrive in Port Atlantis came to treasure island castle
    current estimations are 300 newcomers per day by the way

    needless to say that port atlantis and swamp camp could barely handle it and reached the population limit several it seems

    on Friday I pmd Stave then, if he could do some TP runs from Amethera to Neas Place, to get especially the sweaters from PA, swamp camp, TI castle to Nea's Place

    at Saturday they were running already, offering one TP run after another

    I don't know how many newcomers you brought down there Stave, but well done, but i bet it were lots

    Thanks for getting them going

    i also have to apologize by the upset people in Nea's now, cause of too many newbies, but i didn't see much choice

    due to Eudoria being unavailable if PA wouldnt accept anymore, i had just locations at Amethera to choose from, so there wasn't much choice actually, because amethera doesn't have a useful amount of newcomer mobs, let alone in a decent distance you could reach fairly easily to move several newbies to it fast, but at least one sweating location

    combined with the fact that newcomers have 2 teleporters on Amethera when they arrive, one being new oxford, i was also fairly sure that this place wouldnt be overrun, thus being able to be a start point for TP runs (while on eudoria they have 2 as well, PA and PA mall, whats useless, if one is locked so is the other)

    if anyone who wants to help reading this, i would be happy if we could open some kind of new "sweat camp", along with swamp camp and Neas, possible on Eudoria near a decent newbie mob location
    but that is something i can't do, it is the sweaters who go there who decide it
    maybe we could organise runs from swamp camp/PA to another location as well, at least if it is decently reachable

    so to close it
    Thanks Staves and the Entropa Tours Agency for reacting so fast and doing an awesome job and apologies to everyone who got bugged with it [​IMG]
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Wow, now that is awesome and just shows what good team work is worth!

    Gratz on that - and gratz on the new players! Remember to guide them here :D
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    I must say doing these TP runs as a guard is pretty fun to, because of the other guards and the stupid things we talk about along the way :D. It of course is a nice way to get to know some newbies and help them (I you get lucky to have a group that actually talks back:))

    I did 4 TP this weekend I think and on the first 3 we had about 10-15 people and in the 4th even 23. And Stave had about 10 TP runs planned, so somewhere between 100 and 150 people we got to Nea's for sure.

    We did indeed get some complaints from people at Nea's that we brought in to many and I tried to explain why we HAD to do this but people didn't understand or have any other alternative. Sure I do understand the downside to the TP runs and the amount of people we drop at Nea's but as Alice said we don't really have a choice.

    For all people wanting to do a TP run, take a look at the schedule her:

    We were asked to tell the newbies in the runs some basic [STRIKE]'rules'[/STRIKE] Guidelines for Nea's and I thought it is a good idea to post them here as well. I also added some guidelines I think will be nice to have to.

    1. stay in the group, don't run away even if the mob attacks you

    2. stand still so mob don't move to much

    3. it is OK to die, you will revive without loosing anything and you can go back to the swunt group and join again

    4. don't sweat of swunt solo, the mobs are to big and you will die very fast, also you will attract more mobs to the swunt groups

    5. ........

    Maybe some more guidelines anyone ??
  4. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    Thank you all for the kind words.
    The runs where and are good fun, I did help on a few of them before I had to work.
    So far I want to thank all the guards and people who helped and are still helping in any way for there efforts.

    Good job folks [​IMG]

    We will keep doing these runs as long as needed to keep the load off of the servers.

    In the mean time when there are no runs, RAZER, me and some others are at swamp camp to answer questions and to help and mentor the newcommers as good as we can.

    I also will look into some posibilety's to find another sweat camp for the newcommers when I have time.

    If any has questions regarding the runs, you also can contact me here, ingame or by e-mail, and I do my best to get them answered as fast and best as posible.


    Kind regards.
    Ion, 2IC ETA
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