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  1. What look?? Where the heck is that damn camera!!?? *KABOOM* found it!!

    I know he is busy, I waited three days :) And I needed a reminder so I wouldn't forget too :)
  2. Hello again, I will try and better answer some of these questions as best i can.

    1st. The percentage is rough to say but I can tell you that there is a Colosseum, A Shop building, and apartment building, a few quest hub Buildings (each unique), Some future use buildings (meaning quests must be unlocked but you can still go in and look around and chat with NPC) and there are some that are not open until unlocked but are ready to go as soon as you quest unlock them (how ever long that may take). Along with all that there are some open buildings (roof and pillars) which I am not really counting. Hope this helps.

    2nd. We have several low cost to no cost missions to get people into the game and these missions are very story driven and could lead to unlocking hidden missions... but I have already said too much. Also there are activities we focused on for players to be able to do once again at very low cost or at no cost at all. Once again I do appreciate your skepticism, but I am not allowed to discuss these just yet as per our own internal policy.

    3rd. I can say that our release is less then 6 months but I can't say exactly when just yet. A date is set and our PR/Marketing machine is set in full gear for that date now. Meaning if we miss this date we would have a lot to lose, so it's as solid as it gets.

    Hope this post helped out.
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  3. :cheer:You have no idea how much this helps and how refreshing it is to get answers. I don't expect trade secrets given out. But nice to see acknowledgment to player questions. Thank you!
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    My guess: Asia Game Show. 23-26 December.

    Mh... we need a Guess-Planet Cyrene's-Release-Date competition. ;)
  5. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I'm glad you're happy about the responses Softy, it's always good to get answers to questions about what's happening with a planet. Ed has a gazillion things going on at once because he has his hands into everything Cyrene, but ... we have an agreement that I will give him a heads up if there's anything at the forum that needs his attention, especially since he really doesn't have a lot of time to cruise through it himself. He wants to make sure that the community is informed as much as he is able to share information, so this will continue going forward. :smile (2):

    Hey Tass ... that might be a fun idea, kind of like what took place with Arkadia, but not sure Ed would have time for something like that. I can ask him if he's interested in donating a prize to something like this, and whether he thinks this would be a viable Cyrene competition, but no guarantees.

    However, if he is on board with something like this, then maybe I can host the competition thread at EP so that everyone has an opportunity to make their guesses. Can't promise anything, but I'll look into it and get back with everyone as soon as possible with a response. Worst case scenario, the EP staff could always host their own competition and maybe ask for donated prizes?

    In the meantime ... had a nice chat with Ed today, and he's done some work on the story arcs for this current adventure with Senator Calvin Neff and the unfinished Zek business. The covert ops mission into Zekkonian territory will finally take place with more revealed about this particular species and their environment (and other things), but ... I'm also exploring getting follow-up information based on how the first entry into the MS9/Senator adventures began that will reveal more about Cyrene (Cyrene - Secrets and Covert Operations, which starts on page 10 of the June issue of the EntropiaTimes).

    We left the Senator with his hands full after my debriefing and his shock over the Intel passed on from Zorra Winters (Leader, Acadia Rebirth Corps), where the Senator learned not only that Zorra was still alive, but also of her husband's sinister plot to control the inhabitants of Cyrene (who also thinks he accomplished his mission and his wife Zorra is dead - not). This is where everyone first heard of "Vida" as well, who is a research and development scientist at the (floating) Cyrene Skylabs, and the first character I will be developing for the "official" Cyrene storyline, but that writing will be revealed in another medium, other than what is role-played in the MS9/Senator adventures, which should be minimal for now.

    At any rate ... all that to say that Part 2 of this current MS9/Senator covert ops mission is under way, and as soon as I get the finished outline from Ed, I will be MachStar-9 on the keyboard to get the storyline written, reviewed, blessed and published. Also, there will be additional exclusive photos and content to reveal more about Cyrene. This isn't just storytelling, it's Cyrene telling, and it's a fun way to unveil what you have to look forward to. :biggrin_1:
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  6. I would say beginning of the year
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