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    The World of Firepower is an intense annual event organized and hosted by WoF founder “Oscar Hurrikane SkyQuake” on Planet Calypso, and an event that comes complete with just about every human emotion possible. However, the most glorious of them all in this case could only be experienced from victory, and that’s exactly what Team DACH earned in the 2012 WoF battle to become World Champions.

    According to the Captain of Team DACH, Parlog from cK Shadows:

    Team DACH made a dream come true! For all of us it was a big surprise because we often thought that we never could make it. WoF can evoke the whole emotional bandwidth for everyone participating. We feel like World Champions because we know that not a single team made it easy for us to win. We gave our best and so did all the other WoF teams and this is why it feels so special now.

    Obviously under Parlog’s leadership, and plenty of teamwork, the victory ended up being Team DACH’s. I was able to catch up with Parlog and several team members for a photo shoot.

    The following photo taken by Jamira was to add a late arriving team member.

    And speaking of Jamira (Freelancer), there’s a little story to be told here as well:

    “After all these years organizing, hunting and judging WoF, after all the ups and downs, forum fights etc. since it started in 2007, I was tired of it. I decided to retire and not to participate this year.

    But believe me or not: one lonely drunk night I got a strange feeling. Probably a kind of withdrawal symptom, probably a kind of foreshadowing … I can’t decide. I made an entry at Team DACH’s WoF thread and told them “Count me in!” Furthermore, Parlog had to make changes in team during the WoF and asked me if I would step out and open a slot for another participant. Usually I have no problems to do such a step. But this time I had. Cold-turkey I knew that I had to stay in the team. Because this year we would win it. I KNEW IT in this moment. So I told Parlog to let me stay team member if possible somehow.

    And now? We made it [​IMG]

    Best regards, your happy Jamira

    Grave from Warants also commented about the team being lucky in how things played out, but it was clear that everyone agreed that the other teams they went up against didn’t make it easy, and perhaps the luck that Grave was speaking of came when certain other teams were eliminated from the competition. However, when all is said and done, Team DACH clearly fought hard and came from behind to win it all.

    Main Team Members as listed at the Planet Calypso Forum

    1 — xXMajor Sir SharkGT EliteXx
    2 — Tina abuyin Walther
    3 — Florian Vlooe Fischer
    4 — MH Grave Digger
    5 — Ulla Jamira Braun
    6 — Conny1303 Conny1303 Konika
    7 — Shawn Thark Columbo
    8 — Felix Kiste
    9 — Richman1 Richman Killer
    10 — kawa shurkamp saki
    11 — Maren Kleene Scharf
    12 — Parlog Parlog Gothakaur / Team DACH Captain

    The following represents the team’s standings throughout the WoF event.

    WoF 2012 – Team DACH Event Standings

    Stage 1 — 5th Place
    Stage 2 — 4th Place
    Stage 3 — Qualified to by-pass this stage and move on to Stage 4
    Stage 4 — Group C / (4.1) 2nd Place; (4.2) 3rd Place; (4.3) 2nd Place
    Stage 5 — Semi-Finals / matched against Australia and took the win

    WOF 2012 - 3 way Final Scores

    Team DACH = 880
    Main / 399 + 50 — Support / 216 + 25 + 50 + 75 Sweep + 15 Loot

    Team Sweden = 711
    Main / 261 + 50 — Support / 250 (capped) + 25 + 50 + 75 Sweep

    Team BeNeLux = 662
    Main / 187 + 50 — Support / 250 (capped) + 25 + 50 + 75 Sweep

    WOF Host and Founder Summarization the 3-Way Finals
    Oscar "Hurricane" SkyQuake

    Our new WoF Champions are TEAM DACH, a team with rich WoF History; as Team GERMANY some of their members took part in the first ever WoF in 2007 and have remained with the event ever since, gaining momentum behind their team, always doing better than before, and reaching the Final for the first time last year. As the organiser, I pay attention to the different approaches to the event by individual teams, and DACH’s participation has always come across as well-planned, prepared and organised. Thank you Team DACH for six years of sportsman-like WoFFing, I only hope the wait was worth it.

    Second were Team SWEDEN, who took off with a massive surge of Support scores, were the first to Sweep, and looked to be catching DACH at every turn. Seemingly unbeatable throughout this year’s tournament, the reigning Champions were outgunned by DACH’s global-happy Main Team, who opened a gap they could not keep closed. I’d like to thank Sweden for a great 6 years of participation and consolation for not winning a consecutive Title; I’d have to admit they were my favourites to win this year.

    Third were Team BeNeLux, on their first turn at a WoF Final, and sure not to be their last. Another team formed from WoF Old-Timers, BeNeLux started things rolling on Saturday with a HoF on the Chirpy Mutated Bonus Mob, giving them an early 50-point lead. Despite their plucky Support eventually scoring enough to reach the Support Cap (something winners DACH did not achieve this match) the heights reached by Sweden and DACH left them trailing; albeit with a score that would have won most other matches this year.

    Congratulations goes out to Team DACH as WoF 2012 Champions, but also to all teams and countries who participated in this year’s annual WoF event.

    The WoF 2012 Awards Ceremony is scheduled for January 15th, and as details are confirmed, updates will be posted here at MSM in the “Daily HEADS UP” section. We will be there for media coverage.

    In the meantime, all 2012 WoF articles at MSM, including the awesome WoF Promotional Movie created by Clam JBoy Jamphrie can be found under “Planet News/Calypso/WoF 2012″ – it was moved from Resources to have it’s own Calypso location.

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